Monday, May 16, 2016

Penang Food

This post basically helping my friends that every time ask me what to eat in Penang whenever they visit there. About sharing what I know about penang food and would recommend friends to eat if they were be in Penang! I hope it would help you out.

1. Hokkien Mee.
I think you can find it everywhere but the closest and the one I like is at Green House Hokkien Mee. Open dinner til late night. Hokkien Mee Link
I would say its very expensive for Penang rate but the taste is there.

2. Char Koay Teow
I think Penang Char Koay Teow is over rated. Dont get me wrong its nice but its always the main dish to represent Penang. Usually the best one always have long quite and they sell it within few hours. Here is a link to all the Char Koay Teow store which preference to your schedule and dont mind waiting. O yeah sometimes its very very pricey! like the Sister char koay teow! Been there once and mostly cars not from Penang would go there. Personally I like simple one at this place call Batu Lanchang. Open during lunch hour and varieties of food there as well. Batu Lanchang Link
3. Curry Mee
You can find decent curry mee at Batu Lanchang curry mee as well but the one I find it nice is at Jelutong market, I recommend friends from KL and she actually finish the whole bowl (consider she dont drink the soup noodle person). Sorry I cant find the link but the kopitiam called Kafe Bamboo (opposite Hot Bike) Its at the main road. Another place which I always go if I wanna have Curry Mee at night would be at Doby Ghaut Cafe.They have nice Koay Teow Ting as well. 

4. Laksa
Of course people always come for Penang Laksa. If you thinking of the one at Kek Lok Si which use to be famous I personally dont go there anymore cos I only remember it was nice back when I am very young properly 10years ago. If you going to Balik Pulau area for street art and padi field then go for Siam Laksa  . If not then I would recommend the one near my house. Behind Jelutong Post Office
The laksa is decent and they have limited space as they serve from truck. I think it open after lunch hour til evening. 

5. Popiah
Talking about Popiah, Penang will be different from KL. Not everyone will like it as KL one would be crispy while Penang one is with soup. If you wanna try then I would recommend to go for Padang Brown Popiah. I think they have one of the best. 

6. Of course Cendol!
Personally not big fan of cendol but was OK. Original and best cendol its nearby Komtar. If you are in town then it will be walking distance from Komtar/1st Avenue/Prangin Mall. Cendol Link

Tip : If you wanna sit at the Joo Hooi Cafe and have lunch. Do not order cendol from them as they will take from opposite stall instead the famous one. Usually people will order and stand there and eat. O yeah can try Joo Hooi Cafe Laksa. 

7. Roti Canai
Go for the Transfer Road Roti Canai. Most people like it and highly recommend. Personally I prefer the thin crust one instead the thick one. 

7. Roti Bakar 
If you dont want go for so heavy food in the Morning then you can have roti bakar instead. Of course the famous one is Toh Soon Cafe if you dont mind waiting. Personally I would recommend Lee Huat Cafe. Its opposite Lam Wah Ee hospital. 

8. Mee Goreng
Anyway just to give you an idea. Every food in Penang are SWEET! so far I brought few of my KL friends to Mee Goreng they never like Penang style cos most of the famous Mee Goreng are sweet. Even we ate our laksa SWEET. I dint realize until I start to travel around. Anyway if you still looking for one then go to Bangkok Lane. I only been there once because I only buy the one nearby my house which is the same place as Curry Mee, Kafe Bamboo I recommend. 

9. Mee Sotong & Coconut Shake
Go to the one at Padang Kota Lama . Another dish which is SWEET which not everyone will like it.

10. Loh Mee
Sorry I really dont know anything about Loh Mee cos I dont eat Loh Mee. Usually stall that sell Hokkien Mee will have Loh Mee as well and you can combine the soup. Just request. Here is a Loh Mee Link I think it looks good. Oh well you can go try. 

11. Ai Yu Ping
I know most of people come to Penang for street art and you gonna cycle around under a freaking hot sun! Please bring water, wear cap, put sunblock, wear sunglasses and take umbrella along. Trust me Penang is Hot! If you on the way to Chew Jetty then go for Ai Yu Ping for dessert on hot day. 

12. Kuih & Pisang Goreng
You can find nice one right opposite Ai Yu Ping! I think is a truck uncle selling all the fried snack. There are few stalls around you can try. Golden Snacks & Weld Quay

13. Nasi Kandar
hmm.. The famous one will be Line Clear. I have never been there before..opps... I been to Nasi Beratur which starts at 10pm! Anyway is very long queue and by the time u finish eating its almost midnight. Actually I like Kayu but its super expensive! If you dont mind spending more then you can go for it. Open 24hr Kayu Original Penang. I warn you! its freaking EXPENSIVE!

14. Fried Oyster
I like the one at Gurney Drive Hawker food. I m not really a big fan but you can try one. Here is the link to "oh Chien" 

15. Pizza
I would personally recommend Pizza the one at Kopitiam!. Its call Wood Fire Pizza at Jalan Macalister very nearby to Komtar. Tip: Please call to order! They might be fully book for MANY DAYS. If you really wan to try then call few days before! If you order on the day then you might collect maybe after 10++ depending on their business. Plan ahead. 

All pictures and link are all obtain from internet. I am not a food blog. Do this post on my own will and recommend friends who always love to ask me what to eat in Penang. Its just rough idea what would you eat in Penang so for more you can ask me and if I am around and free I can bring you as well. Dont mind sharing best food in town provided I am free. Anyway you have your schedule plan ahead on where to visit and go when you in Penang then I can plan ahead where you can eat around the area where you go so it would be easier as you dont have to travel far for certain food. Ariyoss!