Friday, December 26, 2008

cHriStmAS eVe

OMG~!!! this is like sooooooooo damn long... i mean post something up.. haha.. well i should be posting up lots of post by now~!! but i m just to lazy n tired..been working after SPM~! so dont blame me la.k.. well hopefully from now i will still continue post a blog more often..haha... anyway sorry folks for the LATE LATE LATE post..haha..been promising with some of my friends on blogs but end up i dint do anything..hahaha...sorry~!!

hmm..back to my post...this year was not in a mood of christmas..maybe i m too tired n its bored.. well,we r suppose to have classmates gathering n a party for our classmate,izzah since she is leaving to Jordan for futher studies but end up everything was cancel cos she cant make it..maybe her dad is to strict that dont even allow her to go out at night..LOL~! o well, everyone meet up in gurney during christmas eve..

honestly i m not in a mood at all..i m damn tired... so i walk around alone n look for some present while all my friends having their dinner in nando's..LOL~!! then we walked around n wait till countdown..hmm...not that fun afterall.. just saw lots of people.. too crowded n i hate the environment..dont feel like i m enjoying at all..hahaha..i think thats all..will post something more lifely that this post other time..hehe...

yung,me n danny...i look so...dead,moodless,tired,messy n cubby~! lol

here is a better pic of me with my lolipop...thanks 2nd present for christmas..hehe.. only received 3 persents.. got chocolate,cd(the call) n tower from Roy my god bro, lolipop from danny n some cute cute thing from my girl friend..hehe

+merry christmas+
+enjoy to the max+
+love ya+

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1{1}hOurs o(U)tiNg [wiTh 11]YeaRs bEsTtiE^.^

yesterday went out with one of my old best friend..haha.. her name is lay ling n now currently studying in she is so beautiful,tall and HOT~!!! hmm..yesterday work up around 7(was suppose to come out at7)..get ready and stuff till around 8 then i went to fetch her.. this was scary when i reach her house.. she stay in falim in an apartment..when i reach her house, she told me there is a little girl committe suide and she fell into the big drain..there were some crows and police over there..GOSH~!! this is very scary.. we just went off without wasting our time.. we went to falim and had our 'tim sum'..LOL~!!! never been to tim sum with her before..and we talked for around 2hours..we just cant stop talking...

then we head to gurney around 10something.. we walked around and look for clothes and make up.. most of the time we talked bout our life in high school, share some experience and friends we mix when we are apart..then we went for a movie, arcade to play games, shopping and trying some clothes.. she walked very fast till i have to hold her by my hands to make her slow down..hahaha..LOL~!! we had our lunch in wong kok and went back around 7something.. here some pictures..

its me and lay ling..issit she pretty??

yup..taller than me half HEAD~!!! LOL.. she look damn hot and pretty..

taking picture with her wearing cheongsam.. we use to wear when we are small for our merdeka day back to our old days during primary school..haha.. we did talk bout what we wore last time..LOL~!!!

er..we come across this shop with formal clothes.. i tried one of it and its so pretty and cute.. to bad its expensive for me..the dress i m wearing cost me around RM170.. the ribben the person tie for me at my back was very cute..hehe

after sending her back home,i went to fetch crystal to go to Queensbay.. we wanted to buy our things.. which make me walk all over Queensbay and i m really half dead.. i end up did not attend wayne's party..honestly, i dont feel like going.. i just dont know why.. i m too tired for parties and stuff.. now trying to figure out for my future.. life has been so hard for me after SPM~!! ahhhh... o well..go on with the flow and i believe GOD is with me all times..o yeah, i wont be going for so many parties anymore so might not update my post so often unless something is on...tata

Friday, November 28, 2008

ceLeBraTioN oF LasT dAy sPM~!!!

Woooo Hoooo~!!! after 3 weeks of torture at last i m FREEE~!!!! haha...LOL.. anyway would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their wishes to me during Seksa People's Mental exam..yup, GOD bless me throughout this whole exam.. honestly i did not prepared well and i been afraid to face the exam but GOD gave me the strength and guide me..yeah,thank GOD for everything~!!! hmm.. i will start on my experience throughout the exam.. DAMN~!!! the "pengawas" are not strict at ALL~!!! they always smile at us and even talk to us.. i can see people making so much noise when the paper is giving out.. i can even talk to my friend beside me.. my friend can even turn behind and talk to me~!! what THE~!!! haha... of course there is LIMIT~!! just make sure we dont do it odd and purposely..they will take action but so far NOOOOO...LOL

last paper end around 3.30.. o yeah we collect our magazine that day and the last paper all of us(my class 5sn,there is only one science class in our school which is only 28people) gather in the canteen and to get everyone signature on our magazine.. then all of us plan to go to domino pizza which is nearby our school.. well,there were only 3 cars which is me, john sen and chee keong.. all of us squeence in our car..LOL.. but some of them ride motor and some of them went back..

