Thursday, May 28, 2009

oUt wItH JL..

lol..promise him few weeks ago that i will go out with him..and i keep postpone our outing cos was too buzy and i could not stay out late at night..we were suppose to go out around 12pm *after i woke up* but as usual.. i was a bit sleepy head* sleep over time.. he called me and told me he was on the way to my house!! i was like OMG! i just woke up...hahahaha.. then he laugh all the way and said YES I KNOW! get ready now and dont sleep.. honestly, i dozed of for 10mins!! opps* he gonna kill me..hahaha..

hmm..he reached my house when i was bathing.. he waited me for half and hour to get ready.. *sigh =.= i m sure he wont wanna go out with me anymore..HAHAHA!! hmm.. on the way to gurney and i suddenly tell him i need to go prangin to collect my phone and pay bill..and he started to STARE AT ME** innocent me+ well, he did not complain instead he use his HP to search for the nearest direction to prangin.. *damn* JEALOUS!!! =p

lol..reached there..faster pay bill and get my baby back..*sayang my baby* then head to gurney to watch movie..hmm.. went to DOME to have our lunch..GOOD thou^^ thanks for the treat.. hmm.. watch night the museum.. err..funny but the story not that interesting and its kinder LAME i meant the stupid lo.. maybe its for the comedy and laugh part la..haha.. well overall its still a good movie and funny^^..

night at the museum^^ hehe

after movie, i was thinking of getting ais-cream..went to hagen daz in pulau tikus then think think.. iaya.. dont wan la..he send me home and get my clothes cos going for dance pratice at night.. hm..went to queensbay.. actually i went to see the menu in hagen daz then i cant find anyone introducing us..i actually wissel.. JL start to walk away and act as if he dont even know me.. i was like.. laughing all the way.. he said i m rude to do that..well he is laughing too!!! haha.. then went to TGI friday.. saw NAVIN!!! talk with him then went in..

lol..i like this picture but quality kinder weird..but still i like it..thanks JL...hehe

ok..i have a very weird FACE!! with navin..

hmm..environment was nice and they were like shouting for some1's birthday..haha celebrating.. was a really friendly thou.. overall was SUPER GOOD AS WELL THE BILL!!! hahaha.. you can say that.. MUCH BETTER THAN T-BOWL! haha.. we had steak and ais-cream pie* i think thats all it was called* after we had our steak..the dessert came..

JL : i m sure you cannot finish those..
SK : i will show u that i will finish those!!! =p
*after 20min*
SK : *sobbing* help me pls...
JL : LMOA!!!! TOLD YA!!!
SK : fine.. U WIN! =p was suppose to be 2 person portion!!!
JL : lets have a look at the menu...
SK : ok..U WIN AGAIN! argh!!!

around 9.30..went off to yin yee's house for dance pratise..then went home around day!! cool..aint gonna cool TOMOROW!!! hais...WORK WORK WORK..

i m tired of working
i mean i dont have much freedom
and i dont think i m having a healthy lifestyle now..
WANT LAU KONG!!! haha.. *joe, i miss u!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

3D mOvIe^^ MoNstErs Vs ALiEnS

the 1st 3D movie in PENANG!!! i think**
THE ONLY LUCKY ONE!!! *muahahahaha*

*feels proud* lol..well its the 1st experience right so i m HAPPY!!! yeah i know u song will be thinking i m bored with those 3D and its like centuries ago.. I KNOW!!! KL HAVE EVERYTHING!! =p i LOVE PENANG EVEN IS ABIT SLOW...haha.. i always wanted to watch 3D movie and back in KL trip few months ago.. my bf wanted to bring me for 3D movie but got no time and dont have much movies..*BORED*

o well..guess what, last Friday i went for a movie with crystal.. hmm.. we wanted to watch in Queensbay but there were no seat.. hmm.. after my work, called her.. next thing.. we both went to gurney and last minutes thinking "gosh, what to watch??"
Ladie : we have angels and demons 11++ and bla bla bla.. WE HAVE ALIEN VS MONSTERS
3D!!! 1st time in PENANG and the only day and only movie...
Crystal : *look at me with her goodie eyes* PLEASEEEEE
Me : OH...FINE!!!!

anyway here were some pictures..*damn HP SPOIL AGAIN* camera doesnt WORK!!

taaa daaa.. 3D movie in GURNEY!!!! TOLD CYA!!!!

