Monday, October 10, 2011

HaLf yeAr StUfF

yo.. for real I m back? hahaha.. i miss my blog =) but.. not sure i will stay here for long anot.. hmm will blog whatever i think seriously i forget most of the things i use to write forgive me =p abit here n there might do abit of catch up with my life..haha.. previous blog show my bf is back for around 2months n ++ basically he stay longer cos he is force to due to technical problem! not much holiday during his trip back here..except Langkawi trip! after he went back around july... i got alot of homework to catch up! yeap u heard me! gosh! whole semester was 4months..basically, I take 1month ++ to finish all my work! PAIN IN THE ASS! for REAL, i need to stay up late n do my homework, no going out, scarifies my sleep, attend every class! for once i m so GOOD GIRL! lolx.. i really try my best on my work but i know i would have done it better.. hais.. kinder regret i did not work hard enough.. hopefully i will push myself more on my next project! yeap.. after my exam finish, got my 2 weeks holidays.. basically those were my plans throughout the half year..

anyway i have officially RESIGN FROM STARBUCKS! well it happen on july! as much as i love my work, i know i need to leave the place for some good reasons =) so now i m.... jobless! lolxxx..

guess what happen today! well i m here just to voice out since its too late to complain. Got my result for this semester! today was my 1st day to college, lecturer was giving out letters to those who fail and i m the the last one! that lecturer was staring at me n say i m bad luck! i fail one subject due to attendance! well consider that subject very important and my lecturer told me i did well.. its a 2section paper! computer and QA paper both i pass! Few person fail that paper and i m the only acceptation due to attendance! thank God i dont have to take the class again and retake the paper. Lecturer ask me to see the counselor due to this problem! the counselor say i skip 4times the whole semester! well i admit i did skip once on the 1st sem! but no way i skip 3 times on 2nd term! count me in on border line of attendance BUT i m aware of my SKIPPING CLASS in fact i COUNT! seriously i were stunned when my counselor told me i did not attend the replacement class! on the 2nd thought, dint my lecturer told us he cancel the replacement class????! and due to college system of COURSE he need to do 8classes with us! guess what! that lecturer think our class its jus computer work so he dont have to replace it! you know what he DO? during assesment week which NO CLASS! he ask us come ALL the way from our house to school just to sign our review paper on Tuesday! he announced in the class, so we approach him in a DECENT way! telling him can we sign on wednesday since our presentation day and yes he say SURE can find him anytime since he will be in college whole day! GUESS WHAT HE DO! jus cos he did not do a replacement class, he took the advantage making the attendance to those who purposely drop by college on Tuesday and find him to sign he ASSUME u attend his REPLACEMENT CLASS! i saw the the whole class attendance for that particular day, almost half of my class friends were absent! SERIOUSLY?!!!! how could he do such THING! let me tell u why i skip his 2 class! 1st time skip cos i cant get my autocad download so even if i go school i cant do anything! 2nd he ask us to complete whole site plan in 2 days time and he MEANT it that he wanna see, well i just got my autocad download so i cant do much of his work when he was suppose to teach us and help us for 5weeks! instead he expect us do in 2 days! BAHHH! too late to complain! i would hav earn an A for that paper instead my counselor ask me to pay RM100 consider me fail and retake so i just got a pass for that subject!! thanks for pulling my GPA down! worst part, i m gonna meet him this semester! =*( no point complain or even explain.. own self know enough!!!!

guess no pic for the blog..i m too lazy! hahah nex time yea.. bye


Friday, June 3, 2011

CoolpiX S1000Pj

THANKS to my darling! haha.. yeap! u heard me! bf is back from US =) bought me new camera! its awesome! haha.. they have this build in mini projector! its really awesome! gosh! how cool for me to present my work in class now! love u lots sweetie =)))))

will be up for more. stay tune readers..
God bless

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back on june =)

hey hey, wow its been a while since i write something.. yeah.. i dont know where to pretty good.. lets just hope 2011 will be a good year for me.. As usual there will be up and down all time this few months and lots of things happen..lets just run through few things..

my work, start to change as in surrounding, the environment and new partners coming in. Most of my senior left beginning of this year due to their further studies. My boss was transfer out to other outlet and yes most of the things change. I m still learning to adpat to the surrounding and build a good team i use to have. I dont like the part that new partners coming in and you need to teach them all over again! really tired repeating the same thing but to create a good working place for everyone, guess i need to be patient teaching them and never give up helping them out. Got my promotion as part time supervisor and got myself certified as store coffee master recently. something i m proud of XD lets see how long I will last in my working life in Starbucks=)

sudies.. finish my sem3 recently and thank God i pass all my subject.haha.. well.. its very hard to cope when u study while working. its like gonna be extra tired =( but somehow i survive.. well, holiday just end and nex sem just start =) looking forward on more challenge! XDD

plans plans plans.. looking forward to go sabah end of the year to take diving liesen! hahah nothing special for now..still enjoy life.. will update often! =)

The happy go-lucky-girl =)

GOD BLESS folks !