the worst part was when i drive out john's car was in front of me and i ask him to reverse.. then suddenly chee keong come from behind.. end up john's car hit chee keong's car..GOSH~!! well we settle down and had our discussing at domino pizza..not much just some scretches and the plate number was broken..damn~!!! pissed with chee keong..he just cant get over it..he just have to argue with john and ask him to pay the end we settle down and had our pizza..we take some pictures..before we went Back, we had group HUGS~!!! OMG~!! this is the BEST..i love u guy and going to miss u all..^^

lol..sign signature on magazine book..

lol..yung collecting money for the party~!!!

look at the situation when kena accident..

wooo hooo...PIZZA~!!! yummyyyy

lol..everyone smile at camera except danny..ARGH~!!

the girls..there are around 7 girls in our class only..haha

the indian guys...damn~!! although i HATE them i mean some but i still miss them..

then i drive yung, danny and crystal to prangin.. we went there to buy something.. John Sen call us asking if we want to join them for movie around 7.25pm. GREAT!!! we rush like hell and i need to fetch them but in the end i only fetch crystal..anyway danny and yung wei very very very SORRY YA~!!! too rush... we are late for movie around 20min late.. to my surprise, the whole row was our gang(around 14) COOL~!!! i never went out with so many people before.. i mean own classmates..haha..

after movie,we went to dave deli..O GREAT~!! is close.. most of the restaurant in Queensbay are not closing..LOL.. we discuss in the middle of people's ROAD for an hour where to eat..haha.. end up we ate at kayu near vistana.. hmm..lots of people over there.. we had lots of fun talking and hang out over there..we went back around 12 something.. i need to drop ryan back which stay till tanjung bunga..haha.. reach home around 2am~!!! again so LATE..haha

cik.furziah join us too..beside her was jun heong and danny.. the person eatin roti canai is li ji..haha

from left su liang, john sen(the top student), ryan and jin aun( he got 100 marks for add math twice..damn~!!!)

next table.. from left is kitt mun, keat tatt,me and yung..PLAYING my laptop..LOL

i m gonna miss my school, my friend, my class, my teachers and EVERYTHING!!! sob sob^^ time passes so fast and now i m gonna leave the school..i feel bless to know each one of u.. well, althought there are bad moment but they are meant for experience.. GOD, thank you for everything..i miss u and love you guys...o yeah~!! do keep in touch and we shall meet after 10 years..LOL~!! haha.. LET START the PARTY~!!!! stay up for the post bout parties..hehe..

-i love my classmates-
-i love school-
-i love my friend-

Thursday, November 27, 2008

-pRefEcT nIgHt & suPpeR at fuRz hOuse-

This post was supposed to be two days ago due to my EST exam(last paper) I need to delay my post..hehe.. ok back to the topic.. last Wednesday was prefect camp last day.. well every year senior are invited to watch their groups performance during the night. Hmm..i need to fetch yung wei,danny and keat tatt which is like damn FAR from my house but I still want to fetch..hehe.. hmm.. I went to yung wei house around 4pm cos I wanted to see my guides meeting for training camp 2(TC2).. to my surprised, they are so relax and got nothing to do.. their camp is like 1 and half more week to go and yet they can just watch movie and do their things..well I kinder disappointed and angry but just asked them what have they done and stuff.. hopefully to see them win something(sure they will cos all groups got prize).. or should I say I see how they die flat?? Lol.. ok ok.. I asked yung get ready then we went out to fetch danny around 6.. DAMN~!!! The bridge traffic was like soooo damn long and its raining heavily.. we thought of eating at mcd(sungai dua) but we are stuck at the bridge for a very long hour.. so end up ask keat tatt to buy.. he waited about half an hour..haha.. reach there around 7.30pm..luckily they not yet start..

start around 8pm.. as usual performance and sketch were perform by their own groups.. hmm..they always do extra performance but its combine with other groups.. hmm.. I was wondering why prefects is not indepandant anymore.. they have to relay on people bout something althought performance like dance and sketch does not involve anything bout prefect but is something to train you to have an extra and better skill like being more indepandant and become a stand up leader.. I still remember my year was like every group will have their own performance and it was very challenging.. I miss my days.. my juniors are not really bad..i can see some of them have a good quality in them like vern ern..look at her,she is soft and lady like but there is leadership in here.. of course not only her, so do hean tee, Kelvin and others..

