Saturday, January 16, 2010

BleSsEd BiRtHdAy FuZ

Yesterday was cik.furziah birthday.. this year plan something for her.. suppose to be surprise but WAYNE BOOM IT ALL OUT! DAMN U!!!!!!! hmm.. last few days discuss wif wayne.. somehow his name only can come across my mind.. so asked him to get people and get classroom... then i will come in wif cake lo...suppose to reach there 12.40.. then teacher got meeting need to go office.. wayne try to stop her..sure teacher will be suspicious mah!!! ishh.. end up he BOOM all out...DAMN!!!! not even happen yet how u know it wont be a successful! there is always PLAN B than BOOMING ALL OUT!!!!! ARGH!!!! plan so long for the surprise d..nvm la..what is done is done la..

teacher was in meeting room.. ask mr.naresh for help! but too bad doesnt work.. well,worth to try.. after her meeting, wayne ask her come down to the classroom.. then we started to sing bday song after she step in.. at least was a successful one even thou no longer a surprise d..hang around around 15min.. then i rush off to school d.. was late 15min!!!! everyone stare at me!!! =(
enjoy my class but sleepy.. and its hard! lolx..check out the pic..

birthday cake^^o yeah i write it myself!!! lolx..need to polish my skill on conteng cake d.. its been a while since i write d..

surprise happy birthday!!!

make a wish n blow the candle..

lol..she is so happy!..

our gang wif cik.fuz

students wif cik.fuz...

jus finish my 1st assigment! lolx.. its COOL! but not gonna post bout it cos its not that nice that i expected.. i cant figure out which part i m wrong.. enjoying doing my work n i had great time in college...hmm.. suppose my cousin brother sleeping wif me tonight but could not get through him so did not fetch him.. anyway i will be working nex week! haha.. i do need a part time job for my living.. serious! at least working i can spend on my own! makes no different i staying outside is jus i dont need to pay for my renting... haha..

still looking forward on 3d avatar nex week!!! i been 2 weeks i could not get the ticket.. hais.. hopefully get to watch.. dance class 3hours nex week! still thinking wan to take gold this year anot.. would be veryyyy HARD! hais.. not sure if i can take it anot.. praying hard..!! kinder full of activities this days.. its fun!!! but then again tired.. running nose whole day d.. T__T

God bless u..
try my best to update la..eventhou i m busy..
looking forward to meet benson..he will be back in m'sia!
he jus called be from Ireland! hehe^^