Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year!

*vacuum the page* chase away the spider*mop the page* will have new template*coming soon*

hey hey reader,
wow! its been a while since I blog! gosh, I miss blog-ging! and now I don't even know how to start or write any more. Any updates on using blogspot? Looks like I m still stuck at old fashion look at my page.haha.. well, it requires at least half day for me to fix any new template for my page thou. Promise, I will do some *renovation* since its a new year! yeah, I need to find a theme for my whole year inspiration so I will keep this blog alive at least once a month? haha.. I know I m abit lazy blogger but I will try.. =) here I will update what I do recently! lets just put my past aside ok? For those my close friends do know what happen to me for the past 2months which is a very tough time for me now I decided to let the pain go! Lets start 2012 story ;)

Anyway, tell me how you celebrate your new year countdown? I had a blast one! I went to PJ last Saturday to find my girl friend, Carinn. Reach there around noon, had lunch with her, then went back to her house! its been awhile since I saw my girl friend! definitely I do miss her lots! She is one of the person that tells me who I m! I use to be happy laughing crazy girl! Just realize I haven't been so crazy for the past 2years! Gosh! that's a very long time! Now I miss the moment back in high school how crazy I m! haha.. Well, back to story, we went to Opera in front of Sunway Piramid for countdown. Dint turn out that good cos my girl friend was wormitting in the toilet and I waited for 2hours outside the toilet to see if she is OK. End up we went home around 3am after she took a nap on my lap outside the toilet. Epic? well, we made a mistake! we did take our dinner and we drink liquor definitely its not a good idea! haha

Next day, went to subang parade for a movie then went to cold storage to grab some groceries since we both decided to cook for the following day! dinner at chinese restoran =) next day, SERIOUSLY! woke up at 4PM! I dont know what in the world we slept til so late. funny thou.. was really shocked! prepare for our dinner. Went out to buy salt *which we miss out* and some DVDs. Guess what? we cook for 2hours! I dont know why! but yes you heard me! we cooked for 2HOURS! most of our dish had mayonise and onion. We had salad, pasta, tuna sandwich, ais-cream, sparkling juice! that is alot for 2 person. Midnight went for karaoka with some bunch of friends, was really crazy. Jumping around and yelling! I had a great time.

Following day woke up earlier, went to sunway piramid! at last I had my cow's jr.!! well, nothing special I still prefer McD. Went to play arcade (our usual place to kill time* I know what you thinking! aint girls kill time by shopping? nope.. not us!) we both were really crazy and yelling playing some games! XD catch up my bus after that.. hug hug with my girl friend =) bye subang...

Thats all. Tell me bout urs! =) see u all soon!

God Bless

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