Sunday, January 4, 2009

jOe is BaCk in mALaySia^^

lol...the name of the post sound weird..haha.. anyway he is back~!! hmm..wondering who is him?? lol..he is my bf n we been together for more than 3 years d..he went to US for further studies but now he is back in Malaysia..

due to the time limit..i spend most of my time with me..he will be going back to US on 25 January.. most of the time i will go out with him n try to fill in our time with some activities..haha.. most of the time i will visit him cos he is too lazy to go out..haha.. o yeah..we tried on some new things~!!! hahaha.. we play soccer in his house, blowing bubbles, badminton, pillow fight, playing his brother's

well..the 1st few weeks, joshua been taking us out.. we went to gurney, queensbay n haunting for good hawker food..LOL~!!! anyway we went to teluk bahang too(my dad's village).. it was a nice place.. i took him to walk on a small old jeti..there were lots of holes on the jeti n u can actually see all the nails came off d..hahaha.. but its adventure..LOL~!!!

we r planning to go down to KL to hang out nex week... hopefully to see me update some posts... been too lazy some few pictures only..hehe...

lol...this pic is sooo damn weird..we took it before we went to the beach..

at teluk bahang dam...the air was fresh..

there are better pictures too bad i did not received it,..hehe.. yup we r sitting on the crack old jeti that i use to walk when i m was very windy cos its going to rain soon.. we had a great time over there..

-hopefully there more coming up-
-wanna know more tell me-
-i will post more if someone request..hehe-

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