Saturday, September 27, 2008

tAgGed =.=

this is the 1st time i reply someone's tagged.. lol.. sorry for the previous cos was too lazy.. till now i m still lazy but since i got no updates on my blog so write something..i was been tagged by Aaron and Evelyn..ARGH! *act if i m free to write...

What was your dream when you were a small kid?
err..GOSH!! i never think of that or maybe i have forgotten.. i think have a good ambition and being cool among the kid..haha..

What was the happiest thing in your whole life?
haha..everyday i m happy! LOL.. well..most of the time when i enjoy and laugh all the way means its the best moment i ever forget..happiest thing was God give me the smile i had on my face..

What do you wish to have right now?
wow! alot of things i wish to have.. i m not going to name it..too many..hehe

When was the last time you Hourse Laugh??
dont remember...=P

What do you realize recently?
my parents spend too much money on me..i m such a money SPENDER!!!

Which bad habit of you thats is most unacceptable?
when i get high in some conversation i might just split out words that might hurt people.. well..i m trying to say sorry but i fell is hard for me..GOSH! i m just a jerk..

When you're unhappy what will you do?
mainly i will find someone to talk..i love to share and talk so might just pick up anyone and talk.. mostly my girl friends..

What are you afraid of losing?
everything that is matter to me right now..mainly my family members..

Within 5 years,which target is the most realistic one?
lots of freedom!! i think..cos i just cant predict my future..everything might change..

When you met someone you like,will you confess or hide your feelings?
lol..depands on the situation.. if that person would confess then i will just tell him how i feel.. sometimes secretly being close to him..

List out 3 kind of person you hate the most?
hypocrite...liars... yup two face slut(agree with evelyn)..

Define loneliness
no friends, no loves one, no family,no close relatives...NO GOD!

Are you satisfied with your life now?
mainly yes..nothing is prefect and God send me down for purpose so i dont want to complain much.. trying my best to improve..

When is the most recent time you felt touched?
when my girl friends say 'SURPRISED,HAPPY BIRTHDAY'... LOL... they spend so much celebrating my birthday especially ting ting.. she bought all the things using her saving money till she is broke..yet she never give up on doing something special for me.. she don't have enough money to buy me present so she spend more than an hour carving the watermelon for my present..yup she is creative enough..

Where is the most beautiful place that you have visited?
of couse REDANG! hahaha...those sea and water was the corals..God's creation is amazing!

A song that is playing in your mind recently?
kenny G-sister rose

If you have a wish come true,what is it?
of couse my SPM result.. 10As!!! something impossible..cos i dint work hard for it..

Do you have anything to worried or scared recently?
YUP! lots of things.. my dance exam is freaking near(need to find RM200 for my suit).. bible trail and school trail is very near.. for SPM, i m not well prepared! in future might scared i dont have a good career..

If the world is going to end,what will you do?
'will not fall on devil's hand..we shall be united and stand for you my LORD!'

who are you thinking of right now?

I will tag:
Yeu Song, Chia Ming, Wayne Ken & Lee hong

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hApPy RetiReMenT tO fOrM 5 pRefEcts ~.~

AT LAST!! i m RETIRED from prefects board..haha.. *sound happy but still lots of discipline problems in school..well 'prefect' always known as students' BIGGEST enemy in school.. hahaha.. yeah! yet still i wanna become one cos i lov it and i enjoy it!! haha.. mainly i become prefect because i cant stand the way student nowadays behave(i mean bad one) and the discipline is very bad.. maybe i thought i wanna make some changes out there and let students become a better person.. i fell secondary school life is when you enjoy the most and have lots of fun so i would not want to see students behave badly(bad record) during their school life.. i have train myself to be more discipline and become a better person(u cant see outside!! is inside me!! LOL)..
*thinking of the 1st day becoming a warder still fresh in my mind..haha.. i remember last time i use to be very fiece.. i will never let a student step on me.. whenever i cant stand that person i will directly complain to my discipline teacher will just come and slapped that kid...from that day onwards the kid listen to me..*sound BAD and EVIL.. well cant blame me.. prefect is a person with feeling.. they can get stress and of course the school have to protect them if not they sure kena 'belasah teruk'..hahaha..
there is bad and good becoming a senior use to tell me that being a prefect is not an easy job and you will loose your friends.. i learn that true friend will understand you as a prefect..o yeah i met new friends by becoming a prefect..haha.. i m proud to become one and i never regret..cos i feel we are one family.. i love those days when my senior around..
NOW!! things change.. discipline is worst than i thought.. prefects also all *speechless.. hamid khan use to be dreamland to me but now is nightmare.. o well.. i m gonna leave the school.. i hope to see improvement.. ok..i m not going to talk much cos you might just dozed off..i just wanna say do not hate prefect cos they are just doing their job but if you hate that person then its just between you and him/her!! haha... here are some pictures! LOL!

its a group photo of prefects board when i m form 2..LOL! do you spot me?? DONT ZOOM! is like soooo stupid..those hair style!! hahaha...

we do have our own outing too!! haha..we do enjoy..we do have some time for PLAY! haha..

during form3.. we are the group leaders in the camp..

now we have grown up!! LOL!.. our last year in school..

yup..the form 5 committee members of prefects board..

we do go crazy!! haha..but there is always a limit.. well i m gonna miss you guys soon...

