Saturday, July 19, 2008

hApPy BirThDaY giRL fRieNd,cArInN kHoO ^.^

this post is especially for my girl friend, Carinn Khoo Cer Yinn.. yesterday is her BIG DAY!!! before i start anything i wanna sing her a birthday song..actually yesterday we sang korea birthday song for her and i m the only one(i guess) which mumbling!! not sure how to sing!! LOL..

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Jaerinn, Happy Birthday to you!!! muaccckksss i love you ALWAYS!!

hmm..actually her birthday was yesterday.. is not to late to post up!! hahaha.. ok.. yesterday after my dance class, i went to her house... i took my bath and get ready to go out.. as usual i took her to Queensbay.. we went to sushi king to have our lunch.. o yeah with our friends(ting ting, jasa and yung wei..hais..too bad ching ying cannot make it..) too.. we spend alot just for the sushi!! well most of all is our girl friend happy and enjoy!! hehe...

*yup the birthday girl,carinn khoo*

JASA WENDIE!! with her smile and cute FACE!! lol...

its ting ting!! with her style again...people dont trust me that she is a girl!! just because i write she is my boyfriend doensnt mean is real...

sorry-- i took the picture after we finish our food...

*yup!! the price is higher than this...

birthday girl kissing yung yung!! hahaha.. fake ONE!!!

those were real!! jasa actually kiss ting lol.. i m alone again..hahaha.. i m fine with it.. i m happy to see them together..

the most stupid part is i and ting ting play "TRUE or DARE".. but we play dare..hahaha cos we got nothing to ask.. the first time ting ting lost and jasa suggest her to go sit at the 'little train' which was not suppose to go in!!! hahaha.. well she went in and sat and i took a picture of her!! the second time i loose.. i went to one of the worker (clean the floor) and say hi!! SHE IS GOING TO GET FROM ME!! ok..the last time!! SHE LOOSE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! i dare her to walk to the security guard(FAT ONE) and say hi and i m from penang!! that security guard was so happy and greet her back..hahaha!!

ting ting sitting on the little train!! hehe..

then we went for a movie.. ARGH!! 2 hours before the movie start!! DAMN IS LONNNGGG!!! o well..we went to play some games in arcade then hang around.. o yeah!!! we saw Pn.Tan(my chemistry teacher!! hahaha..).. we went to greet her before we left.. we just did lots of things before we went for movie..haha.. i want to thank ting ting cos she treat me wafflet...

its me and ting ting!!!

me and birthday girl.. i love you always!! muaaccckksss

all of us in Queensbay!! before leaving..

after movie, we went to jasa house... then everyone went to jasa room.. then ting ting and jasa went to get the cake from the frige.. i was like giving excuses to carinn i want to go to toilet(actually i was lighting up the candles and get ready!!)..

ting ting went into the room..jasa play the korea birthday song.. then i come in with the cake!!!..
everyone was singing birthday song to Carinn in i jus smile all the way..hahahahahaha!!! opps..sorry i dont know how to sing..

Aww..she is crying now...dont cry!! we love you!!! wish u all the best in your SPM and best of luck in future..cause we all wont be in the same school and wont get to see each other everyday d.. i m gonna miss you!!! hehe...not to miss out Jasa prepared a movie for her birthday!! and she CRY AGAIN.. she was so touch.. hehe..

TAAA DAAAAAAA!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARINN!!! we always love you!!!

yup..she is 17years old now!! proud of u!!

all my friends and birthday!!

MUAHAHAHAH!!!! of couse birthday got special event!! CREAM FIGHT!!! woo hooo..

9p.m. DINNER!!!! all of us went down to 'super tanker' kopitiam and eat lok lok.. we enjoy alot...

our first round..!!

the sauce.. its spicy and GOOD!!!

of couse we always go for the second round..hahaha

we eat for an hour then went home.. yup i m the driver again.. i took cer yinn home which is in relau then come back to jasa house then fetch ting ting home.. lol.. i dont mind!! as long is not too late for me to go home and the petrol is enough for me to reach home!! hehe...

+++++dedicated to my best girl friend,carinn khoo..++++++

when we were little.. work together for our school project in the zoo.. still remember?? ur dad took the picture!! ahaha..i request to take the picture..we miss the snake show!!

we use to dance together during speech day..when we are form 2..

the first time you went for camporee.. yup.. the last day and everyone was very happy.. we all enjoy in the camp!!

remember this?? in BJ during chinese new year.. hahaha...

first gathering you went.. was having fun and crazy out there...haha

we use to go out every time.. just both of us..

duty for cross country when we r form 3.. all of us were lazy to both of us..always hunt for food!! u bring me to datu keramat and eat poh piah and i bring u to falim to eat laksa..haha.. till both of us gain never go out with sook dangerous unless u wanna gain weight..haha

yup..both of us..always love to go out.. play games in arcade, catch up with the latest movie!!! go to starbuck and had our drinks and talk about relationship and stuff.. share problems.. telling secret.. hugging each other.. making jokes all the going crazy all times.. talking about boys..try something new..studying..introduce me those comic..telling you weird stuff bout me..most of all..i enjoy seeing you happy and laugh.. your smile brighten someone's day!!!