poster UP! Monsters Vs Aliens

ticket to go in..WOO HOO 3D MAN!!!

cool huh... it will look good on ME!!! =p

yup 3D...handle with CARE!!

instrutions..bla bla bla... i WOULD STEAL IT!

ticket masuk.. *OK*

well, no food and drinks are not call MOVIE!! FINE! here is the truth.. i did not TOOK MY DINNER!! =p

yup..look good on me!! hahaha.. *think face as usual* lol.. i m kinder in a mess.. cause in a rush to take picture before the lights went off..

hmm..well..nothing special but i could actually see the differences and effect.. its kinder cool but not much effect thou.. it something very advance that i experience before..haha.. so total is *COOL* +tumbs up+ for the 1st time! haha.. joe,its ok you did not take me for those 3D movie back in KL.. i understand.. gtg now.. off to bed.. o yeah..i saw few of my seniors today during working.. what you expect?? Queensbay *public malls* haha..

P.S. hp camera SPOIL!!! kena ticket saman!!! damn** how much m i going to spend this dog's medical fees..*sob sob* pocket got HOLE d.. choau....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

dAy WitH bOsS oNLy!!!

11.34am message from my supervisor : hey baby, sorry!!! VERY VERY SORRY!!! i wont be coming to work today.. i got diarrhea..sam will be replacing me.. u will be working ONLY with him today..VERY SORRY !!!

11.54am replied by sk : its ok.. i think i m fine with him.. you take your rest..k.(NUUUUUU!!!!! I CANT SURVIVE.. CRYING FOR HELP.......)

oh great.. yeah..wonder why?? my supervisor dint not came for work and one of the waiter off day so my boss need to work to replace my supervisor.. i was like WTF!! me and boss only??? GOSH!! this is not going to be good.. hmm.. end up i beh syok him for some thing.. hais.. any way i promised my friend(one of the cheff) to post this for him.. hmm.. he went to this course in the morning on some cooking thing.. so when he get back work in the evening, he tried to make something which he learn over there..everything is about he end up saying " buat potato sendiri pun potato " LMAO!!!!! is a picture!!

this was the 1st dish.. hmm.. the brown thing above is a potato.. actually he blended a chicken,squid and fish with it..then he made it into a round shape and covered with bread flour ( i think ).. after that, he stuff the french fries into it..LOL! i was thinking it doesnt LOOK NICE!!! i was suggesting him to put ais-cream stick instead but then he said french fries was the title of it and its his wife's favourite food.. i was like..OHH..OK!! and i actually gave it a name for the dish.. its called "fries of lovers story" .. weird but he likes it..hahaha..just for the fun of it... goes the 2nd dish..yeah.. i know..this looks better right?? but honestly the 1st dish taste better than the 2nd 1.. both r nice but i love the 1st 1..hehe.. ok.. i m not really sure on how the progress works on the 2nd dish.. what i know is.. he slide a big potato and boil it til its soft then he smash it and mix with some flour.. yeah its something like process of making smash potato.. later, he make the whole thing into a round shape and put something inside.. i think its a meat.. i m not so sure of that cos i dint saw what he actually put.. then he cover the whole thing up and put it into a bowl of water so that he wash off all the flour around..then he put the bread flour or that thing which i m not sure how it calls.. finally he fried it.. WA LAAAAA... the food is ready.. *tumbs UP* GOOODDDDDD!!!! =D lets BRAVO for cheff Alex..hehe

of course it comes with a drink!! LOL.. yeah.. someone bought 100plus and everyone is sharing.. I GOT MINE TOO^^ hehe***

pic of my day** looks weird but i like it..haha.. DONT SAY I LOOK LIKE A 10years old KID!!! ARGH!! GONNA BITE U OFF..

P.S. my lips keep bleeding.. i did not drink much water and my lips break.. now.. looks like a cut on my lips.. kinder obvious** damn..IT HURT!! help me pls... hopefully to be back..^^ bye

Monday, May 11, 2009

kT & jOrDan bIrthday!

