Thursday, December 9, 2010

oN TraCk! - waYni3 bDay

hey hey reader, sorry for not updating basically i forget bout my blog! i forgotten that i own one! haha..well i m back n hopefully i will keep updating.. i been working and studying this few months! 2nd sem 1st year just ended which means i m holiday now! there are ups and downs currently this few month.. tell me if i m "unlucky" cos happens lots of tragedy! damn! fortune teller say i m unlucky this year..yeah, i think so! seriously i think i m bad luck this year!!! look on the bright side, 2010 gonna end soon! blessing and love on their way =) somehow i feel, this year taught me a lot of lesson.. bah, forget bout my pass! i m looking on the bright side now! and i m still standing strong!

hmm.. talking bout my few other post back i sound emo** if u're asking me how m i doing now, i m fine =) i m better but somehow i feel i change.. i m not that noisy n loud..and i start to keep things and dont share alot.. i m not sure its good anot.. and i think alot.. haha.. bah, again! i dont wan think.. back to the things i wanna show today !

gonna show u some photos on wayn birthday! eventhou its jus numbers of us but we had lots of fun! basically everyone is drunk! dammit! we wanna make the birthday boy drunk but instead all K.O when the time is not even 12 YET! lolxxx.. we had NICE steamboat! awesome! wayn's mom cook nice soup for our it! after we ate, we had our talk and bernard sing songs for us! with guitar.. then start to play poker cards.. had lots of fun during games! since our beer gonna finish we play wif liquor! lolx.. shot shot shot! damn! 5people almost finish whole bottle n we drink beer like water! imagine how fast we KO! haha.. check out!

lots of food XDDD


waiting waiting.. POSE
just look at nerd face!!! damn!

here is BERNARD aka the french guy! so called..
waynie.. birthday boy =)

sue..lovely girl

after our makan, nerd sing us few songs..very nice of him..
o yeah.. free hat buying the beer! saw that??

haha..the whole thing can fit in his head..

sue =)

me =)

bernard !

our pic =)

the BOYS!

game on.. start pouring.. tumbs all time..!

haha.. nerd loose in the game!
here goes sue loosing every round! drinking non stop for 6rounds..

damn! he jus cant take it d..
our pressie =) see wayn finger nails..haha

group pic.. lolx.. saw the liquor.. yeah!

slowly the boys dying..

look at him! wear my SHOES!
haha.. jason must be wondering that is that..

here goes payton humping nerd since darren is not there..lolx

lolxxx.. seriously he cant get up d.. goesn 2nd round.. sue keep drinking til they drop..

gaying time... ewww.. i dont think they realize i took the pic! worst part its not even 12am!!!! arghhh!

surprise birthday cake for waynie.. hehe

sue wanted to go out n get a cake for wayn at bernard's car but wayn had bernard's car key cos nerd was too drunk to drive home and for his safety purpose wayn keep his key to ask him over night his
sue : wayn,giv me bernard's car key..
wayn : y??
sue : i need to get my wallet form his car!
*sue's bag is so BIG! n its in front of us! sign =.= *
wayn : ok la.. *go off to wash his face*
sue : *find the drunken jason* weiii lighter *soft voice*
jason : *bring his lighter out n show at our face!* i wan to follow!
As wayn also follow us out..
jason : WHY U FOLLOW US!
wayn : errr.. i need to open the door?
jason was like...OK
At the door wearing shoes! wayn was standing at the door looking at all of us.. JASON wear my SHOES AGAIN!
me : *push jason away!* stop wearing my shoes!
jason went to wear wayn's sister shoes..again i push him n say the same thing;..
*SMACK JASON!* damn! fine..he heard all of it..

happy birthday wayn! not so surprise d...lolx

u r officially 18!!! damn! n u r not drunkk

smile =) the boys cant even get up!

lolx.. no tricks..

our last group pic.. force the guys to get up n take one..

anyway, thats all for now! been busy with lots of things lately... not gonna post starbucks steamboat cos i dont have any pic of it..haha.. actually was celebrating my boss birthday! was nice thou.. then christmas present! got a tumbler.. hehe.. hmm..other than that, i join the salvation army orphanage home for charity work under starbucks! KIDS was really naught.. hmm.. dont think have that pic too.. then cheer party was nice too..having hard time asking customers to join but was ok la overall..hehe.. got to be angels.. see what i have then i will post up wif something ok! thanks for the time.. hope i will keep things update! anyway who watch vampire dairies?? lend me season 2.. hehe.. =)

God bless u!
hav a good day readers!