Friday, November 27, 2009

dEdiCatEd tO AlvIn Loh

using a knife and poke from behind --> faster say i m ur best mui mui ever!!! =p lolxxx..
dedicate this post to u since i dint hang out with u or giv u something on ur birthday.. anyway i do still hope u can read this post before you go off to bali for a long holiday.. but too bad i think i m abit late d..later in the morning u need to set off and not able to on9 to see this post..

o yeah this post is for u since i delay your present also.. sei lo.. i dont know what to write..suddenly so blank..haha.. err..lets start from beginning? lolx.. dont know how also..haha.. you remember when i 1st start chat with you, you keep saying i misuse you for knowledge and stuff..then i start to ask you lots of question.. make you sound like a talking dictionary or maybe a teacher..haha.. til now i wont admit i misuse u ever since i know u =p and i DID NOT!!! u r jus telling me so much stuff so i extra extra ask lo..haha..

i still miss the day when u r back in UK.. maybe most of the time i on9 is at the right timing.. u will be on9 and i will start bising u with lots of complain and my day.. then i will drag u time til afternoon.. sometimes i wonder if you go there to study or what?? aint u suppose to be very busy with assigment and classes?? but still got lots of time to listen my story..haha.. well, you u start work d looks so bored.. even weekends no work also u hardly talk to me.. then less one person i can bising to.. lolxx.. any way its great to know you and get close with you.. u been a very great friend to me! again i would wish you Happy 22nd Birthday kor kor!!!


since i know you do appreciate a minor afford then i might as well post this for u..haha.. sorry dont have much time to do the nice one.. was covering up when i do cos manager was around..haha.. and that one is the 3rd one i did.. 1st n 2nd much nicer but manager pass by that i need to react so fast and throw away..lolxx.. my friend standing beside me was laughing at me when manager ask what m i doing.. sorry yea! did my best d...ok la.. gtg bed.. have to wake up early tomorow.. need to wash my wound again.. sob sob T__T gonna bare the pain again.. then again i need to work morning tomorow..i start my work today after a long "holiday".. hais.. salary fly** no money d.. o yeah, lets hang out when u come back from your holiday.k? remember my souvenir! =p

God bless you through the journey and back.. enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hOmE sWeEt HoME

at last i m back home..hehe.. was admitted to hospital for few days..from my previous blog i did mention bout my leg very pain right..yeah, cos of my leg i was admitted for operation..hmm.. i think i end at the time i got my the nex day(sunday) went for injection in the clinic.. when the doc see my wound, she said its too serious now.. u need to go to hospital now to take everything out and its best to get it done on that day.. so the doc wrote the letter to the hospital.. asking me what hospital i wan.. at 1st i choose lam wah ee.. reach there then register, mana tahu i ask back the letter n said i wanna change other hospital..lolx..stupid one..

went home cos mom say she will send me there.. end up i m the one driving there! mom was telling me to ask the doc to allow me stay in the hospital if the doc ask so she can claim insurance *pandai pun...ishh.. was at the counter register, mom keep asking the receptionist to let me overnight there! called up the nurse to have a look at my wound.. then called up doctor.. *damn! double charge on offday..LOLxx* went in emergency room to wait for the doctor..

doc came around in 10min..was fast** must be staying nearby there..hahah.. once the doctor saw my wound, on the spot operation d.. was like stunned n asking him u serious??? he told me its kinder too late d see him.. it had infected half of my toe d.. T__T took my 10ml blood.. giv me 8injection! seriously,that injection HURTS!!! all the nurse were like holding me when the doc giv me injection..asking me not to kick doctor..haha.. actually,they wanted to put me to sleep end up doc ask me again that i can bare the pain anot..

tell him to bring it ON! lolx.. so i just lay down seeing the operation.. after 5min, i decided to sit up and see whats happening..hahah! isnt that COOL! seeing LIVE OPERATION ON URSELF?? haha..cos thats totally crazy.. saw doc cut off the skin n pull everything out.. he even showed me the pus mixture with the blood.. its so AWESOME! was not able to see how deep the hole but able to see the side how wide the doc cut of my skin.. base on my doc, he said he cut half of the skin which is like 1cm wide n 1cm dept.. proberly touch my bone d..

