Sunday, August 31, 2008

bUKiT mErAh...wOO Hoooo++

Talking bout Bukit Merah.. i only been there once when i m 9 years old(i think).. well yesterday my teacher invited me and my friends(yung wei & keat tatt) to go to Bukit Merah..feel weird?? teacher!! my previous blog mention about her before.. we dont consider her as teacher but a friend(part of us).. we are very close to her and she always bring all of us out for movie and eat..hehe.. ok.. back to the topic!!

yesterday woke up early to go for badminton with my godbro(Roy).. well my teacher told me earlier she was going to fetch me around 1pm but she came early so i rushed home and get ready..then we went to fetch yung wei.. we started our journey and it took us more than 1 hour +++ to reach there..i think

reach there..we walked along the shops..suddenly something caught me and yung attention!! guess what?? the music of arcade..LOL! my teacher was like 'hey,we are going to eat not PLAY'.. but we get to play a game..hahaha..then we went to the jetty where our teacher waited for us over there.. then we buy a packet of duck's food(i think is fish's food) to feed the duck..haha..

YUP!!! ducky!!! when we started to throw the food it swim so fast!! is like COOL!! haha.. another thing is their feather is water prove.. hahaha..

is Yung wei feeding the duck..hehe

then we went to buy tickets.. to visit the 'orang utan' island and reptile farm.. well i bought the ticket for the waterpark cos later we are going for costs me around RM39(not that expensive thought...) we reached the island of 'orang utan'..saw some of it.. everyone was like wow!! then yung was like 'Wah!! hairy man'.. everyone started to laugh at her.. we explorer around to look for more orang utan.. o yeah! the orang utan impressed everyone!! someone try to throw orange for the orang utan but it dint reached them...that 'brainy orang utan' use a stick to take the orange so it could get to eat and some more it peel off the skin before it ate that orange!!! everyone was like WOW, cool..they have BRAIN!!! LOL.. we saw some baby orang utan in their 'room'.. they are totally like human babies.. they got their own bed and feed on the bottle milk.. after that we are stuck in the island for around 1hour ++ because it was raining heavily.. ARGH!!!! wasted so much time...


there the hairy man..why we name it hairy man because when we asked our teacher how does the orang utan looks like she say looks like human is just more hair and much longer than ours!! LOL!..

thats the oldest hairy man,named Mike.. it think around 32years old..very big and fat..

the baby orang utan..looks like human baby right?? cute..drinking milk..

we get into the boat when the rain stop... next trip was to reptile farm.. as usual.. they have animals..LOL.. o yeah when we went there were lots of birds everywhere.. there were people that gave us the bird's food so we could feed them.. just put on your hand and all the birds will fly to your hand and ate the food.. i realize all the birds are FAT!! serious!!! but its hard to catch..haha.. then we explorer around and we saw dancing bears!! they will played the music and the bears will dance(walk here and there and move their hands and legs only..hahaha..)

its ME!! lol..

its Yung wei

its keat

thats the only animal come out from cage..err i dont think they have cage.. that thing craw everywhere they want!!!

cute little monkey..took it with my handphone..hehe

lol..the dancing bear...

then we walked to the waterpark.. only me and yung wei went in cos we both only wanted to swim..i dint really enjoy because we went in around 6pm and the waterpark closed at 6.30pm!! we just walked around and swim.. the worst thing was i slipped down when i got up from the scratches and bruises on my leg..ARGH!! it hurt..o well i m ok...

we went to wash up and find our teacher and keat tatt.. they were eating.. o yeah! i dint eat anything since morning and we were super HUNGRY!! we bought nasi lemak which cost each of us RM7!!! HELL!! is like soooo expensive but is nice..haha..then we walked around to take some pictures before we went home..

__________Random pictures : Me,Yung Wei & Keat tatt__________

the entrance of reptile farm

in front of chalet..

lol....dont know what to say..haha

i like this picture..haha

lol...nice scenery!!! cool...

trying to jump!!! hahaha...

ARGH!!! cant reach the board!!!!

promoting us!!! LOL!!!

acting and the end my pants all wet..haha

*smily..just me and yung

LOL!!! pity keat tatt..he have to hold our bags..muahahaha!!! kena bully from us teruk teruk!! haha....

i m just to high!! this one.. to smile..why she look at me??

on our way back was sunset and it was very nice..the sky was orange in colour and the clouds looks like the 'door of heaven'..YEP! God's creation is very beautiful...then we went to Auto City to EATTTT AGAINNN!!!! LOL.. everyone going to gain weight..hahaha.. everyone were celebrating the countdown for indepedent day.. luckily we found a car park if not we needed to walk very far..there were lots of restaurant around.. at first we tought of Sushi King but to save our money we went to Seoul Garden(BBQ and steamboat).. these was the 2nd time i went to that restaurant..we had a great time over there.. i enjoy alot!! hehe.. then we walked around to see the celebration then went home.. my teacher told us that we will fall a sleep in the car but in the end all of us were singing some songs in the car!! haha.. i reached home almost 12am.. we had lots of fun today although is just few of us..thanks to my teacher..hehe..

door of heaven..nice right???

cooking..ahhhh!!! hungry!

my drinks!! hehe

lots of oyster..yuck..dont like!! shuuuu...dont tell to yung wei!! she lov it!!

ais just the ais..nothing inside..well i forget to put..i m just enjoying playing the ais thing..hahah!!

lol..tomyam again...

our last picture..not so nice..very blur cos our teacher camera flash light run out of baterry.. o still nice.. we took this picture in front of soho house in Auto City..

