Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Sorry for the delay on updates. College starts few days ago and I love my timetable =) Just because I got no class on Friday. *hehe.. I only have morning class except Thursday full day class. Anyway lets talk bout Monday. Yeap! 1st day of class.. There are good news and bad news. Good news, no one do homework for the past one month holidays so basically I m not alone! *haha but seriously got lots of things to catch up with work! Bad news, 1st day of school we got our result on who fail on previous term paper. Basically now its the same semester but term 2 so we still go on with the same project and studies. There were few people fail, Thank God I m safe :)

After class went for lunch with classmates. Catch up with some stories on our holidays! Most of them were from outstation so throughout the holidays we did not hang out. I think my classmates addicted to party and drink beer! 1st day of school everyone plan for the party.. any party.. birthday, farewell, stay over someone house, bbq/ steamboat! any party which involve alcohol. yeap!

After lunch went to meet up with Jeshua. One of my close senior back in high school. He just came back from Australia. Both of us have a good catch up! somehow we talked from 2pm til 7.30pm! lolx... Its a wake up call talking to him. Somehow I felt better. Told you guys from previous post, I was having a hard time for the past few months, talking to him makes me feel much better. How I miss high school life! So much different from now. Lets move on and be adventurous! =)

here is our picture.. done some editing. 1st time using that software. Just a try out. Not so nice thou... I m still new in it. Anyway that's all for now. I will try to update often as I will be very busy soon. Having dinner tomorrow with my whole classmates to celebrate my friend belated birthday. Will try my best to update and upload some pictures. too dooo....

God bless 
*in prayer*

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wow... take care of that life style... anyway... happy schooling reopen... hehe