Monday, January 26, 2009

mY 2Nd LaSt dAy wItH jOe

last Friday i take leave to spend my day with Joseph since he is going back soon.. actually i planned to go to sunway carnival in s.perai since its new... before the day, i went to google for direction to there... i had a clear look over it and i know how to go..i guess..haha..
we were thinking it was going to be traffic jam on the bridge or on the way to the end we still go on with the planning.. luckily it was not traffic jam at all..hahaha.. actually we get lost because i make the wrong turn and i even go further down.. i went till permatang pauh which is way to far from sunway carnival.. we ask for direction when we pay for tol..well, it wasnt that bad after all.. at least i have my darling accompany me going crazy in the car and make lots of jokes..
at last we reached there and we were able to find parking near the mall..
nothing much my friend say.. kinder bored and nothing at all.. we rather go to prangin than going u can imagine how terrible it is..hahaha.. guess what~!!! we went to giant and buy some food so we can cooked when we get home.. actually wanna buy nudgets but i m afraid later her mom will scold cos we been eating fast food for the whole week..LOL~!! so we bough french toast,drinks and a can of mushroom soup..hahaha
we went back in the evening.. when we get out of the mall i dont really know how to make a U-turn so i went straight till i reached the the end we took the ferry.. we waited for ah hour in the car~!!! damn~!! guess what.. we make lots of jokes and keep laughing all the way..the worst thing was there was DAMN HUGE crocoaches crawling at my front mirror.. i saw it when it almost went up the roof top..i shouted when i saw it and Joseph was shocked when he saw cos its was like right in front of him.. luckily that thing was outside..he was like shouting all the way when he saw..i ended up laughing at him non-stop..HAHAHA~!!! i tried to use the wiper to make that creature go off but was too late..hahaha..damn yucky la~!!! that thing doesnt come from my car it might be the car in front of me..there were bunch of guys came out from their car and shouting all the way..there were malays~!! right after they went out from their car the thing appear~!! possibility was from that car...EUWWWWWW~!!! cut that off~! cos its disgusting when i think over again...
we had our great time in the ferry.. i told him there were lots of jelly fish.. at least we get to saw lots of jelly fish..haha.. he told me that was stocking floating in the water not jelly fish..ARGH~! cos the penang sea its to dirty...LOL~!!
at kast we get home by 6pm..then we started to cook before his mom used the kitchen to prepare dinner..we get helped form his mom on how to cook the things..LOL~!! at least the food we cooked were eatable..haha.. here were some pictures...

its me and my darling..hehe

argh~!!! he just cant smile..

lol....he was doing something and i try to take me and him sleeping.. but i dint know he realize.. he went "OMG~!! the flash light...ARGH" lol..joking.. i just dont know why he wanna react that way..hahaha

both of us in the ferry..

our lunch and dinner and tea time..yeah..hahaha..

thats for today~!!
its the 2nd day of chinese new year
need to go grandma house to get ang
i spend my 1st day chinese new year on the bed..
now its time to get ang pow..
see ya folks..
happy chinese new year

Sunday, January 25, 2009

ShAH aLam trip wItH jOe~!!!

