Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift On Valentine

hello people!

Here I m again to show you some pictures on what my college SRC society did for Valentine. There were posters up everywhere on the school wall and homepage in FB about Valentine. The idea was couple suppose to wear same shirt/same colour on that day so we are able to sign up for Valentine lucky draw! Some of the students were involved only and never expect we were in toooooo! Well, Sue and Chai ying wore the same shirt that day and one of society member asked them to sign up for free lucky draw. The event held during lunch time. Most of my classmates went to support them. When we were there our lecturer keep asking us to find whoever wore same shirt then just sign up for lucky draw since not much participant. They even accept whoever had the same item. Here were the pictures during event.

This is how it works. One person shake the box another person take the lucky draw =)

Sue & Chai Ying

Jason & Sue

Me ans Sue =)

not to forget the gay partner. Bernard and Jason

After few days posters of participant were up!
Everyone start to laugh whenever they see their face on the poster.. lolx..Non of us win thou.. All we got was chocolate as you can see in the pictures. Worst part the bling bling in the pounch was falling off =(
pouch of CHOCOLATES for Valentine *love*

Here were the photos of all participant. Those with stars were the winner! 

Chai ying and Sue with same t-shirt "I love Haytai" such coincidence both wore the same shirt ..haha

Iou Lin Jason*shawty*.. HAHA!  same colour shirt for the day.. 

Iou Lin & Shaung Ping.. with their same spec! Black frame 

Did I left out myself? nope! Me and Bernard.. same item *iphone* just to get free chocolate!

Thats all for today! once and for all.. Valentine post is over..haha! whole week been talking bout "love day" Will keep updates! =) love u people! 

God Bless

Decent Dinner

Oops.. Did I just lie or get even lazy to get back to my work. Instead of doing homework I m here typing and updating? haha.. I m just wanna get a break! chill. Yesterday went for a dinner at a new building beside Island plaza. I think its call Precintlo. If I'm not mistaken. The plan was going for dinner at Sushi Zento. Went there around 8.30pm and its full house! We were on the waiting list. Decided to walk around. Bump into Bernard and his gf. Had a little chat then we off to straits quay for dinner cos we both were to hungry to wait. The host was really nice.

Off to Straits quay.. Had dinner.. then walked around.. its been a while since we had our long "deep" conversation! Yeah I know! I see her everyday in college but seriously we dont talked that much unless we got something to share. =) I m so glad sharing with her and get to know her more recently then I realize we did not hang out that much for the past one year. Guess after end of semester its "girls' outing time". Then we off to Mcd to do some discussion. Anyway pictures were up!

Blue Reef Restaurant.. my 2nd time =)

Salmon Salad.. the salmon too small piece.

Gilled fish.. fish nicely done =)

Traditional made fish.. Not sure what it call thou.. the sauce taste like smashed potato gravy.  was ok..

Sue and me... Its our Valentine dinner too.. been going up n down lately so we having a  nice dinner to relax. 

Gonna update another one =) which is on Valentine too! guess this year Valentine I had lots of activities and dinner with my girls. *heart*

God bless

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Dinner


So sorry for the late update ;( yeap! been busy these days.. sorry! final in 2 weeks =( ok.. keep in simple. Gonna tell you what I do on Valentine. End up the plan having dinner still go on. After class went to Egate had japanese food with Nicole. Date for my valentine. Kinder awkward when you see all tables were couple and we were the only 2 girls there non the less we had fun too. Talked and chill. The food was not so good and I couldnt eat much thou. Here were some pictures! No edit cos I dont have time for that anymore.

Picture of Nicole. Date for my Valentine 

Warm tea for both of us


Had Tako... There were only small piece of octopos. taste very different  and wasnt that good cos every of it taste kind of different. the topping was over fried so it taste bitter. Kind of weird

Sashimi =) my favourite! really fresh but compare to Sakae this one its small piece. 

Rice with Fried chicken with egg. Big potion too. Not bad. Just usual.

Soup taste more salty! same goes to the Miso soup we had. The base all were more salty but  not so bad. I dont enjoy fried vege! Usually I do but this was over fried and I m choosy eating Vege. Yeap! I dint finish. 

Nicole enjoying her dinner =) 

Valentine gift by the restaurant. Chocolates =)

Picture of me and my date! Stunning look =)

Clear version both of us! Smiley =)

Special bout the restaurant the whole shop is japanese concept!  we actually have to eat like Japanese people. Place our leg under the table. At least the restaurant was bright some Japanese restaurant lights very dim and really make the whole environment change and dull. Looks like this is the 1st time I complain alot on restaurant. Overall rate was just average! Food dont give a good impression but at least we were welcome by warm smile =) Had a great dinner with Nicole! Dinner with a lady on Valentine's day! Mission Accomplish! =) 

Til then reader. As I need to get back to my homework! 2weeks time I m having final! wish me luck. I m gonna kick people ass by doing the best WORK! hope so! I m looking forward on it. More updates nex month ok =) Haytai trip and Diving Experience! here I come! ..... WOOO HOO!. 