I do enjoy watching their performance but as well I m half dead..honestly, the night was lifeless.. I feel not because of committee and the seniors the night will be very boring.. usually I could feel the spirit of prefects night but no longer..opps* well, just my opinion but of course I want to see some improvement on my juniors~!! Wow~!! I never thought of writing so long.. I guess is been a long time I haven’t express my feeling out..hahaha..ok ok.. here are some pictures..enjoy ^^ o yeah,congrates to the one who won!! U guys deserve it..

all were eating when we arrived..LOL~! i miss u all..hehe

the seniors were eating mcd..^^

er..why the f4 committee sit in the middle of canteen and eat???

everyone take their place cos prefects' night going to start

performance by the first hor yean group..

this is something unique from kelvin's group..they do their opening dance by acting using apologize disappointed when i look at this..cos they been repeating the dance for few events.. why cant they just make a new i say.. prefects are not being independant anymore.. but still nice the dance..hehe

group pic^^


group pic with seniors..

After prefect’s night, I was suppose to send yung, danny and keat tatt home but yung follow cik.furziah.. cik.furziah invite us to her house(not sure why) so just went.. I drop edvinn and keat tatt then went to cik.furziah house.. GREAT~!! We waited around half an hour for her cos she went to tesco.. this is the best part.. me and danny took lots of CRAZY pictures in my car.. DAMN~!!! I did know he is very very good in expressing his face.. I can show u some on what we do in the car but not all~!! Haha.. o yeah..dont think far, he is my best friend since f2( I think).. we been very very close..of course with our gang tooooo++ hehe.. check out ~:

look at DANNY~!!! his eyes...GOSH~!!!

look at his expression...damn...he is good in acting..haha

i just dont know why he look at me that way.. we end laughing non-stop

opps** thats what he WEAR++

they came back.. went up to her house and AL BOY~!! U r sooooo damn cute and I love you sooo much..LOL~!! is cik.furziah big fat kitty..hahaha.. he is going to be mine for 2weeks(cos cik.furziah is going to holiday without taking him so I need to look after AL-BOY muahahahahah~!!!!) then we had our supper at her house.. gim hong was with us cos he is helping cik.furziah on computer while me, danny and yung cooking PASTA~!! Opps* I don’t even know how to I prepared garlic bread.. we had lots of fun cooking and preparing the meal.. take us around half and hour to cook..well just look at yung and danny, they cook like husband and wife(of course they are not).. haha.. we had our supper around 1am(no wonder I can gain my weight) then I send all of them home.. reach home around 2am..THANK GOD~!! Parents went to bed d…hehe.. next post coming up NOW~!!! Check out..

gim hoong and yung.. had sushi tooooooo

there..he cook like my MOM~!! opps* i will get wack from him if he sees this.. LOL


la.....cook your food..dont look over here..

P.S. thats all folk..anyway if u want your personal picture during prize giving ask from me..i m lazy to post and uplode..too many of them..o yeah~!! form4 committee, why you all did not arrange back the tables and chairs in the canteen after using it?? do u know people critic bout laziness of prefects??? *such a disapointment again---damn~! i wish for a better form4~!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

tiN3 TiNg, hApPy biR[thD]ay

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to ting ting
happy birthday to you~!!!!

opps..sorry late post again.. yesterday was ting ting birthday and our gang(suppose to be 6 but end up 5 of us cos ching ying cant make it) hang out in Queensbay.. we could not celebrate or plan anything cos is SPM week~!!! haha.. so we just celebrate as usual but all of us were very happy and enjoy..hehe

hmm...honestly i was very angry yesterday cos they did not tel me what time they wanted to go to Queensbay and i need to fetch 2 of my friends.. so they woke me up at the wrong time cos i slept very late the night before.. hmm... woke up around 11am cos aunty came to my house and talk to me..while my aunty was talking to me my friends was like calling me and message me non-stop~!!!! ask me to get ready and fetch i was angry cos was not well planned..hais.. well just go on with the planning since was our gang birthday..i m not really angry just abit pissed but after some time i m fine with it..

they waited me for 3 hours!!! LOLLLLL... well need to talked to my aunty and get dress up.. it takes me 2hours to dress up..opps** i need to wait till my aunty went home only i can go out if not they will NAG ME~!!! my mom dont even NAG at me..hahaha.. ok ok... back to ting ting's birthday...went to fetch my friend at 2pm and directly go to Queensbay...

