Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coffee House


I m going to write 3 post. Been busy and schedule full recently. Anyway last thursday after class went to Light house coffee shop. Went there to taste some coffee. Helping my friend out to find supplier for coffee. Here are some pictures. Dont have the time to edit the photo. Here you go.

 Display Cabinet 

Cakes and Juices

 Sticky note board 

the logo is surrounded by it..

some of the notice customers wrote 

chef holding a notice

I find it cool.. lolx

had my mocha cappucino! very nice

counter area. simple and elegant

Pictures of the bean on the wall



Anonymous said...

where is ur friends shop??? maybe can go to visit .... cheers...have a nice day...

Koei Babyangel said...

very nice of you but my friend havent open the shop yet. Still finding supplier. Regarding my post you can go and visit the shop. Its call light house coffee. Here is the link They serve good coffee others i havent try. Cheers =)

Anonymous said...

you are most welcome... the drinks and the enviroment is nice but unfortunately the food is not that nice... good good... best wishes for your friend to find a good supplier...

have a nice day

Koei Babyangel said...

i dint try the food but yeah the coffee was good enough =)