Friday, December 26, 2008

cHriStmAS eVe

OMG~!!! this is like sooooooooo damn long... i mean post something up.. haha.. well i should be posting up lots of post by now~!! but i m just to lazy n tired..been working after SPM~! so dont blame me la.k.. well hopefully from now i will still continue post a blog more often..haha... anyway sorry folks for the LATE LATE LATE post..haha..been promising with some of my friends on blogs but end up i dint do anything..hahaha...sorry~!!

hmm..back to my post...this year was not in a mood of christmas..maybe i m too tired n its bored.. well,we r suppose to have classmates gathering n a party for our classmate,izzah since she is leaving to Jordan for futher studies but end up everything was cancel cos she cant make it..maybe her dad is to strict that dont even allow her to go out at night..LOL~! o well, everyone meet up in gurney during christmas eve..

honestly i m not in a mood at all..i m damn tired... so i walk around alone n look for some present while all my friends having their dinner in nando's..LOL~!! then we walked around n wait till countdown..hmm...not that fun afterall.. just saw lots of people.. too crowded n i hate the environment..dont feel like i m enjoying at all..hahaha..i think thats all..will post something more lifely that this post other time..hehe...

yung,me n danny...i look so...dead,moodless,tired,messy n cubby~! lol

here is a better pic of me with my lolipop...thanks 2nd present for christmas..hehe.. only received 3 persents.. got chocolate,cd(the call) n tower from Roy my god bro, lolipop from danny n some cute cute thing from my girl friend..hehe

+merry christmas+
+enjoy to the max+
+love ya+

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