u jus have to experience real LIVE operation..its COOL! hahah.. took around half an hour oni.. then went for xray.. doc say thank God ur bone not infected.. he ask me to stay for at least 2 last mom wish come true.. stay in 2 person room.. that night cer n ting came visit me.. bring junk food** heheh.. then chat abit here n there.. then the nex morning 6am nurse came in giv me 3injection d.. T__T they giv actually gave me sleeping pill but dont know why i m alert when i m asleep..

monday morning went to doc's clinic to do the dressing..gosh! that hurts alot! seriously PAIN!!! T__T.. afternooon aunt and grandma drop by and buy me something.. then around 3pm cer drop by to visit me..bringing me one bag of snaks! haha.. bring her around the hospital *heritage walk..lolx.. buy junk food again.. then went back to my room and watch movie using my phone.. watch night at the museum.. kinder like having picnic in my room..well, no people mah..haha.. even use the curtains to close up then sleep on my bed.. start eating n watch movie.. at 1st the screen to small after some time both of us were like attracted by the movie.. dint even know the time and forget bout the small screen..haha.. watch til day turns night.. after she went home, no one visit me.. had another 3 injection that night..T__T

wed morning, went to wash my wound again.. cer was waiting me inside my room.. she jus slightly a min late when i went off to see doctor..haha.. after settle down n stuff, then went home and took a bath.. again plans! went to my work place to have lunch.. its like been century since i ate something.. haha.. we order 3 main course n 2slice of cake..lolx.. gila one.. people stare at us why eat so much..hahaha..

head to queensbay for a movie.. crazy huh? right after discharge from hospital.. go kai kai d.. kinder hyperactive.. even walk like normal til my gf actually forget i had operation..lolx.. i can walk,jump,run n play! so...what else?? felt that i been blessed by God.. at least i did not loose my leg or even worst.. and it heal so fast that right after my operation that night i can walk d.. u see how amazing God had done for me! then wait til u see how deep the hole i had la!.. o yeah.. my toe it grew it twice the size of my usual toe.. *disgusting thou.. its a good experience.. injection hurts more than my toe T__T in fact, i got 6injection perday... lolx.. hmm.. thats all i guess.. o yeah, i even drive around..haha.. dont worry i will take care of myself.. my doctor dint say me dont u dare to SAY ME! =p lol.x.. having appointment tomorrow to wash my wound.. been mc for the pass 1week.. boss so gonna fired me! so long dint come work..haha... here some pic... toe ITCHY!!!! wish i could jus BITE OFF! lolx...

o.O my oyeah! my doc name Mr.Goh! hahaha...

seeeeeeeee.. i got BIG TOE! doc giv it a name for it.. bangali head** hahaha..

my last meal i had.. that like the most i ate for the last day..haha..did i tell u the aunty in the kitchen likes me alot.. they will come and ask me if i wan water anot..lolx..

its my gf.. visiting me..hehe..

look at the food we ate after discharge from like giant! lolx..

last day of the pic..hehe.. behind me is my bed ^^

once i m on9.. see whats the time.. nearly 3am! thats the problem.. argh! i need to sleep early la.. bad habit.. anyway take this aportunity wishing my godbro, alvin loh happy birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOR KOR! wish u always health.. haha.. do take care yea! realize u r very weak.. work one month oni so many health problem d... anyway enjoy ur day ahead.. more of like working day?? lolx..

gtg BED!!!! got plans tomorow.. hopefully to keep things update la..hahaha.. *thank God for everything!!! God BLESS U!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FriEndS fRoM KL

last saturday, met my friends from KL.. they came down to penang for holidays.. actually more of like going for some fuction thing but they were here one day earlier to hang out.. met them in gurney.. luckily we regonize each other and able to get along.. bough them to some hawker food around for dinner.. bring them to few place for penang food.. actually that time i couldnt thing of anything nice food d cos its at night and at gurney area.. thank God they dint complain much bout food but jus enjoying..haha.. bring them to sunset bistro for a drink.. yeah, play some GAMES! and had beer..

hmm.. nothing much but had a great time with all of them.. had lots of fun too.. sorry kinder last min plan n i m sorta blank dont know where to bring u all.. the nex day went for swimming in the beach.. had lots of fun but unfortunately.. most of got injuries.. kinder dangerous and dirty the beach..and i bring my phone for a SWIM! argh! oh great... haha.. went to the swimming pool continue pushing each other into the pool.. haha.. had lots of fun.. after bath, went for dim sum(around lunch time d) then head off to macalister road to buy biscust.. haha.. guess thats all.. hmm.. not gonna explain lot la.. got few pic.. check out ^^

lok lok..too bad boon siew need could not join us.. he need to do report..