as usual watch movie..we watch Quantum of solace 007.. the movie was not that bad afterall.. enjoy lots^^ after movie we went to Johnny's steamboat to have our lunch actually tea time and dinner because all my friends did not take their lunch yet..we order set C which is 4 person for steamboat and we order extra side dishes since was 5 of us..

we had our great time eating together and talked.. o yeah wanted to apologise to ting ting that we did not buy any cake or sing birthday song for her..honestly the food was very expensive.. proberly around RM123.+++ hahaha.. cos i m broke..i been out of the house almost everyday and had my dinner outside so i m BROKE..LOL..

then we walk around the malls and did something very stupid(as usual).. after some time walking around i suddenly have this thought of taking them to somewhere.. just guess where is there?? Reflexology Spa...LOL~!!! actually i wanted them to go to fish area thinging.. err..not sure what that thing call..when u put your legs in the water then the fish will come and eat ur dead skin and dirty things..hahaha.. surprise that they actually had this thing in mall?? LOL.. all of them wanted to go so much and was very excited..they planned to come after SPM!! hahaha.. i introduce them cos is cheap.. student price is only RM19...

we went home around 8pm..and GREAT~!!! next day is chemistry paper!!!! and i did not even open the book for MONTHS d...THANK GOD i manage to do it...not all but OK i guess...hahaha..
here are some pictures...enjoy folks---->>>

the dish for the steamboat..actually was double..haha..

process of putting the food into the tom yam soup...yummyyyy...


my gang..from left : yung, jasa, ting ting(birthday girl) and carinn

me and birthday look of mine?? NO~!!!! i only pin my hair up cos my fringe are long and very irritating..hahaha...

SPM~!!! left 3 days...LOL..
i m gonna enjoy to the MAX~!!!!
need to suffer for 3 days.. then
i m gonna FLYYYYYYY~!!!
woooooo hooooooo.....
more post will be up if i have the time and activity^^

Saturday, November 15, 2008

GroUp sTudY ^^

this post was suppose to be yesterday! due to some error i could not write anything and my connection was down!! damn! i hate streamyx now..LOL! anyway back to my post is about group study in Rachel's house.. I pick up Anne at her house around 2.30 and went to Rachel's house in Tanjung Bunga!! its like soooo FAR!!! ok.. we are suppose to study bible knowledge cos we got that paper on Monday. we had lots of fun.. honestly telling we did not study anything at ALL! we end up talking non-stop, taking pictures, playing handphone, hoping around the house and EAT! LOL!!! its amazing that we actually can gather and talk so much.. i mean all of us from different school and yet we can share and talk like no one cares..too bad Katherine(holly girl) is not around cos she went to the youth at SP and came back late evening.. o yeah Rachel's house is like a palace!! seriously is like so BIG but empty cos she had move to a BIG BANGALOW!! lol... around 6 we went down to the swimming area to wait for Katherine end up she did not come cos she is still so far..

then we decided to go to the beach behind the crown prince hotel(close down for few months d).. when i park around the house area there were few indian guys try to ask for money!! DAMMIT! parking for RM3 without resits!! we were pissed and end up went to some hotel which had free parking.. then we went to had our dinner at Indian restaurant( i think).. LOL! the chicken was very are some pictures..LOL!

just look at Rachel's art work!! she drew the wrapping paper! its so nice and amazing!! no wonder she won 'little miss talented' in her school!! girl, u r so talented!!

look at Anne's mp3!! so damn cute and i love it so MUCH!! i m gonna get one of it one day when i got MONEY! lol..

me,anne and rachel..we r in the lift..looks like a hotel lift!!..LOL!

at swmming pool..haha.. not sure what Rachel doing..LOL!

both of us..she looks HOT!!

we flyyyyyyy...opps* SPM is not over yet!

Rachel(CGL) and Anne(CDK)..

we look so short in the WATER!

little pretty talented Rachel...

cuttie sweetie Anne

silly ME!!

all of us..opps**

both of them..

at the beach..its kinder DARK! Anne and Rachel..

me and Anne..

Rachel and me..why i look so dumb??

LOL!!! names..sook



combination of all the names!! Sook koon(SK),Anne Peterson(AP),Rachel Ho(RH)

the indian restaurant..

my meal!! its SO NICE!!!

the butter chicken is nice..hahaha...

+goodluck in your exam,girls+