Friday, September 28, 2007

mY sChOoL rOcKs...

sorry i must be late to post this a memory i lovc to show everyone our dance on 'my school rocks' competition..although we dint won but we are always in the team and we stand together.. all the effort and the hardwork it worth it.. everyday we have to practise hard for 3hours non-stop after so tiring and i even want to give up but at last i dint..haha..i enjoy and happy dancing with my are the pictures and video clips..have a look and drop some comment please..

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, i don't know what a suitable topic for my this blog..all about what i did yesterday.. yesterday i got extra class after school..its fun!!!.. some of my classmate went back so left around 20 people in the lab and the teacher is still teaching.. All of us sure eat in the class except for the Malays.. then our teacher ask some of us go to water the plants eventually half of us go out and play.. after the class, i went to my friend's house and we went to have our lunch at kfc which another friend.. although is 3 of us but we having a great time and we took an hour to finish.. after that we went for a movie in my friend's house..haha.. after movie, we went for hiking with few of my classmates.. around 7 of us.. at 1st the girls hike faster than the boys and we took less then 20 minute to reach the far we never reach that fast..usually we took around 30minute.. hiking is what we do when we are free!!!..lolx.. we dint stay very long cos is getting dark.. so one of my friend sure another way to go down cos she was rushing and her mom call she went down with her brother.. so left 5 of us and at the same time we went down and use the other way which is more adventure and dangerous.. but we are going fast cos there are only 2 girls in the group..usually more girls take more time..haha..after we reach, we have our drink and plan for the night...guess what??.. we are faster than my friend which follow her brother..haha..she was surprise to saw us reach faster than her.. all of them plan to eat steamboat at night.. i m the only person who is difficult to answer them cos i got tuition at night and my another group of friends call me for badminton.. so.. everyone start to stare at me with their eyes big big!!!..haha.. well!!!.. i was force to go..again i went to my friend's house and took my bath.. at night around 8.30 i went for steamboat with my friends.. but this time is 6 of us only but we have a lot of fun there.. is RM18 per person and we eat as much as we want.. so we took alot of things.. we ate til 11pm.. we cant finish so we play some games.. whoever loose need to eat all.. at 1st i and my friend loose but he argue for and eventually play again..hahaha... luckily the 2nd round i dint are some pictures!!!...
here is jun heong and calvin.. there are feeding each other..lolx..they are not gay..

here is yung wei cooking for all of us...

ok!!.. i took it when we almost finish eating!!.. this is what we left and the looser ate all!!..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


guess what??.. today is my 1st time i m sooo late to school.. i woke up at 7.10am and rushing to get ready.. luckly i ride my bike to school, if i were to sit bus, i m so going to get it from my mom!!!.. haha.. well, i m not the only person late as usualy few students were late.. i ran to the canteen and put my bag and faster run to friend..haha atleast she could cover me cos when my juniors saw me sure i will get lecture from senior..after assembly, we have marching rehearsal for prize giving day.. hais.. again i m the commander of my girl guides and i m the main person cos to check the line cos when once my team not in a right place then the whole uniforms' body will follow..haha.. each time have to check on them and make sure they are at the right place.. after marching rehearsal, we stil got our plan B marching which is another planing if on that day is after marching, i and few of my friends went in to the hall.. not for a while my teacher call me up to get ready for my dance.. if i were given a choise sure i wont dance cos the dance is tiring and the movent is hard and fast!!.. i took few weeks to learn and is suffering.. i was force by teacher to join the team.. just because of my friend i join if not i wont.. well, our team dance twice. one is to practise and another was in front of audience.. i was nervous and scared but this is not my 1st time on the stage.. i was involve in dancing since form 1..haha.. after the prize giving reheasal is over i went back to my class.. i m sweating cos i was wearing jacket (uniform) and runing up and down.. after came back from chemistry class, i sleep in the class for two period which mean 1 hour and 20 min.. haha.. dont blame me cos no teacher in my class.. somemore science class have to go back at 2.30pm every wednesday.. after i woke up i went to have a walk and my friend brought me some food..haha.. i ate in class and last period was add math.. SURE GOT TEACHER!!! after school, i need to accompany my friend cos she have to stay back til 5pm cos no transport go home..well, i stay with her.. we went out and ate and walk around.. after an hour i went to play basketball and she came along.. i went home at 5pm.. then after bath, i have to do my notice board.. i got two notice board to do.. one is for my girl guides and another one is for my club..what to do president have to handle cos if i dont do in time i m going to get from teacher.. my school having this decorating notice board competition.. luckly i m only the asst.secretary of my prefect board if not i got 3 boards to rush..i finish at 11pm and i skip my dinner and now!!! i wan to get some SLEEP>>> hehe

Monday, September 3, 2007

New in it

Well, i m new in this blogger..might have some time to work on it..'underconstruction'