Saturday, June 28, 2008

pRefeCt aNnuAL DiNneR 2008!!

is been a while i dint blog!! well i wanna share about my prefect annual dinner!! the dinner was at tanjung bunga beach hotel.. actually i dint plan to go cos i spend alot of money recently and i m broke.. i don't dare to ask more money from mom.. but my teacher was bugging me and he is like begging me to go.. i feel bad if i don't give him face.. well he even say he will pay for me.. so i decided to go since so many people begging me..haha.. well i did not regret!! i pay the day before the dinner.. hmm... this is my first time i wore saree to dinner!!

i went to this hair salon shop and get my hair set up which i dont really need but just for fun so i go for it..hahaha..then i went to my friend's neighbour house(indian) and asked her to help me in wearing saree which i lend form my friend (Menaga..thanks u sooo much!!!).. it takes around an hour to wear that saree and i was sweating non stop!! so the Indian lady switch on the fan for me.. after the dress up she help me with the make up thinging.. i was so rushed till i forget to bring my accessories and make up set.. so the lady help me to make up using her make up set.. hmm..i feel kinder shy cos i don't really know bout the lady but she was so happy to help me.. she told me she going to make it light for the make up but when i turn over to see myself in the mirror i was shocked!! is like sooo thick and dark!! hahaha..well since the way how Indian make up then i m ok with it la.. hahaha.. then she help me with my hair.. while she was helping me to dress up she give me some advice and teach me how to hold the saree.. it takes me around 1 and a half hour to get everything ready.. then i follow my teacher's car to the dinner..

the dinner was kinder bored(honestly telling you all).. hmm..actually i got lots of comment but i guess i will keep for myself.. but i m still proud of the form4 that you have done your very best.. i hope to see u all improve in future.. keep it up my form4 prefect!! haha..o yeah thanks for the support.. i won best female(i m surprise you all spend so much on prizes.. i get a pen drive!! is like soo expensive!!)..
haha.. actually was aiming lucky draw prize!!! MUAHAHA!!! but at least i get something are some pictures but not all is up yet.. need some time to get the pictures..enjoy!!!! hahaha..

form 5 girls and are looking to another camera..

*me and rahdi(head prefect)* and sorry i dint not win the game.. the game which throw the bread on ur face and you have to catch it with your chopstick which you are biting on it!! hahaha!! it was kinder embrassing!!!

receiving prize from mr.leong for winning best female..thank you to all of you!!! especially the indian lady that help me to dress up!! hehe..

^me & bernard (best female and best is just coincidence that we wore red..hahaha

all form5 prefects.. i m gonna miss you guys!!! from left david,crystal,danny,revathi,navin,me,usha,rahdi,shze chen,menaga,michelle,bernard n wayne..
err..few of them are not there like kitt mun and chee keong..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

aPprEciaTioN LuNch For cOmBiNe SCF cOmMiTtee!!

we get to see each other again for once!!.. lol.. is been some time our camp end and yet we get to gather again.. i mean the committees..hehe.. well i woke up in the morning around 8 just to wake my brother!! then i went to bed again..haha.. i m just too lazy to get up so early.. i wok up around 9.10.. then get ready to go gurney and meet up with my friends.. while was going up and down in gurney plaza, i saw jonathan and kabian so i just get along with them since we all were going to have our lunch later..we went to get a present for mr.michael(the bossman of the camp).. then we went to this seoul korea restaurant to meet the others and have lunch together.. there are 11 of us.. 5 from penang Chinese girl school,3 hamid khan,1 convent pulau tikus,wilson and mr.michael.. at first yi wen (treasurer of the camp) collect student card from us so we could get discount but in the end the cashier just charge us as students without the card cos the person working over there are from hamid khan.. hmm.. hamid khan dont have student card!!! when yi wen ask from us,we stare at mr.michael (PK 1 of Hamid Khan).. he just burst into laughter and just look at the cashier.. *in cashier's mind 'oh! i know what to do sir'*.. hahaha.. lol.. neh.. is joking.. hmm.. i never been to there restaurant before,so cassandar lead us what to do.. now i realize we are eating steamboat and BBQ!! we were having fun.. just take all we want.. here are some pictures but not all!!

sorry i took the picture after we finish the food..haha!! was too hungry!!

the next table!!!

since is self service then i mix alot of things in my drinks!! haha.. there were jelly, some different type of solid thing and rebina and sprit!! lol...

hmm..sarah cooked the eggy!! nice HUH??

these is what happen when wilson's hand come IN!!! ARGH!

here we go again!! 2nd around!!

LEFT OVER EXPERIMENT!!!! I and yi wen cooked it!! although it black but is VERY NICE!!! serious!!

Jonathan and Kabian!! is so hard to take a picture of THEM!! because they just cant stop laughing!! i guess this is the best picture.. they are my junior and committee in CF!!

is me and yi wen(she looks very happy and excited).. she is the 1st person i meet in the camp!! thats why we are so close..haha.. she teach me how to speck Chinese and lots more!!! love her LOTS!! hehe.. oyeah!! i m wearing the necklace that i won in the camp..