this blog was suppose to be yesterday but due to some this constrution thing on blogspot i were not able to post anything..well, 1st of all wanted to wish Keat tatt and jordan happy b'lated birthday.. LOL!!! last saturday after my work, i m and suppose to hang out with others for yam cha.. thought wanted to go batu ferringgi but most of them could not make it cos its too far and its late d.. so end up all at kayu beside vistana hotel (usual place).. took my bath then head to kayu around 11.30 end up all dont wan go except crystal and keat tatt.. well, 2 of them better than non..LOL! on our way to kayu, kt's bro called him and wished him happy birthday.. me and crystal was like looking at each other and forgotten his birthday!! LOL!.. sorry dude!! well, we wished him after that.. we had our supper over there.. hmm... after our makan, we went to find some mini market which sells small candle so we could use the candle and put on top of the ais-cream and start to sing birthday song.. too bad.. could not find any.. hmm.. then we called jordan up and wish him to and thought of hang out with him but all kopitiam at gurney drive all close d.. so we end up at crystal's house.. we prepared something for kt..

taaa daaaa.. sorry ya tatt!! we dont know how to do d.. its a small piece of cake surrounded with cookies that crystal made and chocolates..haha.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

the botak head with his *special birthday cake* +smile all the way+

make wish..

forcing him to eat all eventhough he is full..haha

lol..why is yoshi looking at him.. *nope not for u,yoshi*

then we play tv.. end up ZZZZZZZZZZ hahaha.. kt say he is going for jogging later with his friends around 6.30am.. left an hour to sleep.. 6.30am crystal woke me and kt.. guess what 3 of us did?? HEAD TO THE BED!!! hahahahaha... 3 of us blur blur walking up to the stairs.. terus sleep** SNOR+++++++

woke up around 10.30 then get ready go home.. both of them follow me.. i went home and change and took a quick bath..reach qbm ngam ngam in time to start work.. but i curi come out and had breakfast with friends..LOL!!! then work for 9 torturing hours!! i bought a cake too cos i thought wanted to join kt's outing after my work..

back home around 10.30.. by the time call him was too late.. but i dont know how we end up in pub at e-gate..haha.. my mom warn me that i m not allow to go and i actually sneek out..over night at crystal's house also i did not tell my mom.. if she finds out she is gonna kill me..LOL!.. hmm.. there were around 7 of us.. kt,jordan(both birthday boys), jun heong, li ji, kitt mun, me and crystal.. talk crap and play poker over there.. some of us had beer and others with some blended drinks..not to forget, we celebrate kt and jordan birthday with the cake i bought for them..

nice moon thou...

the birthday cake..hehe.. both of u should thank me!!!

lights on..*singing*

lol..real cake with LONG WISH!! hahaha

jordan and kt cutting the cake..

something i share with jordan...hmm.. not consider share cos he took 1 bottle and i took

lol..kitt mun with him peace sign..haha

boys playing poker..

me and crystal..haha

crystal's ais-cream

me and jordan

me and kt..

we went home around happy birthday to both of u guys.. guess what?? both of them not only same birthday but same class, same badge to go NS and same NS place!! lol.. eh,kt u memang ada jodoh with jordan la..hahahahah!!!! opps**

P.S i m curing my boss now!! q mo and SHORTY!!! wan hear more?? ask me..LOL!.. haha.. dont know why.. i jus hate HIM!! anyway see ya..bye

Thursday, May 7, 2009

eLLiOt's nEw ALbuM

Elliot Yamin's new album (Fight For Love) is OUT NOW!!!

actually was on store on 5th of may!! hais.. too bad i dont get to buy any..*pocket got hole* Anyway here is the official video of Fight for love.. hmm.. wasnt that good but still he is doing very well.. *proud of u*

I M A FAN OF ELLIOT!!! haha...

a pic of him^^ in case u dont know him** hehe

+his new album+

*do comment*

i just talked to ah song on phone.. he sound so moody.. 1st thing from him is "YOUR VOICE SO CUTE" Damn!! i thought i remember someone tell me that my voice are marture now compare to last time!! NOW!! see whats happen.. *make me feel like i m a little girl* =p talked to him for few min at least could make him laugh and smile.. *lol* sang him twinkle little star song..LOL!!!!! he was like saying "ur cute voice singing twinkle little star song..HAHAHAHA" *fine... well, for the sake of making someone feel better when he is moody yeah why not make him feel better right?? haha.. hopefully could make him feel better la..