tony sexy post! =p

adrian felt so happy after shouting out loud!

i dont even know him.. thanks to adrian! =p u r gonna get it!

those guys try to pan cool.. =p from right boon siew, adrian and tony..

pervert guys! looking at hawt girls..hahaha.. they gonna kill me..

o yeah bout my leg.. serious injury T__T i accidentally hit the big rock when swimming at the beach.. know its pain d.. but nothing happen.. mon n tues already felt something wrong on my leg.. then wed when woke up could not even walk! was complainning pain and saw bruise at the base on my leg (toe part).. then went to find sasa.. she help me massage and ask me to put into hot water to allow my blood flow.. thurs night felt so pain.. whole night cant sleep at all.. suppose to be tired after working for 13hours! woke up around 4am crying for help.. cant stand d.. so pain.. woke mum but ask me wait til 7am.. cry til sleep.. then slept like 20min i get up d.. went to see doc..

doc say got this pus in my leg and its like deep down there.. doc say need to get rid of those only less pain T__T.. ask me sit on the bed and bend my leg towards my direction.. he spray some liquid on my leg to make it numb.. doc act q fast on making a small deep cut on my leg... squeeze all the pus out(yuck!) was screaming and crying.. doc try to talk to me and make me smile.. i remember i laugh while crying..haha.. stupid one.. doc say not everything come out yet cos its too deep.. if get worst might wanna come again to cut again.. doc was kinder rough at wrapping my wound.. somemore giv me injection T__T this is the worst pain i ever face in my life.. bad experience thou but at least i m much better now..

then again.. i need to go back for injection tomorow and sunday.. T__T got mc for 2 days..woo hoo!! leg still hurt but much much better.. serious! if not i would be crying again if i did not went to see doc.. haha.. actually i did not promise the doc i wanna go back for injection unfortunatelly when i took my medicine at the counter, heard the doc shout out so loud from his room to ask the nurse tell me come for injection tomorow.. n all the patient outside waiting were like staring at me T__T WT!!! everyone saw me face and eyes so red when come out from the room.. haha..

at last i can get a good peace rest! lol.. its late now.. gtg head to bed.. gonna see doc in few hours time.. T__T hopefully no infection or worst la.. seriously i cant stand the pain.. anyway God bless me through out the day.. went out with my gf for movie today n had dinner together.. girls talk too^^ hehe.. nite nite..

P.S not gonna show my leg =p haha... nite..

Monday, November 16, 2009

bAcK fOr BloGgy...

hi bloggie i m back.. yeah left u q a while d..sorry! now my mood suppose to be active and hyper since i m bloggin! guess turn out to be so sleepy.. slept like 4hours only last night cos ting kacau me in the morning! she was suppose to go down KL today.. jasa was fetching her car broke down! 1st person to call.. SOOK KOON! yeah.. always rescue them!.. pandai pun!.. haha.. took around 5min to get up and ready to fetch them.. ting was rushing.. bus pulled off at 8 was 7.50 d.. atleast 15min reach there.. did not miss the bus unfortunetly left her HP in my car... was 15min late to work cos send jasa to work..damn! asst.manager was there staring at me and asking me lots of questions..

hmm.. nothing much recently.. well, been watching movie for 5 days in a row last week.. haha!.. gonna tell bit what i been up to recently.. meet up with matthew and his gang for supper at kayu! was hilarious.. i fight with elvin..haha.. great time with them.. i did remember his friends but dont remember their names.. well, at least we talk and laugh all the way like we r best friends or long lost friends..lols.. met gf coursemate..had dinner with them.. went out with my teacher for dinner,supper... met up with danny,crystal,kt and my teacher in mcd recently.. makan with my collegous (treat from company cos achieve target for last month..haha..awesome!) thats all i can think.. o yeah! sorry to all my friends that i could not make it for outing or dates la.. few weeks inside been accepting on going out with friends or any activities and realize most of it crash together.. sometimes need to ppk one or jus dont go or go both also..HAHA..

opps.. i m suppose to post bout my supervisor over here instead of craps..haha.. oh well.. plan to post this for the past 2weeks.. guess i m jus too lazy! i think i did mention bout my supervisor will be transfering to another outlet.. hmm.. his last day was end of last month.. seriously he is a very nice guy.. been guiding me on my work.. share with me bout his life.. make jokes and protecting me very well.. haha.. yeah would reward him as my best supervisor! hehe

group pic..with my supervisor..

