Thursday, June 5, 2008

aPprEciaTioN LuNch For cOmBiNe SCF cOmMiTtee!!

we get to see each other again for once!!.. lol.. is been some time our camp end and yet we get to gather again.. i mean the committees..hehe.. well i woke up in the morning around 8 just to wake my brother!! then i went to bed again..haha.. i m just too lazy to get up so early.. i wok up around 9.10.. then get ready to go gurney and meet up with my friends.. while was going up and down in gurney plaza, i saw jonathan and kabian so i just get along with them since we all were going to have our lunch later..we went to get a present for mr.michael(the bossman of the camp).. then we went to this seoul korea restaurant to meet the others and have lunch together.. there are 11 of us.. 5 from penang Chinese girl school,3 hamid khan,1 convent pulau tikus,wilson and mr.michael.. at first yi wen (treasurer of the camp) collect student card from us so we could get discount but in the end the cashier just charge us as students without the card cos the person working over there are from hamid khan.. hmm.. hamid khan dont have student card!!! when yi wen ask from us,we stare at mr.michael (PK 1 of Hamid Khan).. he just burst into laughter and just look at the cashier.. *in cashier's mind 'oh! i know what to do sir'*.. hahaha.. lol.. neh.. is joking.. hmm.. i never been to there restaurant before,so cassandar lead us what to do.. now i realize we are eating steamboat and BBQ!! we were having fun.. just take all we want.. here are some pictures but not all!!

sorry i took the picture after we finish the food..haha!! was too hungry!!

the next table!!!

since is self service then i mix alot of things in my drinks!! haha.. there were jelly, some different type of solid thing and rebina and sprit!! lol...

hmm..sarah cooked the eggy!! nice HUH??

these is what happen when wilson's hand come IN!!! ARGH!

here we go again!! 2nd around!!

LEFT OVER EXPERIMENT!!!! I and yi wen cooked it!! although it black but is VERY NICE!!! serious!!

Jonathan and Kabian!! is so hard to take a picture of THEM!! because they just cant stop laughing!! i guess this is the best picture.. they are my junior and committee in CF!!

is me and yi wen(she looks very happy and excited).. she is the 1st person i meet in the camp!! thats why we are so close..haha.. she teach me how to speck Chinese and lots more!!! love her LOTS!! hehe.. oyeah!! i m wearing the necklace that i won in the camp..

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