Friday, September 12, 2008

sOmeTHinG i wAnT tO sAy ^.^

today i m lated for school(as usual after my retirement as a prefect) but most of the time i come down early for recess cos i was too HUNGRY!! lol... during recess i spend most of my time sitting down on the bench beside my canteen.. i will just sit down and wondering or day dreaming(i m addicted to it).. when i started to day dream i would be very quite and smiling at my shoes(sounds weird but thats the only way for me to get peace) then my friends will come to me and hug me.. she will just ask what happen to me and if i got problems that i want to share or what.. i will just smile at her and say NO!! she will force me to say something only she is happy..haha.. cos is very rare for me to sit by the side alone..usually i will get along with any of my friends i saw and will talk alot(anything) and will go very crazy and joke ALOT!!... so is like so not me when i m sitting alone by the side..

lol..too much description.. came back home around 1pm then online.. went to tuition at 3.15pm.. worst part in my tuition!!! i bring wrong file which means i need to ask teacher for the paper then he start to mumble me this and that..bla bla blaaaa.... after tuition went to fetch Jasa and Carinn at Ting Ting house.. Jasa wanted me to fetch her home while Carinn follow me to Queensbay with keat tatt and kitt mun..

reach there..while waiting for kitt mun, we went to arcade to play some games..after he came,then we went to watch a movie(opps..i actually forget the name of the movie..ARGH! currently i got no idea..hahahahaha).. after movie then we walked around and talked alot!!!! we went to toys-r-us and find something to do.. well i m the one who is "hand itchy".. i would go around and press all the toys which got music and stuff and try to act this and that!! i beg that all of you did too!!! pictures of ME-----> :

random pictures of me with my new hair style..hehe.. ARGH! i still keep complaining i look stupid and dumb!!!the front part is too THICK..

i look so very weird in this picture <---- i wanted to take a picture with the thing so much!!! haha.. here is a pic of me and Carinn(she is tired and sleepy) ---->

P.S. i m so blur and HUNGRY now!! i skip my lunch and dinner.. i only eat bread for my tea time..sob sob* i want FOOD! sorry if there were mistake and stuff cos i m sleepy and tired now..need to go to bed if not i will be even more HUNGRY!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

haPpY biRtHdAy cRyStaL +.+

shoutout : CRYSTAL, you are 17th years old d!!! WELCOME to the GANG OF "XXX" LOL!!!!!! hahahaha....

sorry yesterday got no time to post.. anyway Happy B'lated Birthday,girl.. well we plan to go and eat our lunch at chikuma(japanese food in Gembira nearby our school).. but it was close when we reach there(proberly around 3.10 so we decided to go to US pizza to celebrate since is the nearest.. i was late cos i went home and get the cake.. i went to fetch jasa and ching ying along since they want to come along..

reach there then we order 2 large pizza, 2 regular pizza,drinks, 4 plates of chicken wings and mushroom soup(not sure what they really around 10 of us).. while we are waiting for food, i and danny went out and get the cake in my car when crystal went to the washroom.. we try to light the candle outside the restaurant but was not successful cos it was windy and my front part of my hair get burn!!! ARGH!!! DANNNNNNNYYY!!!! all ur fault..

well..we change our plan.. after went in the restaurant and light up the candles..when she comes back we sing birthday song for her and wish her!! lol.. then start to eat... sorry if the cake is not nice!!! here some pictures but not much..i dont know why i m having hard time to get them take picture together so i stop to take... well here are some..

she is just to happy!! MAKE UR WISH!!

birthday girl with the cake!!! *SMILE*

nice right??

cutting her u r 17 years old!!!

muahaha!! lol..nothing actually happen to HER!

everyone look at the camera!!!!! ok..they are not..thats the only pic i have..

me with the birthday dont look nice in the pic..

o yeah..forget to introduce who is crystal!!!..ok.. she is been very close to me since last year(i think) cos we usually go to recess together with Danny also..3 of us are very close friends! we hang out alot and sit together and even share drinks..LOL..

NOW!! i need to go for a hair cut! which cost me around RM18..i look sooooooooo DUMB(soh mui) in my new hair style..*sob sob.. i dont really like it but i have to bare with it.. o ok! i dont is a tinny picture of ME!!!

taaa daaaaaa!!! OK IS STUPID!!! ARGH! took it after my bible tuition..LOL