Sunday, January 3, 2010

A DaY tRiP to MoNkeY bEacH & KeRacUt

hey readers, yeah i m back with something! wow! glad this is the 1st activity of the year! Thank God my wish really come true^^ too bad yin yee could not join us for this hike. I been thinking of going there since last few months. Decided to tell yin yee(one of the adventure kaki).. At 1st we planned to hike to keracut then camp over there but too bad we couldnt find a date that both of us flexible so plan was cancel! Last 2 weeks, i started to chat with kelvin and he ask me to plan an outing since he will be going back to kedah soon! *promise him to make him feel that penang is much better than kedah and make him miss penang! lolx..

decided to take this apportunity ajak him go for a hike. He asked me to plan and ajak people. Plan almost cancel cos scared raining and we actually decided to have steamboat friday night n go sunset bistro to chill instead but couldnt find any kaki.. Thank God his bus ticket is at 6 in the evening so he able to join us for the hike. Suppose 8people but yin yee pulled out due to high tide. Told her we might take boat back from keracut guess her mom dont allowed her to join us. Good thing crystal is with me if not i m the only girl T__T haha..

We gather at jeluton market for breakfast. Then head off to teluk bahang around 9am. suppose to start our hike 8am but all of us were late.haha.. had lots of fun along our hike.. they talked all the way! damn bising! lolx.. we decided to go monkey beach *not sure why.. not that tiring and its not a really tough road.. hike around an hour or more i think..o yeah was low tide in the morning... the worst part an uncle fell down right in front of us.. guess whoes laughing** yeah KELVIN! damn! he just cant stop laughing cos the uncle fell down in a very dramatic way that just make him laugh out so loud.. and i m not sure what got into me that makes me follow him laugh non stop.. seriously we laugh at least for 10min! we stop then laugh again then stop then again.. seriously very stupid! damn him**

reach monkey beach.. was like huh? so fast reach d?? lolx.. decided to hike to keracut if its possible.. so asked the people that stay over there.. told us we could not hike there cos its not connected.. we can only go to the light house! so i thought of taking boat over to the keracut and hike back.. ask around for price.. charge us RM10 perperson! was really worth it! everyone enjoy the most is the boat ride..haha.. was hide tide at 1st went to the other side was smooth d.. the uncle that ride us show us the crocodile rock and turtle rock.. they even got this prayer thing by the beach..

reached keracut.. saw pcc youth group *saw wayne!* he was kinder surprise..lolx.. i know he will be there cos cik.fuz told me he will be going wif his youth.. went to see the turtle.. actually is a house.. guess what i did?? haha.. there was a rope to block people from entering.. guess i m too brave enough and just cross over the place then everyone starts to follow me.. there were this big family following us also.. heard my fren calling us then went out to see he say the floor syelek not yet dry! opps* *look at our stocking!!! DAMN! haha.. then everyone start to point at me! there the tour guide.. LOLX!!!! able to find turtle..small one.. few of it!...

head back to the beach.. suddenly saw AOG youth group.. cos i saw chia ming there.. kinder surprise! i know kon way giv me a look that i did not join my youth but come wif my friends..lolx.. sorry* u yang tak ajak =p took some pic then head back d.. was damn damn tiring! yeah* hav to admit i puncet d.. kelvin was laughing at me cos i loose d.. still survive along our way** haha.. feel the pain of my leg d.. *which means need more excersice! lolx.. finish our hike went to have ais-kacang..we wanted to go egate for sushi king but end up some of them need to go home.. went to kopitiam makan instead.. reach home around 3++.. die flat d! haha.. still waiting pic from danes.. here are some..


kok kin holding the turtle..cute??

the shell..

baby turtle..^^



Group pix...

i love this pic the most! lolx...

thats all for now.. got problem on uploading other pic.. guess will upload others in fb or maybe not..lolx.. see ya! o yeah! 1st day class was interesting but class too big.. dont like ARGH!!! gosh! seriously i need someone to ask me go to bed every night if not i m gonna stay up very late.. in future late for class..DAMN!


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