Monday, February 20, 2012

Gift On Valentine

hello people!

Here I m again to show you some pictures on what my college SRC society did for Valentine. There were posters up everywhere on the school wall and homepage in FB about Valentine. The idea was couple suppose to wear same shirt/same colour on that day so we are able to sign up for Valentine lucky draw! Some of the students were involved only and never expect we were in toooooo! Well, Sue and Chai ying wore the same shirt that day and one of society member asked them to sign up for free lucky draw. The event held during lunch time. Most of my classmates went to support them. When we were there our lecturer keep asking us to find whoever wore same shirt then just sign up for lucky draw since not much participant. They even accept whoever had the same item. Here were the pictures during event.

This is how it works. One person shake the box another person take the lucky draw =)

Sue & Chai Ying

Jason & Sue

Me ans Sue =)

not to forget the gay partner. Bernard and Jason

After few days posters of participant were up!
Everyone start to laugh whenever they see their face on the poster.. lolx..Non of us win thou.. All we got was chocolate as you can see in the pictures. Worst part the bling bling in the pounch was falling off =(
pouch of CHOCOLATES for Valentine *love*

Here were the photos of all participant. Those with stars were the winner! 

Chai ying and Sue with same t-shirt "I love Haytai" such coincidence both wore the same shirt ..haha

Iou Lin Jason*shawty*.. HAHA!  same colour shirt for the day.. 

Iou Lin & Shaung Ping.. with their same spec! Black frame 

Did I left out myself? nope! Me and Bernard.. same item *iphone* just to get free chocolate!

Thats all for today! once and for all.. Valentine post is over..haha! whole week been talking bout "love day" Will keep updates! =) love u people! 

God Bless

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