Thursday, November 27, 2008

-pRefEcT nIgHt & suPpeR at fuRz hOuse-

This post was supposed to be two days ago due to my EST exam(last paper) I need to delay my post..hehe.. ok back to the topic.. last Wednesday was prefect camp last day.. well every year senior are invited to watch their groups performance during the night. Hmm..i need to fetch yung wei,danny and keat tatt which is like damn FAR from my house but I still want to fetch..hehe.. hmm.. I went to yung wei house around 4pm cos I wanted to see my guides meeting for training camp 2(TC2).. to my surprised, they are so relax and got nothing to do.. their camp is like 1 and half more week to go and yet they can just watch movie and do their things..well I kinder disappointed and angry but just asked them what have they done and stuff.. hopefully to see them win something(sure they will cos all groups got prize).. or should I say I see how they die flat?? Lol.. ok ok.. I asked yung get ready then we went out to fetch danny around 6.. DAMN~!!! The bridge traffic was like soooo damn long and its raining heavily.. we thought of eating at mcd(sungai dua) but we are stuck at the bridge for a very long hour.. so end up ask keat tatt to buy.. he waited about half an hour..haha.. reach there around 7.30pm..luckily they not yet start..

start around 8pm.. as usual performance and sketch were perform by their own groups.. hmm..they always do extra performance but its combine with other groups.. hmm.. I was wondering why prefects is not indepandant anymore.. they have to relay on people bout something althought performance like dance and sketch does not involve anything bout prefect but is something to train you to have an extra and better skill like being more indepandant and become a stand up leader.. I still remember my year was like every group will have their own performance and it was very challenging.. I miss my days.. my juniors are not really bad..i can see some of them have a good quality in them like vern ern..look at her,she is soft and lady like but there is leadership in here.. of course not only her, so do hean tee, Kelvin and others..

I do enjoy watching their performance but as well I m half dead..honestly, the night was lifeless.. I feel not because of committee and the seniors the night will be very boring.. usually I could feel the spirit of prefects night but no longer..opps* well, just my opinion but of course I want to see some improvement on my juniors~!! Wow~!! I never thought of writing so long.. I guess is been a long time I haven’t express my feeling out..hahaha..ok ok.. here are some pictures..enjoy ^^ o yeah,congrates to the one who won!! U guys deserve it..

all were eating when we arrived..LOL~! i miss u all..hehe

the seniors were eating mcd..^^

er..why the f4 committee sit in the middle of canteen and eat???

everyone take their place cos prefects' night going to start

performance by the first hor yean group..

this is something unique from kelvin's group..they do their opening dance by acting using apologize disappointed when i look at this..cos they been repeating the dance for few events.. why cant they just make a new i say.. prefects are not being independant anymore.. but still nice the dance..hehe

group pic^^


group pic with seniors..

After prefect’s night, I was suppose to send yung, danny and keat tatt home but yung follow cik.furziah.. cik.furziah invite us to her house(not sure why) so just went.. I drop edvinn and keat tatt then went to cik.furziah house.. GREAT~!! We waited around half an hour for her cos she went to tesco.. this is the best part.. me and danny took lots of CRAZY pictures in my car.. DAMN~!!! I did know he is very very good in expressing his face.. I can show u some on what we do in the car but not all~!! Haha.. o yeah..dont think far, he is my best friend since f2( I think).. we been very very close..of course with our gang tooooo++ hehe.. check out ~:

look at DANNY~!!! his eyes...GOSH~!!!

look at his expression...damn...he is good in acting..haha

i just dont know why he look at me that way.. we end laughing non-stop

opps** thats what he WEAR++

they came back.. went up to her house and AL BOY~!! U r sooooo damn cute and I love you sooo much..LOL~!! is cik.furziah big fat kitty..hahaha.. he is going to be mine for 2weeks(cos cik.furziah is going to holiday without taking him so I need to look after AL-BOY muahahahahah~!!!!) then we had our supper at her house.. gim hong was with us cos he is helping cik.furziah on computer while me, danny and yung cooking PASTA~!! Opps* I don’t even know how to I prepared garlic bread.. we had lots of fun cooking and preparing the meal.. take us around half and hour to cook..well just look at yung and danny, they cook like husband and wife(of course they are not).. haha.. we had our supper around 1am(no wonder I can gain my weight) then I send all of them home.. reach home around 2am..THANK GOD~!! Parents went to bed d…hehe.. next post coming up NOW~!!! Check out..

gim hoong and yung.. had sushi tooooooo

there..he cook like my MOM~!! opps* i will get wack from him if he sees this.. LOL


la.....cook your food..dont look over here..

P.S. thats all folk..anyway if u want your personal picture during prize giving ask from me..i m lazy to post and uplode..too many of them..o yeah~!! form4 committee, why you all did not arrange back the tables and chairs in the canteen after using it?? do u know people critic bout laziness of prefects??? *such a disapointment again---damn~! i wish for a better form4~!!!


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