Friday, August 27, 2010

mY sTorY

hey, wow..its been a while since i wrote.. i m sorry for not updating.. at 1st i wanted to but days goes by this blog never comes to my mind anymore.. i choose today to write something.. i just dont know why.. guess i m too free and very calm now.. got my avatar songs cd.. makes me feel calm and patient for some reason after listening to the instrument.

i think almost 2 months every since i blog something.. as you know joseph came back from US so basiclly i m been spending time with him.. bout the universal studion in Singapore.. we dint went cos the tickets were sold out and we had an argument.. had a bad day that time! i would lov to post up my pictures but i cant get it done.. looks like my computer having problem on uploading any pictures.. no pictures in blog and FB..yeah! would lov to share but i just dont know how to get it upload..

Went to redang with Joseph before we went back to US.. had a great time with him.. went snorkeling, swimming, walk on the beach, shops for souvenir.. at night we had beer and talk bout feelings on the beach... hearing the sound of the wave makes us feel relaxing.. dance with him on the beach.. indeed we having our great romantik time together.. i miss the moment being with him! its crazy but we enjoy it..

Joseph went back about a month ago.. time pass and my life goes back to usual schedule.. new semester start.. i enjoy going to painting,drawing and print making class.. others.. bored! english class is a wasted of time! no offences.. very BORING! we were doing some childish activities instead of learning good english! i would prefer self study at home then.. i never skip my english but this.. sorry, i just cant help it..nothing inspire me or motivate me to go for this class expect attendance!

school prom jus over like a week ago.. big warm hug to vivian for accompanying me to prom and truely sorry to yung wei i cant make it for his birthday party! i would lov to go but i got no choise.. was participating in prom queen.. do own performance n stuff.. i dint win.. i was not prepared at all.. i m not really well dressed up or any routines for my dance! jus knock myself out..crazy!!! well, hard work paid out for those who work for it.. congrates to the winners too! guess what, one of the judges is my dance teacher.. and i jus screw up my dance! well, its over d.. i enjoy my day and eating with vivian..haha..!!

just watch hachiko.. Joseph introduce me long time ago but i nv hav the chance to watch.. went to batu ferringgi last 2 days with sue.. bough lots of CD! watch in this afternoon and i cried almost half of the movie d..lolx.. nice movie! should watch!.. thats all for now.. if i have the chance to upload my pictures i will.. thank you for your time! thanks to jiansheng!

loyalty dog!

God bless!