sorry i skip this post cos i did not received KL trip was 1 weeks ago.. its a little bit late to post but at least i post than never right..LOL.. part of it i just want to keep it as memory..i went down kl for on 10 to 17( i think)!! 1st time vacation on my own for a week..hahaha..
jus wanna thank my teacher(cik.furziah) for sending me to bus station and help me buy bus ticket.. my bus was suppose to be 9.30am but due to some technical problem they delay an hour.. ARGH~!! dammit.. hate it~!! dont ever buy Gunung Raya bus ticket.. besides that, they even stop few times at the road side during the journey just to pick up the people..*pissed off that time.. but at least the bus was fast and i reached KL 4hours later but it takes another hour to reach shah least i reach there safe and i called yeu song up so he could pick me up.. i never met him before but we could regonise each other..hahaha.. waited him for 10min.. he bring to some kopitiam to have my lunch..ARGH~! hungry..staring*
then he called seh ming up..another guy which i never met before but one of their gang..LOL.. then we went to yeu song's house to take some BBQ stuff..then back to seh ming house to prepare.. that BBQ was organize by seh ming n jimmy(he is not around cos busy abit).. around 7something we went to the lake side near seh ming house to prepare before the guests come..
went there and set up with jimmy and seh ming.. me n jimmy trying to set up the fire but end up not really successful..haha.. later on people coming..
actually i came down to shah alam its a surprise for joseph.. he dint know i came down early.. so before he came to the BBQ all of them ask me to hide inside seh ming's car.. yi hong came and he fetch Joseph along.. so everyone was like asking him to go in seh ming's car.. he sat in front and seh ming was driving.. kai yee and yeu song was behind with me..they cover me with some cloth..the worst thing was yeu song step on my hair..ARGH~!!! it hurts* then seh ming drive all of us to somewhere.. after they settle down so Joseph wont turn behind yeu song and kai yee giv me a signal ask me to get up now.. so i just jump out and hug Joseph from behind "surpised~!!!!" hahahaha...he was like OMG OMG~!! YOU ARE HERE~!!! hahaha... that part was fun and damn funny la... at least the plan on surpising him is successful..LOL~!!! well, thanks to seh ming, yeu song and kai yee for the help..hahaha..
then seh ming drive us around..well he was going to buy something so me and Joseph was sitting behind..hahaha.. had lots of fun during the BBQ and the food are good too.. LOL~!! i met lots of Joseph's friends(his gang) that include yeu song,seh ming, kai yee, yi hong, jimmy, adrian and lots more.. after the BBQ around 11 something we played true or dare.. that part was damn funny and exciting.. sai tim was the main joker over there.. play till around 12 then everyone went home cos kai yee need to get home by 12 and i stayed over her place for 2 days.. i slept around 1something cos was talking with her non-stop..haha.. thats for my 1st day in shah alam.. here are some pictures...

its seh ming and kai yee.. preparing..

ok..introducing the chef

**group picture**

P.S.. opps* i got few pictures only..well for more pictures check out yeu song's blog..

2nd day nothing least i get to go to church with kai yee's family.. its amazing.. the main hall its big and cold.. the chairs are also comfortable.. then head back home to had lunch with her family.. then long(one of the gang) came and pick me up to meet Joseph.. went to starbuck near the hotel where he stay.. although we spend few hours over there and i dint get to go out but i m still happy.. at 1st was kinder angry but i understand that he had dinner with his family thats why he could not go somewhere far.. we walked around the giant nearby and had some rojak(looks like penang's pasembur) LOL~!!!
then went home and took a nap..later at night kai yee call up yeu song and seh ming to take me for a dinner..thanks** we went to eat "mee hun keuy"(sorry bad in spelling).. looks weird but its nice.. later on adrian came and join us.. then we went for basketball with others..well Joseph was there and i know they wanted me to go there..hahaha..thats for my 2nd day~!!

lol..thats how "mee hun keuy" looks like.. we have in Penang?? sorry..i only had this picture for the day..haha..

the 3rd day we went for ais-skate which i always wanted to go~!! its been a LOOOOONG time i skate..hahaha..i mean ais-skating.. early in the morning, seh ming and yeu song pick me and kai yee up then fetch yi hong to sunway piramid.. the boys had their lunch over there before we went down to play ais-skate.. we spend around an hour over there cos kai yee was using the laptop.. then went down to play ais-skate.. was scared at 1st but after some time i m use to it..
we play til Joseph, Long and his brother arrived to join us.. anyway thanks all of u~!!! i m the only one who wanted to play and you guys actually bring me to go and join me..hehe.. play for few hours till 6pm.. hmm..i fall once~! DANG~! but it was nothing..i dint really sit on it..luckily got my hand to hold on but my hands are wet..LOL~!!
then had our dinner at summer steamboat..the best part was making jokes over long and his brother on the way to there..i actually keep making so much noise in the car and keep yelling at them..Joseph was controlling me and everyone started to laugh..LOL~!! still wanna say sorry if i did anything bad..that time was too hyper** hahaha..
we had steamboat for our dinner.. was great~!! there are four kinds of soup..COOL~!! we just take all we want..i ate alot till i was damn damn full~!!!..hahaha.. then went back to kai yee's house and packed my things and move to Long's house.. well, Joseph stay over his house cos his parents went back to both us stay together over Long's least we get to spend more time on each other.. we will end up pillow fight..LOL~!!! the 3rd day pictures..hehe