+will be more pictures coming up!! sit back and WAITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!+
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ComBine sChOOL cHrisTiaN feLLowShiP caMp!! ^.^

wooo hoo!!! we r the history!!! this is the first time happening in Penang!! sorry for dragging soooo long to post up!! i thought of getting the pictures 1st from our camp paparazzi, kabian but is so hard to get.. so currently i will post without pictures..hmm..the camp in 3 days 2 nights.. i can tell u is VERY FAST!! i mean the camp should be longer cos i been spending few weeks doing the camp thing and during the camp is like very fast it end.. oh well my hard work pays off!! haha.. my school is the co-host and i have to type letters to the government and some of the schools which were invited.. there are some schools invited unofficially because they do not have CF in their school.. we just invite the students which are interested!! hahaha.. i m the camp's secretary, Group A leader and one of the game coordinate. ALOT HUH?? yeah!! damn stress!! lol.. as a camp's secretary, i need to prepare letters and send it out to the school(with Mr.Michael help..hehe..) and prepare certificates for all campers..sorry!! i haven't prepare but u will get it when school reopen!!

+++First Day+++
we check in around 2pm which is on tuesday 27 of May.. then we have our ice-breaker conducted by a guy from PFS.. i think..sorry!! i dont remember..o yeah!! we collect our name tag and camp book during check in.. LOVE THE CAMP BOOK!!! is nice and creative.. let me explain about the groups.. there are 4 groups with different type of colours and there were around 20 people in a group!! alot huh!! after worship we have our fun workshop.. there were 4 fun workshops which every group go to each one.. my group went to workshop 4 which was puppetry theatre.. we learn quiet alot of things and it was very funny and we had lots of FUN playing EXPENSIVE puppet!! haha.. after tea break,we had our games which conducted by Jane(chairlady of the camp).. around 6, everyone went to bath and had dinner.. there was a committee meeting during midnight!! SPOOOOKY!! lol.. lights on everywhere..haha..

+++ Second Day+++
we have our activity which committee have fun 'bullying' others!! then breakfast then morning session which i kinder forgot whats that about.. then we had our first teaching workshop.. there were 4 teaching workshop and our group went to the workshop 2 which is bible knowledge as an SPM subject.. then we went to the 3rd workshop which is witnessing Christ which i miss out cos i went out and buy some materials for my games.. then we had our lunch and free time.. during the free time all groups were preparing their own group presentation for the masquarade night..proceed to next event which is fun workshop.. we went to the stomping and creative dances workshop and fun with pop! workshop.. then we had our tea break.. then is time for GAMES!!! lol.. which was conducted by me..hmm..i wan to apologise about the game!! actually it was suppose to be captain ball and poison ball game but due to the last minute changes during first day night meeting all my games have to be plan over again.. cos the games that we plan might some people don't participate so we plan to play another game.. which is the first 3 games we played.. hmm..sorry to rush all of you and because of time limit i was force to put 10min for a game!!! well, in the end everything was over time but luckily i dint get scold.. shuuuu.. hahaha.. hope you guys enjoy!! Group A win the captain game!! wooo hoo!! LOL... after wash up we had our masquarade night!! which everyone must wear mask!!! then we had our was damn funny and everyone were laughing!! then we had our group presentation.. sorry i cant explain bout it cos i was not there during group presentation.. group was the last group to present so I m there..o yeah!! i love the worship part!! i was filled with Holy Spirit and Pn.Loh prayed for me that night.. this is the 2nd time in my life i was touch by Holy Spirit!! after that we have our committee meeting.. after the meeting,i went to play balloon on the field and i were stung by some ants on my leg!! damn itchy and pain.. after some time it gets better..that night i went to bed around 2am.. hehe..

+++Third Day+++
Everyone over slept till the activity for morning section was after that we had our last workshop which is discovering truths in the chinese language!! this workshop was kinder fun.. all the chinese word is related to Jesus and its fun.. hahaha.. during the worship i were touched by the Holy Spirit again and these time Mr.Michael prayed for me..then we had our lunch.. then we come to our last event.. GRAND finale.. there were gift for all teachers who attended the camp then to all groups.. the winner of group is red hot group!! haha.. one of their member won the best male.. to my surprise i won best female.. very surprise.. hmm.. i thought i m the part of committee and i shouldnt get.. i hope to give other campers..oh well everyone is a winner and we stand for Christ.. check out Aaron Cheong's blog too!!

from left Sarah Choong(bossman's daughter),Jane Lee(chairlady of the camp) & me

a group picture of hamid khan!!! with Pn.Loh,Mr.Michael(Bossman) & Oliver(ex-hk 2005)

We are the history!!! 1st combine christian fellowship camp in Penang Island!! WOOO HOO!!!! thanks for the support alot..