here i wanna tell you something...---->

sorry..i m not like jasa.. i cant make a good movie for you.. sorry..i m not like ting ting.. teaching you account and accompany you eat during recess.. sorry.. i m not like ching ying can help you in doing your homework..sorry... i m not like yung wei staying nearby your house can go eat with you.. i cant be like one of them.. i cant replace them.. but for sure i can do something for you!!

when you cry, i can lend you my shoulder..
when you sad, i can listen to your problems..
when you need transport, i can always fetch
when you need someone!! REMEMBER!! i m always there for you cos you are my best girl friend in my heart.. muaccksss..i always lov you!! 5 of us!!!

i would like to end here with a hug!! WE LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY SWEET 17th BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!! the picture of weirdo and the freak!! they are match!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

TriP to ReDanG bEaCh ResOrT in TeRenGgaNu!!!

*RINGING!!!!* hello..
dad : do you know you have 15minutes more??
me: huh?? for what??
dad : we are going to redang for vacation!!!
me : what the!!! i m chatting with my friends!!
dad : FASTER GET READY!! there will be more than 9 cars..
me : fine.. *thinking?? where m i going??* oh well.. just go..

Friday night -- on the way.. 8 hours in the car..
saturday morning-- reach..take 2 hours boat just to go to the island!! ARGH!!

thats how the boat looks like..

*wick wick* me!!!

the scenery outside the boat..

still on boat.. hehe...

i went on top of the boat and throw some bread.. lol..fishy..

after 2 hours!! at last!!! i reach.. my first impression--> WOW!!! i love the sea.. the water is very clean, beautiful and nice!! u can actually see lots of fish swimming and corals..

the island!! i m gonna stay there..hahaha..

arrived at the receptionist then check in.. woo hoo.. i m staying in the chalet.. went to have my lunch (YUCK!! i hate the still

receptionist counter..check in..

thats where the buffet.. dont like the food..

i went around the beach and saw lots of people wearing bikini.. i went in to my room "MOM!!! i wan money buy BIKINI!!!!" dad*LAUGH!!!* ARGH!!!!! whats so funny!! takes me 10minutes to beg my mom for money.. lol.. then i went in the souvenirs shop and brought a set of bikini and a short pants..

the souvenir shop!! the souvenir is very expensive..

me in bikini!! lol...hahaha.. this bikini cost me more than RM100!! ARGH!!.. o well.. at least i m happy to get one of those..haha.. i brought a short pants too!! i lov the pants..

Around 3p.m. everyone gather by the side of the beach.. then there is a guy name Kai briefing us on safety precaution during snorkeling.. is kinder disgusting when he split his salivary in the mask(the way you clean your mask).. o well.. everyone did the same!! hahaha.. then everyone get into the boat.. we went behind the island for snorkeling.. i thought it was nothing cos u can actualy see the corals by looking down.. when i jump in it was sooo DEEP!!! at least 20feets!! is cool.. i m floating on top and get to see all kinds of weird things inside.. is scary at first.. i dint really enjoy much cos i went alone.. i dint get to touch the corals or fish!! haha.. but i saw a turtle and lots of different kind of corals.. too bad i dont have a camera which can take in the water.. i go around for 2-3 hours and went up in the boat..

back to the island.. then tea time( food so much better).. went for swimming and snorkeling at the beach.. this little girl my cousin's daughter was so scared of the sea.. i try to drag her down and carry her while her parents went for snorkeling* crying for help!!.. i bring her near the small fish and she shout so loud till everyone caught their eye on me!! she try to climb on me and hugging me..ARGH!! susah nya.. i bring her to her grandparents (my aunt and uncle).. then i went for swimming and snorkeling alone.. all my cousins have their own partner =P.. well i m fine being lonely!!.. then i went around and took some pictures..

volley ball.. i wanted to play so much..too bad i dont even know them and there were no girls..

yup..there were playing football..haha..o yeah.. i m a fan of MU!!

by the beach..

______AT NIGHT!!!!______

again dinner was yuck!! i cant eat.. is not nice.. ok complains!! then went back my room to get my hand phone and books... i sat by the beach side and read story book while listening to music.. there were lots of people and there were DJ playing some music and stuff.. i heard they were dancing and lots of people singing.. well by that time i was sleeping like a pig!!

the stage!! but no one is

my cousins and dad!! drinking beer..
i dint really enjoy and i went to bed by 10p.m.

direction to my bed!! hahaha...

back to my room!! J...