its me n yeu song..well,among all he is the closest to me..haha.. we always chat in msn and always make lots of joke..haha..

kai yee, yeu song and seh ming...

me,Joseph and

this looks abit weird..hahaha..yeu song make that UP~!!!

we had a sweet couple over here.. yi hong and kai yee

me and my beloved BF..hehe

i dont knoe why i took this..hahaha..

steamboat time* LOL~!!!

hahaha..thats yeu song cooking for himself..

group picture** from left: seh ming,kai yee,yi hong, Long, Long's brother, Joseph, me and Yeu this picture^^

the following day.. we woke up early in the morning and get ready to go down to KL shopping malls.. Long drive us to the train..WOW~!! its my 1st time~!! hahaha..its cool.. you can say i m insane but i m excited~!! LOL~!!.. 1st time mah..haha.. we had q a long ride till we reach KL sentol( I THINK)..hahaha..then take LRT to somewhere..hahaha.. damn i m not good in it..haha.. o well, i did enjoy taking the ride.. 1st we went to lau yat and had our lunch.. DAMN~!!! go toilet also RM1~!!! i spend more 10min in the toilet pulling tissue paper and cursing..LOL~!! they were suprise when i told them RM1 perentry...hahaha..
later we went to sunway wang..there are lots of things over there.. me and Joseph bought a couple shirt at there..hmm..Joseph buy me some make up which cost around 80..LOL~!! then he bought a shirt for his friend...later we went to pavillion..we dint went it cos i feel its waste of time since the things over there were super duper point go there.. we were in a rush too..then went to time that time we are tired d..haha..but i wanted to go to KL tower.. somehow, Joseph and Long bring me go also..hahaha.. we walked there~!! damn.. we ask indian guy for direction cos we not sure how to get there.. guess what.. the indian guy said " go straight then turn left and you can see the tower but the problem is you have to go lidat lidat lidat" then we went LOL~!!! hahaha... after we walked for 10min we saw the tower and we asked again for direction.. and now the person say go straight turn right..hahaha~!! at last we are there~!!! we walked around but was nothing much.. the ticket to go up was very expensive..cost aroynd 40++ include the winter park,zoo(small) and some stupid race car game ride.. well, we walked so long just to come here so Joseph bought 2 tickets cos Long dont wanna waste money on that..haha..
we went till the highest..its really beautiful.. i love it alot and i feel its worth it when u had your loved one by ur side.. thanks alot Joe^^.. we walked around and took some pictures..
there were few stalls and there was a stall which take picture of twice tower.. we took one picture which cost us RM10(i think)..damn~!!! expensive..
then we went to the winter park..NOTHING INSIDE LA~!! not worth to PAY~! end up go to see animals.. nothing nice bout it..but we enjoy taking pictures and had lots of fun.. try to enjoy cost we spend alot on it..later we took taxi back to the train station..luckily we get to catch up with the train..reach home around 11 and we rushed to play basketball.. we promise with the gang that we will come around 10pm but we were late and somemore some of them already there since 8pm..yeah they felt pissed off and angry.. sorry~!! dint mean to le.. well,proberly my fault cos i m the one who say i wanna go here and there cos i dont wan to waste my they went to makan while we playing.. after basketball went to mamak stall and had our supper.. we dint eat for whole day d..argh~!!! went home around 1somthing...damn~!! was super tired.. so just sleep right away..haha..

