Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oprah Finale Show

hey reader,

I dont have much things to update! so chinese new year is finally over and no more holidays! people time to back to WORK! for real... yes! mean it real work! I m a facebook addict! its that wrong? I feel like deactivate my account just to force myself to work hard! seriously, this month its gonna be tough for me as my this semester end soon! 2 of my paper results were out from previous term! thank God I pass! After this semester, then left around 2 semester til I graduate! going for intern ship around August in a condition I dont FAIL! *praying* 

Back to school, life gets really tired and I'm moody most of the time guess I m just to worry bout up coming final. Pretty much everyday the same everyday but somehow I get really excited over my 21st birthday! 2months to go but yet I m very very excited! oohh.. bout the watch! I think I got a higher budget =) Mom decided to buy for me!!!! wooo hooo! I found presents that I m gonna get for myself which I m not going to tell til I received from US! then I shall post up! Still choosing some of the items.. Gonna cost me a lot for shipping thou =( looks like shipping price are more expensive than the item I buy.. Mostly I will be having a house party on my birthday if my mom wants to cook! yeap.. will be a small party only. Simple and memorable! 

Talking bout memorable moment! something I been watching for past few months! Here I m gonna share with you Oprah Winfrey Finale show! TOTALLY SPECTACULAR! I m serious! its AMAZING! Great show they put up just for Oprah! Imagine how much she did till people would do such a GRAND finale for her show! She deserve the Oscar Award as she moves people around the world. How she change people's life and give children hope. I love one of the part where they mention "although Oprah dont have children but she is the mother of millions"!  my favourite band, Rascal Flatts was there too. Not to forget one of my favourite song "for good" which is in my ipod playlist number .1 was sang beautifully original by Kristin Chenoweth was so touching. The show was around 1hour. Please do watch its worth! Their speech were very strong and inspiring! enjoy =)

So how's the show? comments!
Valentine coming. Any plans? I dont have a valentine date but I plan to have a decent dinner with someone. I think it would be lovely. I m going to choose my date! So instead someone date me, I m going to date someone for dinner. haha... Off to study. I hope my video at least give you some motivation to work. People its just beginning of the year! so we must gear up! cheers!

God Bless

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Anonymous said...

Good~!! human should move forwards... shouldn't remain the same place over and over again....