^thanks to our teacher^

Monday, August 18, 2008

TriP tO GeNtinG++

i m kinder lazy to post something..since someone keep nagging me here you go!! a post for you..haha.. ok back to the topic!! hmm...talking bout Genting is been few years i havent been there.. actually my parents took me to Genting just for a dinner which organize by HI-REV company(some petrol big company).. since my exam ended last Friday, I decided to take some rest by following my parents to Genting.. well, mom been asking me for few weeks to ask one of my friend go so i wont be so lonely... but non of them are free.. in the end my mom offer my aunty to come along.. o well i m fine with it..i use to go to vacation alone(no partner).. my dad and mom will go somewhere else which means.. i m always alone..*sob sob!!

hmm..not sure whats that thing call but it belongs to my cousin brother.. i went to his house to wait for my aunty to get ready.. i was wondering around the house cos i dont go there often and i dont know much bout them..hahah.. then i found this!! is like so cool!!! hahahaha.. there were even more in his cupboard when he is in Australia..

we arrived there around 2pm on Saturday.. check in.. i got 2 privilege card(i got 30% discount on food..anything which is listed in the card..each card perday).. hmm.. my dinner started at 5p.m.. so my mom just gave me RM100 and asked me to play.. well i went for so first time!! hahaha..but something went wrong when i try to shoot.. it hit my hand and now blue black d!! ARGH!! then i went for bowling and play some games in arcade.. lol.. m i weird?? come to genting just to play this?? hahaha...

back to my room around 5.. faster get ready for dinner.. went down.. lots people line up and collect the paper thing.. so i gave the person my dinner ticket and i get to draw something.. well.. i got a radio and a t-shirt(does that consider door gift).. o well.. everyone who attend the dinner will get something.. there were DVD player,Radio,Rice cooker, Cd player and lots more.. hmm.. for your info.. the dinner was very big.. more than 200tables which means more than 2000people..just imagine everyone got 'doorgift'... lol.. well is something i m use to see cos i went to this dinner almost every year..hahaha

front page of the ticket.. yup!! This guy is guang Liang(michael Wong).. oyeah.. on my way to Genting..i saw some billboards promoting about the dinner and Guang Liang face on it..

back page of the ticket!! is Kay , the champion superstar..

dinner start!! where is my place?? YUP!! 1st row in the middle.. the nearest to the stage!! hahahaha...some event went on.. best part was lucky draw.. there were 3 rounds lucky draw.. one round more than 10prizes.. each item lucky 10person will get!! which means one round of lucky draw more than 100people get prizes!! example the prizes: nitendo wii, sony camera, 3G handphone, whole set of DVD player(4 speakers), big radio, 32'plasma TV, 41' plasma TV, 47' plasma TV, laptop, and lots more that you cant imagine.. o yeah.. 1st prize was a CAR! hmm.. something very big but i kinder forget whats the name of the car...

stage!!! is kinder big.. yup..directly in front!!

hmmm..let me think of what to say.. o yeah!! whoever attend the dinner, the accommodation is free!! the company even pay my family RM80 for petrol money to come to Genting.. hahaha.. now you can imagine how rich the company is!! o yeah they even invite Guang Liang (Michael Wong, chinese artis) and champion superstar,Kay to the dinner and sing!! info from dad..they ask Guang Liang come cost the company around RM208000!!!!!! they spend more than a million on the event!!

when Guang Liang come out everyone rushed to my place!! so i just stand up and rush to the front and take some pictures.. i thought of going out but the crow!! ARGH!! i just stuck over there.. so i took some video and pictures.. i have to stand there till he finish singing.. i dont admire guang Liang also..just dont wan people look at me one kind or make people feel i m weird or something..hahaha.. so i just get along.. the worst part is everyone around me start to sing and i m just lip sing!! there were few people keep shouting at him and try to catch his attention.. i can see Guang Liang is having a hard time!! hahaha..pity him toug...

its Kay..singing..

talking with the MC!! that MC is a pon!! haha..he act like a girl...

yup!! Guang Liang..

yup..directly in front of me!! i shake hand with him few times..hahaha

like this not realy good cos i zoom in and take..

after Guang Liang singing..u can just imagine how rough are they!! keep pushing me!! ARGH!!

all HI-REV staff...

some lucky draw winner with Guang Liang and Kay

dinner ended at 12am.. kinder tired and blur.. i drank whole jar of beer cos there were no soft drinks..* i m innocent.. my mom offer me!! hahahaha... back to my room..try to call my friends but dint get trough cos my room no line.. i start to cough badly and feel so sick thats why i cant talk so well and kinder blur that time!! hehe..

next day! i woke up around 8.30am.. the ticket of morning breakfast end at 9.. i rush and get ready.. buffet!! LOL!! i take loottttsss of fooooddd.. i try everything..hahah!! well i cant finish but i enjoy...then my mom ask me to pack our things and put in the car so later when go home is easy.. then my mom gave me another RM50 to spend.. ok.. i got around 3hours to spend before i go home.. i walked around and see what i can get for my friends but nothing caught my eye!! in the end i dint buy.. i went to the starbuck to get some drinks and cake.. start to read my darren shan book!! hahahha.. this is the 1st time i come to genting and i dint go play outdoor games..

1st reason: my time is too pack.. dont have much time..
2nd reason: too many people!! i dont want to line up alone just to play a game!! i feel kinder weird when people look at me when i m alone everywhere.. *sob sob.. what to do..

o well.. some of my friends accompany me on phone while i m reading my book.. went back at 1p.m... have a great time dreaming along my way back..

+the end+