_______________second day______________

woke up... had my breakfast(yup!! good breakfast..i enjoy the tea!!!) then get ready and pack up.. i pack my things and took all the bags to the receptionist center there.. then i went for snorkeling!! we need to return the keys to them because by the time we came back from snorkeling is around 1p.m. and is over check out time.. so without wasting time, we all went into the boat and went to another small island for snorkeling.. when we arrived there, there were lots of fish and corals around the bridge.. then we saw some jellyfish.. then my dad came to me and say "dont u ever touch the jellyfish,young lady!!!".. me "oh..ok!!" then everyone gather by the beach side and one of the staff name decro give some advice to everyone.. some of the staff are every friendly and nice.. the way they talk make everyone laugh.. then he gave everyone a loaf of bread to feed the fish..

this time my parents went for snorkeling.. my mom having a hard time!! then my dad bring her around.. then my cousin with their partner.. so i went around alone again.. then i came to a big stone and saw beautiful corals..i saw people went down and take pictures.. i saw decro taking pictures touching all the corals and trying to catch the fish.. then i ask him if he could bring me down to touch those corals.. so he ask me to hold my breath before he pull me down and ask me to hold the stone so i dont float up cos i m wearing the bag thing which make me float.. the first time i went down i forget to hold the stone so i went up again.. then the second time i went down i hold the stone and i saw a big cave under the stone and there were huge FISH!!! i suddenly let go of the stone and get out of there!! DAMN!! is scary!!! then he take me around and show me some corals and try to name them.. i dint really understand cos he speck in chinese.. i just know how to shake my!! then he try to ask me to point my hand at the fish.. the small fish follow the direction!! is cool!!! hahaha.. sometimes he went down and take some pictures.. then we went to look at the ship under the water.. the ship is full of chorals!! is really amazing.. i try to hold the ship and i got myself injured and cuts everywhere.. OUCH!!! the cut was very deep.. it hurts alot.. after sometime it stop bleeding.. then i went to touch some bigger fish.. he teach me how to point and i was so stupid follow what he said.. i go and point at the big fish and it came and bite me!! ARGH!!! it was nothing much.. just like an ant bitting on your hand.. i enjoy the most is touching the colorful corals then it will close.. it so nice!! haha.. the plants which crow fish(nemo) stay.. its something like jelly!! haha.. o yeah!! whenever i saw jellyfish i sure tell him!! then he will use his hand and flung away.. the jellyfish will follow the direction.. haha.. cool!! is like few times i keep telling him there were jellyfish until he scold me why m i so scared!! he even try to take my hand to touch the jellyfish..of couse i yell at him.. but i know how to hold a jellyfish!! i got experience on that!!(learn form discovery channel).. hahaha.. we went around for few hours till there were no people in the water..

see that colourful thing?? when you touch it,it will close!! is cool..


YUP!! is Decro!! fierce look!! he scold me lots of time when i dont listen to him!! but he is a nice guy.. bringing me around and accompany me all times!! thanks YA!!

then i went behind the open place there and bath.. there were lots of poeple bathing and of couse with their clothes on!! haha... then everyone get into the boat and went back.. hmm.. is around 1pm when we are back in the island.. i got no room cos we have check out earlier.. so everyone went to bath at the open area.. that time i just wear bikini and bath with my cousins.. lol.. then we change in toilet..

direction to the toilet!!!

taa daaaa!! the toilet.. i bath over there..haha

after bathing, we went to eat in the restaurant.. the food is soooo nice and sooooo much better!!! hahaha.. but i m still hungry.. so i brought some snacks and ais-cream in the mini market..

summer restaurant..

my cousin told me the boat will arrived at 4pm and i got lots of time hanging around at the beach.. i took lots of photo..not really good cos i m just using my hand phone!! after taking some pictures, i sat on the beach.. there were new visitors around and get ready for snorkeling.. Kai gave the briefing.. then decro came to me and apply medicine on my wound.. then we talk for a while and show me some pictures of the corals that he took.. then he went off and i enjoying myself reading story book by the beach..haha..

where you collect your masks and stuff for snorkeling!!


i heard you can lend camera over here.. take picture under the water!!

good practice!! recycling!!

the scenery...

lol.. sleeping!!! *snor....

nice beach.. the water is super clean but too salty!!

the batik shop

fell in love!! is the pub!! at night there were lots of people drinking.. the cashier is very friendly and nice.. i brought a beer!! but not for me..

direction!! in case you get lost...

just a take a

yup!! is me!! so happy!!

CRAP!! my boat arrived at 5pm!! dammit.. i took the big boat and went back to the town area.. it takes me 2hours!! i got sea sick!! i wormitted more than 3 times.. got few malay guys help me to change the bag and giving me water and tissue.. hahaha..
AT LAST!!! i m HOME!!! HOME SWEET HOME!! miss my holiday!!
one of my best holiday ever!! try to go there more often!! WOO HOOO!!!

on my way back...going to take the boat...

yup!! family picture!! sitting at the front row are my cousins and red shirt is my dad in blue shirt, next to him my uncle, little girl is my cousin's daughter and her family..then my mom and me!!! my dad and my uncle very good in swimming or anything related to the sea!! they are good in it..hahaha..

+LOVE REDANG!!!+ i will try to come back!!..that was the best holiday ever!!..+