Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Memories I cherish the most

Dedicate this song especially to Joseph! 

 Its been a long journey being with him. Its not easy at all as we both were in long distance relationship for many years and yet we still holding on to each other. We learn different way as we grew but non the less we both were strong in our bond. Each time we were to meet up, looking into each other eyes we know our heart remain the same no matter how much both of us change in our life. I can imagine now how sweet his smile each time we saw each other because his smile tells me he never been that way for a long time and tells me I m the one that show him love has no boundaries. It would be our 6th anniversary if things remain the same like last time. For what I know, One in thousand couples that would only last long distance for more than 5years. Surprisingly, I m one of the couple. What keeps me hold it for so long when I know the possibility being with each other are almost impossible. I guess I love him more than I could imagine. 

 *pray hard* I really hope he saw this!


I spend quarter of my life waiting for you and definitely its not something easy to do or just to let go.
Happy 6th Anniversary if there is possible. 
 I cherish every moment being with you. 
 Miss you a lot.

 God bless


DANES said...

I m sure , he will read this blog and he will be very touch about what u have been scarifies for him all the years... I m sure he will definately appretiate every single things that you had done to him.

may god bless you and wish you will have the 6th anniversary!!!

Koei Babyangel said...

thank u =)