Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SwEetIe mEmoRieS

Just realize i did not update my blog for a month or even look at the page! sorry! i think most of u know that my bf came back! from US. its been a while since we see each other and honestly feeling fade most of the time maybe cos no more spark in our relationship.. we try to work on it thou.. he came back one month ago and he left a month over here! which means i m out of time seeing him! he bought me an ipod as my belated present.. best part is i got my name on it! i mean carve inside the ipod! awesome huh??

here were some update on what i do in one month.. early month was darren's birthday! so me,sue and bernard decided to go Alor star and surprised him! was successful.. bought him his fav greentea cake.. thank God we did not lost our way there and with his gf's help, things went on very well as it was planned.. not even suspicious for him also..hahah.. take me an hour to travel there..lolx.. speed til 160km/h..

here are some picture of men joe hanging out with my college besties.. few times outing during photography class.. got our own portrait pictures too..hahah was really nice.. other than that nothing much.. looking forward to KL this friday! now no bus ticket!!! DAMMIT! lolx.. going to SINGAPORE this saturday night.. UNIVERSAL STUDIO HERE I COME!!!!! lolxxxxx.... *excited*

my ipod!

got my name on it!!!! =)

me with darre's birthday cake!!!

me and sue in darren's personal office back in alor star! lolxxx

In anandas with Joe, Sue, Darren and Joshua

Joshua, Joe and me!

my bestie in college.. me , sue aka leng lui and darren aka fei chai =p lolxxxx.. lov them to the MAX!

Darren ooo++

meeeee =)

with sue..hehe

me and sweetie joe.. =)

AT Sunset Bistro!

my blue lagoon!

me and JOE!

Portrait outing during photography class =)

trying to get a good post.. hehe

innocent me.. riding on the dinosaur.. use to come all the time when i was small..hehe..

me and leng lui...

being silly!!!!

with classmates!

last but not least... huggies!

hey, i will be back for more!!! lov ya!!!! muackkksss