me and Joseph in the pavillion mall..we went in just to take picture..haha

ok..this is weird..haha..we took few of it with different post..Joe dint send so i could not post it for now..ask me if u wanna see more..

haha..this is kinder weird.. i try to take a better picture but it was not successful..

we pass by this hotel on our way to pavillion..we actually saw the car park so near the wall~!!! DAMN~!!

we dint went in at the 1st place cos we dint buy the ticket took a picture outside only...hais~!!

love this picture..

yup..inside the winter park..argh~!! nothing much la..

lol...i had that BIG SMILE cos the snake is crawling on my hand d..i could not hold any longer..

hahaha..Joe with the snake.. LOL~!!!

the next day we dont have much planed.. woke up a little bit late cos too tired.. then went to eat at mamak stall then came back and washed our clothes cos we planed to go genting the following day.. went to bukit bintang for "cheong K" with the gang.. around in the evening we went back home to hang our clothes.. earlier we were rushing and there no place to hang since Long's house is renovation.. the funny thing was some of them help us to hang our clothes..hahaha.. then we head to cheras pasar malam(longest pasar malam in asia).. there were lots of people and its totally crowded.. bought some stuff for my friends and try the food over there..
went home very late.. talked with Joseph till 4am and we were suppose to wake up at 6am~!! ohh great..
woke up abit late..but we manage to get ready and set off to the nearest train station..haha.. we were hoping that we were not late for the bus to genting.. manage to reach at KL centre( i think) to buy bus ticket..luckily they had bus every half and hour.. i bought 11am bus ticket and we actually have 1 and half hour.. so we went for breakfast at mcd..
the bus was totally TERRIBLE~!!! damn HOT, UNCOMFORTABLE,NO CURTAINS~!!! damn damn stupid.. but the bus was fast till wan reach Genting around in an hour~!! surprise me that the bus went up till the top and we dont have to take the cable car...
right after we get down from the bus we ran to the theme park.. luckily we dint lost our way to there..hahaha..
hmm..most of the games were close..i think they wanna prepared for chinese new year..we play whatever they had..we played all the extreme roller coaster~!! haha..Joe almost fainted when i asked him to play all these was damn funny when i see him screaming..LOL~!!! he told me before that he will never ride that thing for the rest of his life~!! least u accompany me..thanks^^
nothing much to play..honestly i dont really like genting anymore.. i wanted to come because of him...we wanted to come together for a long time d its jus no chance.. we finish all ride in two hours cos there were not much people as in you can directly go for the ride.. we had our lunch..SUCKS~!!! the food sucks and its expensive.. we walked around and hoping to meet ting ting(my best friend..she work there) but end up she got work so i passed her present to her Godmom...
we walked around and try to find things to do and talked... we came our 2hours earlier to look for our bus.. we walked for an hour just to find the bus station..when we found it there were no bus.. the people say we need to take the cable car down..i know we are not gonna make it but somehow we went down with cable car instead of taxi which offer us a good price..
we had our great time in the cable car thou... yerp..right after we were down there we could not find any the taxi driver start to offer us.. in the end we had to waste 20perperson just to take a ride to reach the KL center.. the driver was very fast..i slept in the car...hahaha..
right after we reached, we went to bus train ticket.. Long took us from shah alam train station.. after changing our clothes, we went for basketball.. haha... i was half dead over there.. but everyone went back early cos its very late d and they pity me..

its me...trying on the hat..haha

me and Joseph in Genting.. that POLE~!! ARGH~!!

lol..during a car ride..

i make him to kiss the dinosaur~!! muahahaha,...

like this pic...

i dont know why i wanna react that way..honestly i m scared of it but still its fun~!! LOL~! comment bout it..hahaha

me and Joseph..

both of us again..

lol...the reaction looks like i had taste the worst candy in my life..

last picture of us..