me and my supervisor.. looks like he got lots of tayar....guess what? he DANCE! he even show me his video and all the prize he won last time.. now.. gemuk dah! haha.. hmm.. if i can find in u-tube would post up la..hehe.. i do still talk and see him all times.. jus not that close anymore..

crystal,me and danny.. jus cant get away from camera..haha.. lov it..

after so called video-ing..haha.. kt drag the most time =p lolx.. would be laughing ur ass off when u see him talk in front of video..haha.. from right kt,danny,me and crystal..hehe

2nd gift from samuel..hehe..thanks alot! will send u back something..

o yeah, would like to promote for my friends and for my ala point(alp) school bout this upcoming event! charity performance..too bad i wont be able to join them for the performance.. haha.. well, i dont go to class every week.. need to travel very far and working all times.. hard to change my schedule cos its on weekends..!! heard this is the biggest production.. need to go there and support!! my teacher is the main organizer.. very stress for him.. then again all the dancers had been putting so much effort for this event.. its gonna a very successful and wonderful event! so dont miss it! guess what.. my principal is dancing! hahah.. shuu.. so gonna be AWESOME! join me! i can get tickets for u! here's the description..

Charity Dance show 2009 is another project by Lions CLub of Penang Komtar which presented by K&T Artwork in collaboration with A La Pointe Ballet Academy, iLearn Dance Studio, DOS (Dance on Studio), 100% Dance Studio, D Vol Dance Theatre and Dance Factory Art Academy. There will be modern jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporally and traditional dances. Mr Ng Kai Beng is the producer of the event and also the choreographer for K&T Artwork.

its called Charity Dance Show!

P.S i wrote this blog yesterday night.. unfortunately i fall asleep..thank God blogspot do save everything! if not i would have not blog again.. guess i m too tired this days..haha..

another post coming up..stay tune...
God bless u!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elliot Yamin - Never Let Go

what do you say
when you can't even look the one you love in the face
all you can think about is
what price are you're gonna pay
everything i worked so hard for
i blew it away
just for a moment

so how do i explain the tears you cry
trading in your love for just one night
sorry baby i apologize
hoping that's enough to get me by
you ain't never know me to be like this
i was so weak could not resist
that it never happened would be my wish
i can't believe what i did

why did i let go
knowing you'd never do me the same
i should of just came home
but i didn't know how to leave
i left you alone
i did not mean to play with your heart
girl.. should of never let go (never let go)

i dealt with the pain
of the mess i made
and watching you walk away
like it's crazy here without you
but you're not to blame, no
after finding you maybe i thought i could change
it lasted a moment
now i can't even stop the tears i cry
don't want to deal with this another night
what i did before i don't know why
when you're the one i needed in my life
you ain't never know me to be like this
i was so weak could not resist
i don't think i'm gonna get over this, no
i can't believe what i did

why did i let go
knowing you'd never do me the same
i should of just came home
but i didn't know how to leave
i left you alone
i did not mean to play with your heart
girl.. should of never let go (never let go)

please i have control
cos i.. baby i can't let go
i'm a better man then i showed ya
just don't wanna believe that it's over
cos every night and every day
i'm hoping that you're ok
you know it's hard to let go

why did i let go
knowing you'd never do me the same
i should of just came home (should of came home)
but i didn't know how to leave (i didn't know how to leave)
i left you alone
i did not mean to play with your heart
girl.. should of never let go (never let go)

why did i let go (why did i let go)
knowing you'd never do me the same
i should of just came home (i should of came home)
but i didn't know how to leave (i didn't know how to leave)
i left you alone
i did not mean to play with your heart
girl.. should of never let go (never let go)
should of never let go
should of never let go

*here i m back with one of elliot's song.. its been q a while since i post any of his songs.. well, not all his songs is nice but i still like him the way it is.. suppose to post something but i m jus to lazy to open my computer.. hmm.. nowadays i m so free till nothing to do.. lolx.. yet i m lazy to start something... time passes so fast.. now its the beginning of november and looks like everyone is preparing for christmas.. then its end of the year.. i learn so much when life change and there is something big changing me inside.. i jus dont know but thank God for being there with me.. any way i gtg.. see ya soon..

God bless