Sunday, December 23, 2007

dAnCe CoMpeTitiOn iN Qm!!!

*AAAHH!!!*...just finish watching naruto shippuden episode this sound crazy but what to do!! i m just so addicted to,get back to my topic.. yesterday was my dance competition which is the final one.. last week was the 1st day of competition and throughout 36 teams there are only 8 teams are selected to the final and one of them is my team but we dint won.. they just announce the top3 and the rest of the team dint won will get hamper..hmm..well,this is just an experience and the team that won all of them are from dance school and we are the only team which are same are some pictures we took and the video i will update soon!!!

lol..we are in red and white.. o yeah..our group name is V-glites!!! dont ask me why is it so cos i aint know anything bout it..hahahaha

here is our post during the 1st day of the competition..

*oopss*..i dont have the final dancing competition last post..o well, proceed to the next one---

here we are the 8 finalist on the stage..err..some of the team went home so left few of us on stage..

this was the 1st day of competition and we dint did it well but the final is better and the ending post is different..anyway hope you enjoy the vidoe and do drop some comment..=)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

TrAiniNg cAmP 2!! 2007...

sorry i dint update my blog because i was busy with my upcoming dance competition!!! guess what?? throughout 34 team there were 8team selected and our team are selected!! well..all the hard work and afford is worth it but now still go on with our practice because our competition is on this Sunday in Queensbay!! all my friends please do come and support me!!! hehehe...=)

ok..get to my topic now!! this is the 2nd time i been to training camp 2 which our school's scout organize every year... i dint went to the precamp because of some problems which i have forgotten.. the 1st day of camp is building up the gadget and the committee talking and hang around.. in the afternoon i went to Queensbay for my performance.. we were invited to perform.. guess what?? each of us get cash after the dance and i enjoy playing in arcade and have my mcd for lunch..when i came back to school,everyone was like so tired and the ajk were sleeping in the canteen..i was so happy till i cant sleep so i follow teacher to the staff room and i went online there!! the evening we all went home..

the camp last for 5 days and everyone were having fun during 'malam kebudayaan' and 'tradisional night'.. hmmm..currently no picture but will get as soon as possible..
well,the last day everyone cry because the camp is over and we have alot of fun meeting new friends...
here is a picture of the girls committee from different school...

here is the committee!!!!

do we look alike?? cos alot people say we both look like sisters!!! Lol...

Friday, December 7, 2007


lol...sorry these days i don't update much cos i got nothing to talk about and this blog is about my accident 2 days ago.. it happen near my house when i m on my way going back home from aunty's house and it was raining cats and dogs.. when i m about to reach the roundabout this car cut line so i stop and slip down from my motor..the road was very slippery and i was drag along the tar road till my helmet came off but luckily i wore long sleeve shirt and long pants with rain coat... the car drove away and dint even notice i fell!!!! ARR!!! *angry face.. but i m consider lucky cos there were no cars behind hmm..i get up and went home..
after i reach home, i start to see my hand and and leg bleeding everywhere but is just a small cut.. the worst was my leg got a huge bruise and my neck hurts alot.. i think my head knock on the floor and affect my back neck cos the next day i woke up i cant even move my head but i got better after some time..i m better now!!! i can run,play and jump!!! hahaha... anyway i just want to thanks to all my friends for the care and the prayer :)