the last day of our trip..we woke up early in the morning to had bah kut teh for our breakfast..then went back to pack up and get ready.. around in the afternoon, Long fetch us to damansara utara for dental check up.. well, Joseph had appointment... went home and take a nap..was very tired.. around 5pm we went to bus station to wait for our bus.. seh ming and yeu song came along too..
we leave around 5.30pm...thanks alot^^ it was a great holidays.. i had lots of fun and meet new friends.. you guys ROCKSS~!!! well i m looking forward on next trip..haha.. maybe wait till Joseph get back la..anyway thanks alot..
our last picture..

me and Joseph in the bus...

wow..i guess this the longest post i ever write..haha..
see ya folks..
as i promise..
my updates on KL trip..LOL~!!
sorry..i know got lots of mistake..
i m damn sleepy d..
its 4.25am~!!! chinese new year..
dont wan extra black ring on my eyes..
happy chinese new year...
more post will up soon..
as a memory..hehe

Monday, January 19, 2009

bEAcH wiTh jOe^^

oppps* i miss out the KL trip but i will update soon when i get the pictures.. still waiting for pictures from SOMEONE~!! argh.. lol..
we went to the beach last few weeks but we wanted to go watch sunset to bad it was raining heavily so end up we balik rumah... we went to batu ferringgi beach to watch sunset on last sunday..was suppose to be saturday but i was busy..LOL~!!
we went there around 6pm(prefect time i guess).. we walked along the beach n playing with the water.. well we did not went for swiming cos it was dirty n salty.. honestly i never like swiming on the beach~!! yucky~!!! lol..
nothing much to usual.. after sunset, we walked around the stalls to buy CD and makan makan..damn the food is super duper expensive..ARGH~! the food sucks not go for the foodcourt if u r local..LOL~!! seriously not nice.. hmm..i dont really wanna talked alot over here.. have a look at the pictures...

our 1st picture..hehe

lol...i look so silly le....

hmm...try to make it nature but its not that nice..

*huggies* act if i m flying

argh...what m i doing..ignore me..the sunset is nice..hehe

yup..this one is the best shot..its more nature..hahaha..lov it

hehehe..*try to be shy*

*hug hug from joe*

i m gonna miss u...*sob sob*

thanks to joshua for taking pictures for us..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

nEw LaYouT~!

argh~!! i m so damn lazy on decorating my blog..
i dont even wan to care on doing some nice layout..
so jus ignore the layout n look forward on my post more la.k~!! hehe.. post will be up when i received pictures...
sorry for not updating n normal layout..
see ya folks..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

jOe is BaCk in mALaySia^^

lol...the name of the post sound weird..haha.. anyway he is back~!! hmm..wondering who is him?? lol..he is my bf n we been together for more than 3 years d..he went to US for further studies but now he is back in Malaysia..

due to the time limit..i spend most of my time with me..he will be going back to US on 25 January.. most of the time i will go out with him n try to fill in our time with some activities..haha.. most of the time i will visit him cos he is too lazy to go out..haha.. o yeah..we tried on some new things~!!! hahaha.. we play soccer in his house, blowing bubbles, badminton, pillow fight, playing his brother's

well..the 1st few weeks, joshua been taking us out.. we went to gurney, queensbay n haunting for good hawker food..LOL~!!! anyway we went to teluk bahang too(my dad's village).. it was a nice place.. i took him to walk on a small old jeti..there were lots of holes on the jeti n u can actually see all the nails came off d..hahaha.. but its adventure..LOL~!!!

we r planning to go down to KL to hang out nex week... hopefully to see me update some posts... been too lazy some few pictures only..hehe...

lol...this pic is sooo damn weird..we took it before we went to the beach..

at teluk bahang dam...the air was fresh..

there are better pictures too bad i did not received it,..hehe.. yup we r sitting on the crack old jeti that i use to walk when i m was very windy cos its going to rain soon.. we had a great time over there..

-hopefully there more coming up-
-wanna know more tell me-
-i will post more if someone request..hehe-