Friday, May 1, 2009

mY LaSt dAy oF WoRk

yup..yesterday was my last day of my office work.. wow.. times passes too fast.. i could not imagine i had worked there for 5months d. GOSH!!! well, although the paid is very low but i enjoy.. after working for so long, there were lots of my friends asking me what i do in office cos i get to online all times and play game (oops.. my boss KNOW!!!) hmm..all along i been doing research and key in those data i found in the net.. thats all.. thats why i been ON9 all times..LOL!!! my working hours is from 9 to 6pm which is only on monday til friday..haha.. good thing bout working there is i can go very late as long i work 8hours.. honestly i everyday LATE!!! i will reached office around 9.50 nearly 10am.. then open computer, go pantry and get some food and make nescafe.. 1st thing i will do is on my MSN!!! LOL!!! then talked with my friends and check mail and stuff... i will work after an hour..

sometimes make jokes and talk round.. like this jeremiah trick me few days ago.. i was like listening to some music using my hp.. i was i said i do research means i will open lots of website and some got songs on their website.. he goes like

jeremiah : wei, u phone ringing...
me : huh?? *take my headphone down and i actually heard some songs.. *take my hp up.. NO CALLS!!! GREAT, he is LMAO...ARGH!!!
i was actually listening to music on my hp and how did i not know IF SOMEONE CALL ME!!! damn!! he got me..cis..

yup.. u can see how i ENJOY my life in office..
no touturing at all..
my boss pass by me everytime and can see me chatting all the time also dint say anything..
so DONT SAY ME!!! buleck =p

here is me and jeremiah

me and my supervisor.. he is a nice guy.. shud talk to him.. those were like all volgar words from him and by listening will keep u laughing..haha

i will be working in Queensbay..
whoever went..
find me la.k!
see ya folks..
wow..realize i m old..
arches everywhere after badminton..
off to bed


Danes Ooi said...

lol... u declare urself old ady har??? then ma i become granpa ma... lol u r working at queensbay??? where??? apala... u keep working wan... live for work har??? apa u...

sook koon said...

hahah..kenot meh?? LOL!!! almost jadi d lo..haha..yup..toilet bowl beside the cinema.. APA.. kenot work then do what?? no money le.. u giv me la..ishhhh..