Friday, January 29, 2010

fEd Up WiT bLoGgie

everyone would be surprise on the topic! yeah! for the pass few months, i miss my bloggie and i would express how much i lov it! i m fed up! for wat? uploading ANY PIC! even ONE! takes more than 1hour? WT!!!! seriously get me pissed off.. suppose to post up some few post back those few days but i cant even upload any pic makes me feel so fed up! decided to delete everything and jus forget it.. hey, i try few times.. i guess it my connection problem but then again i m not having any problem on webby or skype wif friends??? no laggie also.. damn! able to play my barn buddy very smooth.. watching video was fine.. but i cant upload pic in bloggie n fb.. guess u guys know there wont be any pic for this post...

gonna tell u bout what i do lately.. most u know i m not studying in college.. doing basic arts.. is jus certificate.. well, practically i m in art school so i think they enquirer they study to have arts background so they got this 1st year on polishing out art skill..u all must think that is jus waste of time? hey, i finally open my mind that education is never waste of time.. like some people take f6 end up dont have good grades for stpm they might end up doing all over again in college n people would judge them by wasting of time! u know what! by the end of the day, r u gonna compare how successful u r?? there r millions n billions of people so successful.. so u gonna boast around u got degree n stuff?? gosh, go ask any people walking by the roadside also got degree la..

lol..might get offended.. well, dont say me! i m having fun and i do enjoy alot.. i admit i m still lost half way here and there but what i m doing now makes me feel happy..sometimes u jus dont have to own a degree.. i would wan to own my happiness degree instead!! so wat u think of that? or maybe being God's good children degree...haha..silly isnt it? i only attend 5 classes perweek and only 3 subjects this sem.. haha.. so much free time! so i took up part time job recently at starbuck.. having fun^^ went for netting class.. doing my final jazz exam this year!!!! having 2 dance class.. and badminton on my weekends! now u know my schedule is tide?? hahah..

today was my 1st day of work... not really that to talk.. at least i m not lost..i think..haha.. fun^^ interesting.. nothing much yet.. hmm..spend most of my time write recipe n learn.. thats all i think.. rushing my 3 project that i need to hand up nex week.. tiring but its challenging..hahah..thats where the time management comes in! lolx...

just bought new badminton shoes for RM200..lov it lots! haha.. use last month salary buy.. guess a gift for myself after one month of hardwork..haha.. screw up from cer n yung! they say they would buy high heels instead of some sport shoes..lolx.. did not regret buy it.. budget was 300 thou.. i buy high heels 50 i bising d n need think twice..hahah! guess i m willingly to spend more on sports.. o yeah, parents bought new car for my bro.. latest nissan! almost 2 weeks d.. was really NICE! damn! makes me feel wanna work hard and buy my own car..hehe..

thats all for now.. very tired and its late.. tomorow need to get up early settle my work thing then work start at 12.. night need to finish my homework.. sunday morning church, might drop bu UPR for sales thing, go for badminton, work n homework! wow! i m fully BOOKED! lolx... its awesome! at least i dont rot at home =P gtg.. lov ya folks.. GOD is great! pray for haiti people..

nite nite ^^

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BleSsEd BiRtHdAy FuZ

Yesterday was cik.furziah birthday.. this year plan something for her.. suppose to be surprise but WAYNE BOOM IT ALL OUT! DAMN U!!!!!!! hmm.. last few days discuss wif wayne.. somehow his name only can come across my mind.. so asked him to get people and get classroom... then i will come in wif cake lo...suppose to reach there 12.40.. then teacher got meeting need to go office.. wayne try to stop her..sure teacher will be suspicious mah!!! ishh.. end up he BOOM all out...DAMN!!!! not even happen yet how u know it wont be a successful! there is always PLAN B than BOOMING ALL OUT!!!!! ARGH!!!! plan so long for the surprise d..nvm la..what is done is done la..

teacher was in meeting room.. ask mr.naresh for help! but too bad doesnt work.. well,worth to try.. after her meeting, wayne ask her come down to the classroom.. then we started to sing bday song after she step in.. at least was a successful one even thou no longer a surprise d..hang around around 15min.. then i rush off to school d.. was late 15min!!!! everyone stare at me!!! =(
enjoy my class but sleepy.. and its hard! lolx..check out the pic..

birthday cake^^o yeah i write it myself!!! lolx..need to polish my skill on conteng cake d.. its been a while since i write d..

surprise happy birthday!!!

make a wish n blow the candle..

lol..she is so happy!..

our gang wif cik.fuz

students wif cik.fuz...