2am now..
work time = 12.30am
wake up = 11.45am
get ready = 10min
time to reach = 10min
balik kampung = 9.30pm
gtg *nite nite folks

tirEd Day

today is my 4th day working at the new place.. still some of you all dont know where i work.. haha.. ok.. will tell u then.. actually now i m working in t-bowl queensbay.. cuci toilet?? NOPE!!! its a restaurant..haha.. well its just beside cinema.. now i have tell u where i work so DO VISIT ME!!! =p

my work is q tiring la.. need to stand all the time.. i only get to sit when i eat.. they provide lunch and dinner for me..honestly even i never taste the food before i dont feel the food is nice.. haha.. well,the lunch and dinner of course they cook for me but its different.. its for all workers.. now i realize my mom's cook is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!! hahaha...

hmm..although my boss is not around everytime but he will come after 9pm.. he still will know what we doing the whole day.. DAMN!!! there were around ! *3 CCTV!!! WTH!fine* anyway.. hopefully new post will be up soon.. cos my besties birthday is this sunday and he is coming back from NS this week..LOL!! miss him.. not telling til i put up new post..haha.. *choau...

my spammer miss me!!!
only get to on9 after 11
cos i work til 9.30 for this week
and nex week is 10.30!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SuNdaY Off..^^

ARGH!! again Sunday*
rot at home again n again n again..
cos usually Sunday everyone went out!
the girl in the house only wakes up after 12pm!! LOL!!
so end up..
*scretch my head*
-damn no one at home again..all OUT!!!

hmm...well, i guess today is my last day of holiday before i start my new job. hmm.. earlier the manager called me to start work on Monday instead of Tuesday.. *BAH* 1 day left to enjoy... called crystal out to catch up some movies.. off my house around 7.30pm pick crystal and off to gurney.. guess what?? she bought me some cookies that she baked.. *yum yum.. wow!!! it really TASTE GOOD!!! and its a start shape..LOL!!!

finish the 4cookies in 10min..
crystal: WTH! finish???
me : WHAT!!! its just taste so good *finger licking
crystal : fine.. i bring more nex time..
LOL!!!! haha....

off to hawker food nearby.. ate chicken skin *tumbs up...(whoever dont like dont giv me that FACE!!!!) fries and fried oyster..DAMN! *its so expensive...ARGH!!! rushing cos got around 30min til the show starts..we watched X-Men..heard was nice and yeah..its good thou...

o yeah..the guy with sword is HAWT.. least i find something *interesting* in the movie..LOL!!!

after movie, went to play some games in arcade.. went home..OMG!!! force myself to eat a HUGE CRAB!!! damn..I HATE IT (well,honestly).. seriously, i feel like wormitting now but i cant!! my dad caught for me..*damn* TIME FOR BED!!! tomorow is a big day..

new work

new job

new life

new uniform

new friend

new place

new food (lol..never forget)


Friday, May 1, 2009

mY LaSt dAy oF WoRk

yup..yesterday was my last day of my office work.. wow.. times passes too fast.. i could not imagine i had worked there for 5months d. GOSH!!! well, although the paid is very low but i enjoy.. after working for so long, there were lots of my friends asking me what i do in office cos i get to online all times and play game (oops.. my boss KNOW!!!) hmm..all along i been doing research and key in those data i found in the net.. thats all.. thats why i been ON9 all times..LOL!!! my working hours is from 9 to 6pm which is only on monday til friday..haha.. good thing bout working there is i can go very late as long i work 8hours.. honestly i everyday LATE!!! i will reached office around 9.50 nearly 10am.. then open computer, go pantry and get some food and make nescafe.. 1st thing i will do is on my MSN!!! LOL!!! then talked with my friends and check mail and stuff... i will work after an hour..

sometimes make jokes and talk round.. like this jeremiah trick me few days ago.. i was like listening to some music using my hp.. i was i said i do research means i will open lots of website and some got songs on their website.. he goes like

jeremiah : wei, u phone ringing...
me : huh?? *take my headphone down and i actually heard some songs.. *take my hp up.. NO CALLS!!! GREAT, he is LMAO...ARGH!!!
i was actually listening to music on my hp and how did i not know IF SOMEONE CALL ME!!! damn!! he got me..cis..

yup.. u can see how i ENJOY my life in office..
no touturing at all..
my boss pass by me everytime and can see me chatting all the time also dint say anything..
so DONT SAY ME!!! buleck =p

here is me and jeremiah

me and my supervisor.. he is a nice guy.. shud talk to him.. those were like all volgar words from him and by listening will keep u laughing..haha

i will be working in Queensbay..
whoever went..
find me la.k!
see ya folks..
wow..realize i m old..
arches everywhere after badminton..
off to bed