Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Dinner


So sorry for the late update ;( yeap! been busy these days.. sorry! final in 2 weeks =( ok.. keep in simple. Gonna tell you what I do on Valentine. End up the plan having dinner still go on. After class went to Egate had japanese food with Nicole. Date for my valentine. Kinder awkward when you see all tables were couple and we were the only 2 girls there non the less we had fun too. Talked and chill. The food was not so good and I couldnt eat much thou. Here were some pictures! No edit cos I dont have time for that anymore.

Picture of Nicole. Date for my Valentine 

Warm tea for both of us


Had Tako... There were only small piece of octopos. taste very different  and wasnt that good cos every of it taste kind of different. the topping was over fried so it taste bitter. Kind of weird

Sashimi =) my favourite! really fresh but compare to Sakae this one its small piece. 

Rice with Fried chicken with egg. Big potion too. Not bad. Just usual.

Soup taste more salty! same goes to the Miso soup we had. The base all were more salty but  not so bad. I dont enjoy fried vege! Usually I do but this was over fried and I m choosy eating Vege. Yeap! I dint finish. 

Nicole enjoying her dinner =) 

Valentine gift by the restaurant. Chocolates =)

Picture of me and my date! Stunning look =)

Clear version both of us! Smiley =)

Special bout the restaurant the whole shop is japanese concept!  we actually have to eat like Japanese people. Place our leg under the table. At least the restaurant was bright some Japanese restaurant lights very dim and really make the whole environment change and dull. Looks like this is the 1st time I complain alot on restaurant. Overall rate was just average! Food dont give a good impression but at least we were welcome by warm smile =) Had a great dinner with Nicole! Dinner with a lady on Valentine's day! Mission Accomplish! =) 

Til then reader. As I need to get back to my homework! 2weeks time I m having final! wish me luck. I m gonna kick people ass by doing the best WORK! hope so! I m looking forward on it. More updates nex month ok =) Haytai trip and Diving Experience! here I come! ..... WOOO HOO!. 

Write your story for Valentine. will visit =) 
Bye people! LOVE**

God bless

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