Write your story for Valentine. will visit =) 
Bye people! LOVE**

God bless

Monday, February 13, 2012



So Valentine's day is tomorrow? How's your plan going or do you have a date? Well, however it gonna be as in celebrating alone or with your love one it wont hurt that bad going out with friends too =) My actual plan was going out with a girl for a dinner been planning for last few days but dont think it work cos most of the hotel's valentine dinner had been fully booked. Its ok thou. Well, somehow I got an idea on valentine. guess what? I went to buy DVD. thought of buying "valentine day" movie! I think its last year or last 2 years movie.. Somehow I couldnt find it and the person told me its out of stock so I decided to choose others. Decided to watch "Dear John". I was telling that person what I want so here it goes.
Me : I want the movie "dear john"
*person turn over and said. "Oh! sorry, John today offday."
Somehow its was so hilarious till I laugh out loud. Somehow I bought few DVD. The person was asking me next time drop by ask for John. haha... Well, they gave me 3 free DVD! =) Very nice of them. Anyway curiosity kills me! Decided to watch "Dear John".
Love story. Really reminds me of the person I loved and the movie do portrait both of us in our long distance relationship. Its really painful and heartache to watch. Maybe I m in the same situation. Anyway yeah, would recommended you all to watch too. Touching love story.

 Here is one of the song. Have a great Valentine's day!
 Wishing you all had a good time to those single and couples!
I missed mine. *flower*

Valentine's Love =)
God Bless

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wayn Farewell

Back... =)

Today Wayn will be leaving! Before went to airport, had our dinner at Raja Uda! we had Tom yam! not bad.. very nice.. Anyway my car got puncit again =( Thanks to the MAN!, Jason! help me out to change tayar.. After dinner, head off to airport. Kinder in a rush! so was speeding all the way from penang bridge. Reached there, talked for a while and took some pictures and he left.. Kinder sad sending him off.. Well wish him all the best in his studies and life over there =) Gonna miss him too.. Pictures is up!

Wayn with his evil face =p

Wayn with the girls. =)

The guys.. gonna miss one person out from our gang ;(

Last Group picture. We even had our 1st group huggggg.. awwww ;)

I just realize recently everyone is using the same word to reply me! gosh! I was on phone with Sue the other day asking where is she and she said " I m in your heart". Yesterday called Ah bee and he said the same too.. Then again got few people replied me the same word on the text message when I start to ask where are they.. Seriously?? thats all for now! back to work... I got my Progress report! which means I need to work double! dammit.. too dooossss

God bless

Curry Mee Wif Vivi


I m here just to show you our last night yam cha pictures! =) Previously told you, I went to eat curry mee with Vivian and Keng liang.. Went there around midnight then talked till the shop close.. haha.. since we got lots of things to talk too.. here you go..

Our pictures =)

Update another one now =) tune in.

God Bless

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Farewell Wayn & Birthday Sue

Ahhh.... I m so in holiday mood now! Gosh! No school since Friday til Tuesday. Now back to school, I'm so lazy but no more holidays for me any more until after exam! Anyway Yesterday we had our gathering. Our "Cheers & Beers Gang". Wayn created that gang name since last 2 years cos we will always drink and get drunk whenever we had a party. As one of our member from our gang, Wayn gonna leave us very soon to further his studies in Australia so we had our gathering once again before he left. Planned since last month and we were so scared we could not find a date to go out since our assessment week will be in a month time. Finally we had our dinner and beer =)

As yesterday, we went to Yaki Teppan nearby Queensbay to have our dinner. Had japanese food as I suggested.hehe..*stare at me* Finished dinner off the Queensbay to walk around and hunt for beer. Actually we dont have a proper planed cos most of us were undecided! Seriously, at 1st thought wanted to do bbq/steamboat at Wayn house end up its too rush for him. Most of us suggested lots of place somehow we could not decided where to go. After dinner, we thought of going to Wayn house to drink since we plan to get him drunk and we dont want him to drive. End up we went to Stick. lolxx....

Order tower & bucket of beers! Best part was playing games. Wayn prepared poker card and sticky note with a marker for us to play game! Wooo... End up we played guessing. Write animal/artist/person on the sticky note then stick on the next person then take turns to ask question to give clue. Whoever asking for clue need to drink a cup of beer or whoever loose to guess. Sound childish but somehow we had lots of fun, guessing and playing around. As clock stricked 12am then its Sue birthday! Of course we come with birthday cake to celebrate with wayn before he left. Anyway check out =)

Most of us order set.. comes with miso soup,salad and dumpling

Butter rice

Had Grilled Salmon 

Terayaki Chicken With Prawn

I think its grilled fish which chicken

Scallop with Prawn... 

Our Supermodel of the day! Jason with Sue's bag..hehe..


Here we go the game - Darren writting for the next person while he got his own one hanging on his clothes--- Snake

Tough than I thought! Luckily I m able to guess =p

Jason with his smiley face thinking what's written on the sticky note


With Farewell boy- Wayn! Gonna miss you soon =)

Not to forget with birthday girl - Sue =)

Making face 

Both of them =)

Ms. Sue wif Darren

The girls =*

Farewell to Wayn & Happy Birthday to Sue
"Cheers & Beers Gang!"

Make a wish -- Blow

Cut Cut... Makan

Last group picture of the gang =) Gonna miss Wayn!

Wednesday, we had our dinner again for Sue's birthday with our classmates at little cottage 2. Oops.. no pictures.. After dinner, went to straits quay to have a beer at Berlin Bier House XD played pool... taught Wilson to play too.. haha.. Then meet up with Keng Liang and Vivian for curry mee! Since Vivian wanted to eat before she go back. Hang out till close shop *.* Thats all for now.. Will update if any events =) see yea people!

God Bless