jus finish my 1st assigment! lolx.. its COOL! but not gonna post bout it cos its not that nice that i expected.. i cant figure out which part i m wrong.. enjoying doing my work n i had great time in college...hmm.. suppose my cousin brother sleeping wif me tonight but could not get through him so did not fetch him.. anyway i will be working nex week! haha.. i do need a part time job for my living.. serious! at least working i can spend on my own! makes no different i staying outside is jus i dont need to pay for my renting... haha..

still looking forward on 3d avatar nex week!!! i been 2 weeks i could not get the ticket.. hais.. hopefully get to watch.. dance class 3hours nex week! still thinking wan to take gold this year anot.. would be veryyyy HARD! hais.. not sure if i can take it anot.. praying hard..!! kinder full of activities this days.. its fun!!! but then again tired.. running nose whole day d.. T__T

God bless u..
try my best to update la..eventhou i m busy..
looking forward to meet benson..he will be back in m'sia!
he jus called be from Ireland! hehe^^

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Congrats Aaron and sharon on their wedding.. i think i promise someone on posting this blog..haha.. sorry i dont have much picture wif me.. Actually was last min called.. last few days yin yee msg me if i could join her for performance for sharon's wedding.. think think think..OK! lolx.. since i m free all the time.. yeah.. so practice only 2 nights n only one hour.. was not that hard jus abit out of timing.. haha.. overall the mistake i made very obvious! damn! cos they edited the song and dont have the chance to listen or practice all over again.. guess i went blank on stage that time.. but thank GOD nothing embarrassing..I THINKKK... hahahah.. havent see the video.. opps sorry to intro whoes the bride and the bridegroom.. i went to same dancing class with sharon.. heard aaron from ex hk..haha..

here some pic of us backstage preparing ourself.. lolx..

its me! i shud i perm my hair permanent??

darryl n me^^

darryl n yin yee

me and yin ye.. looks weird..

the girls..hehe..

our ending post.. was like LAST MIN! haha.. seriously did not plan at all.. cant think of it d.. we did not wear scarf since we dont know how to wear..lolx

group pic..not a nice one thou...from left me, yin yee, Darrly, Aaron(bridegroom), Sharon (bride), Tracy n Kai Beng ( dance instructor)

P.S i m having hard time uploading pic.. this post suppose to be 2 days ago.. even upload a pic takes me more than an hour?? problem wif blogspot or my line?? guess i did not pay my internet they slow down my speed?? but i dont have problems on other side.. hmm.. thats weird.. guess i need to cut down all the pic d.. i dont have much time waiting for it to load.. argh!

o yeah talking bout news on burning down the churches in KL.. i m not being racists over in my fb!.. some people get it wrong way! well, i m kinder angry on malay doing that to christian and wonder do they really wif God? cos if there r then did God ask them to act that way or did they just did not control themselves on their act.. God dont wan it that way and we r here not to fight over each other.. kinder stupid! lets jus pray for peace^^ not gonna further this.. Pray God will be with us and protect all of us..

i enjoy my class today! had lots of fun drawing and painting.. i m scared that i m good in it but realize there r rooms for improvement^^ hehe.. anyway thats all.. o yeah i got no class on movie day =p so u know la! hahahah...lov ya


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AvATar is AwEsOME!

u heard me! AVATAR IS AWESOME! yeah heard media mentioning bout avatar everyday and wondering whats that.. its a movie guess gonna be the best movie for decades!!! i m sure everyone heard bout and wondering whats avatar.. as u can see its science fiction film.. i think u guess know that the director of Avatar is the direction of Titanic which is James Francis Cameron. Gosh! he must have inspire lots of people out there.. hmm.. people will wonder what happen to him after he produce titanic in 1997 cos he been quite for awhile til now.. basically,he has been spending so much time on scriptwriting for avatar and waiting for this technology get advance.. wow! spend more than 10years??.. cool.. guess i cant wait til this movie call battle angel..

lolx.. dint expect myself to read the document or the articles bout the movie.. haha! i m looking forward on watching it in 3D.. cant wait la** i dont mind going for few times.. so whose wif me?? lolx..seriously dont miss out this movie! for once just be updated! o yeah.. warn u 1st..its 3hours movie** haha.. even if u got no time for movies, buy cd then! guess this might inspirer u! i jus lov how advance the animation.. WOW! here.. is leona lewis singing the theme song of avatar..

after movie, hang out wif danny,shze chen,crystal n michelle.. wanted to go sunset bistro but drizzling so decided dont wan to do.. went to have dinner..then went to explanet for a walk..end up at play ground to take pictures..lolx.. have a look..

