Monday, April 5, 2010

bDaY - BBQ, ReD bOx & mOrE

Hey readers i m back... As u can see from my previous post i m very depress over my friend pass away.. Seriously i cant put on a smile on my face ever since i went to his funeral.. Thanks a bundle for my friends out there that willingly to try their best comfort me and make me feel better.. Thanks song shin for the flowers you gave me! really touched.. I know u try your best to cheer me.. even my friends put up so many surprised for me! i did try my best to have great time with you all and forget things.. Guess it goes off a period of time only and it actually hunted me at night.. Sleepless night and sadness doesnt make me feel any better..

I told everyone bout my friend's story.How he passed away and things happen to him.. was not really clear but i m sure this is an incident but a suicide(as written in the newsapaper).. we cant change anything that is written in the news.. the words from the paper spread further than the words from our mouth.. many things run through my mind each time i tell someone bout my friend. But makes me feel better day by day.. if not i would have kept it and burst everything out by the end of the day.. Seriously i cant accept the fact my friend is gone. Maybe i havent say sorry to him cos i did not forgive him and try to give him a 2nd chance. Was arguing with him few months back thou i dont really care much or angry him anymore but now i dont have chance to tell him we can be friends again. Felt so guilty and cried days and nights..

As u guys can see my FB status that i dont really know how to cure myself which means by forgetting things and move on.. Friends been telling me the same thing.. move on,forget, he dont wanna see me this way, this and that which i USE to advice the same old thing to people that last time use to have similar problems! Now i know how it felt to loose someone that you really care the most... Seriously this can make u go crazy and nuts and its hard to control! i admit that i drink everynight just to get over it! seriously its really tough that i thought.. I couldnt even think of anything which is positive that my friends try to advice me.. all i know is guilty, sadness and loosing him is so painfull.. flashback all things he did just for me and love me more than anyone..

Well for now, i m really trying my best to forget things.. i m stupid enough to think nonsence on how to communicate with him when he is not in this world.. i jus dont know.. maybe cos i just wanna say sorry! friends suggest write on the paper and burn so he will received??.. hmm.. guess so.. or maybe prayers that God will tell him?? tell me if i m silly or even nuts! well what would u do if u r in my shoes! u r mad wif someone loves u so much that trying to say sorry to u for few months and yet u refuse to say u r FORGIVEN! hell u r gonna go NUTS! try it n u will know.. realize life is short n previous.. i learnt forgive and forget & giving someone a 2nd chance is important.. Everyone deserve it because we are God's children..

Ahhhh.. i m relieve more than HALF i think..lolx.. ok.. back to my TOPIC!


trying to start up!

yeah! not helping... =p

lolx..pandai ask ben do ALL! hahaha

setting up!
Food coming out..

smile =)

there.. fight START D!

wayn mom is helping =)

cooking time...

looks like those were the best...

take turns.. sue is cooking..


thank God he did not burn any of his HAIR!

end up chicken cooking there..

the lady!

curi makan!

damn! the dog took one of the chicken! was like screaming all the way to chase the dog...

Bernard : feel the droplets?? ITS RAINING!!!
* everyone run inside* DAMN!

opps.. make the whole garden dirty nya!


jason cooking sausage @.@

there argue again!

lolx.. i got no idea what r we doing.. damn!

looks nice??

hahaha.. terbakar pulak!

what the!!! bernard pan YENG!

last round.. able to finish the chicken!

apple pie made by wayn!!! TRUST ME ITS AWESOME!!! so damn damn GOOD! told us is the 2nd time he cook.. sweet!

too bad the ais cream melting d.. was very nice thou..


me and jason before he left!

unique! hahaha. thats cute.. actualy bernard is too short =p

group pic.. too bad ben is not wearing white shirt..

CRAZY ONE! hahaha NUT friends

WIF ME! =)


lyce cake... not that nice..thanks alot !

aww.. thats sweet.. lov u all

dont even think bout it!!!!! thank GOD nothing happen! lolx.. was really fast til no one realize.. damn! THE GIRL got skill.. hahah

face got cake *.* yeah! thanks to my so called KAWAN BAIK!!!!

group pic.. jason went back early... =(

that dog lick bernard face for 10sec! HAHAH! lmao!


really wonder who giv me eat that! was like a trick.. ask me taste..ishhh

i thought they wanna lock me in the store room!

got my PRESSIE!!!

aint know what m i posing/..


fainted when i see whats inside


this is too much! lolx...

*picture r too UGLY!* =P

er.. pose wif bra n friends? hahaha


another pose...

for some reason i like this pic... the dog LOVES! darren

my bra comes wif card...

U SEE WHAT THE! dog doing...

yeah.. see whats sue doing..lolx

group pic..thanks alot u guys!

pose wif the card..hahah

thats weird! ahhaha.. dont even ask or say bout it!

me and darren..

bernard aka banana!



not to forget... my besties sue!

RED BOX! cheong K!

o.O dinner time.. food..

cake n deserts!

cer, me and ting.. thanks!

my birthday cake!

sparkling juice

me n ting...

lolx.. weird..

i m officially 19 =p


gone mad jor! lolx

she cant join the fun cos was singing chinese.. so she EAT EAT EAT n EAT!

ah ting! TAM CHIAK!

what a MESS! damn...

group pic..


act cute... ah ting! u so YENG!


aik..not ready! lolx

our last pic! hahaha..thanks for the kiss!!! muacks lov u

had japanese food in equatorial hotel.. nice also.. thanks for the treat cik.fuz..hehe!

sorry people! this post i wrote it 2 weeks back but connection so bad til i m not able to upload pictures.. upload lots of pic now! so i did not owe U! =p haha.. anyway my schedule really PACK! seriously if u wanna hang out wif me let me know one week earlier.. call me busy girl la! hahah.. 2weeks time activities lots lots TONS! picture will be UP if i have.. currently could not think what i been doing these days but i know i m always busy! hahah... now in cousin house having steamboat.. will update on my trip to kl for tony birthday,bbq, outing with friends, beers with some bunch of friends! and more i think!! hahah if i remember and i got the pictures! got to go now! tomorow got earth day! which means wakes up around 5am and go for beach cleaning.. if u guys free! come and join la! hahaha.. i know u guys.. LAZY ASS! =p hahaha.. hmm now thinking wanna hang out wif my friends for beer anot.,.which means i got around 5hours sleep? damn! i wanna look PRETTY tomorow! lolxxxx =p

lov u guys lots