group pic in the car...

our candid =p

dramatic screen btw danny n shze chen!

crazy biatch at playground wif danny boi...

thats all for now... damn! jus pay my saman for 240! what the!!! suppose 30 perpaper now! 70 perpaper..dammit! wow 2010 increase RM40! not even my fault on paying late.. police station was closed for a week "so call holiday" yeah! delay IT!!! then will get more expensive..shit u! gtg now! need to go for dancing.. catch up wif u soon.. lov ya!!!! xoxoxo


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A DaY tRiP to MoNkeY bEacH & KeRacUt

hey readers, yeah i m back with something! wow! glad this is the 1st activity of the year! Thank God my wish really come true^^ too bad yin yee could not join us for this hike. I been thinking of going there since last few months. Decided to tell yin yee(one of the adventure kaki).. At 1st we planned to hike to keracut then camp over there but too bad we couldnt find a date that both of us flexible so plan was cancel! Last 2 weeks, i started to chat with kelvin and he ask me to plan an outing since he will be going back to kedah soon! *promise him to make him feel that penang is much better than kedah and make him miss penang! lolx..

decided to take this apportunity ajak him go for a hike. He asked me to plan and ajak people. Plan almost cancel cos scared raining and we actually decided to have steamboat friday night n go sunset bistro to chill instead but couldnt find any kaki.. Thank God his bus ticket is at 6 in the evening so he able to join us for the hike. Suppose 8people but yin yee pulled out due to high tide. Told her we might take boat back from keracut guess her mom dont allowed her to join us. Good thing crystal is with me if not i m the only girl T__T haha..

We gather at jeluton market for breakfast. Then head off to teluk bahang around 9am. suppose to start our hike 8am but all of us were late.haha.. had lots of fun along our hike.. they talked all the way! damn bising! lolx.. we decided to go monkey beach *not sure why.. not that tiring and its not a really tough road.. hike around an hour or more i think..o yeah was low tide in the morning... the worst part an uncle fell down right in front of us.. guess whoes laughing** yeah KELVIN! damn! he just cant stop laughing cos the uncle fell down in a very dramatic way that just make him laugh out so loud.. and i m not sure what got into me that makes me follow him laugh non stop.. seriously we laugh at least for 10min! we stop then laugh again then stop then again.. seriously very stupid! damn him**

reach monkey beach.. was like huh? so fast reach d?? lolx.. decided to hike to keracut if its possible.. so asked the people that stay over there.. told us we could not hike there cos its not connected.. we can only go to the light house! so i thought of taking boat over to the keracut and hike back.. ask around for price.. charge us RM10 perperson! was really worth it! everyone enjoy the most is the boat ride..haha.. was hide tide at 1st went to the other side was smooth d.. the uncle that ride us show us the crocodile rock and turtle rock.. they even got this prayer thing by the beach..

reached keracut.. saw pcc youth group *saw wayne!* he was kinder surprise..lolx.. i know he will be there cos cik.fuz told me he will be going wif his youth.. went to see the turtle.. actually is a house.. guess what i did?? haha.. there was a rope to block people from entering.. guess i m too brave enough and just cross over the place then everyone starts to follow me.. there were this big family following us also.. heard my fren calling us then went out to see he say the floor syelek not yet dry! opps* *look at our stocking!!! DAMN! haha.. then everyone start to point at me! there the tour guide.. LOLX!!!! able to find turtle..small one.. few of it!...

head back to the beach.. suddenly saw AOG youth group.. cos i saw chia ming there.. kinder surprise! i know kon way giv me a look that i did not join my youth but come wif my friends..lolx.. sorry* u yang tak ajak =p took some pic then head back d.. was damn damn tiring! yeah* hav to admit i puncet d.. kelvin was laughing at me cos i loose d.. still survive along our way** haha.. feel the pain of my leg d.. *which means need more excersice! lolx.. finish our hike went to have ais-kacang..we wanted to go egate for sushi king but end up some of them need to go home.. went to kopitiam makan instead.. reach home around 3++.. die flat d! haha.. still waiting pic from danes.. here are some..


kok kin holding the turtle..cute??

the shell..

baby turtle..^^



Group pix...

i love this pic the most! lolx...

thats all for now.. got problem on uploading other pic.. guess will upload others in fb or maybe not..lolx.. see ya! o yeah! 1st day class was interesting but class too big.. dont like ARGH!!! gosh! seriously i need someone to ask me go to bed every night if not i m gonna stay up very late.. in future late for class..DAMN!