Thursday, May 7, 2009

tirEd Day

today is my 4th day working at the new place.. still some of you all dont know where i work.. haha.. ok.. will tell u then.. actually now i m working in t-bowl queensbay.. cuci toilet?? NOPE!!! its a restaurant..haha.. well its just beside cinema.. now i have tell u where i work so DO VISIT ME!!! =p

my work is q tiring la.. need to stand all the time.. i only get to sit when i eat.. they provide lunch and dinner for me..honestly even i never taste the food before i dont feel the food is nice.. haha.. well,the lunch and dinner of course they cook for me but its different.. its for all workers.. now i realize my mom's cook is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!! hahaha...

hmm..although my boss is not around everytime but he will come after 9pm.. he still will know what we doing the whole day.. DAMN!!! there were around ! *3 CCTV!!! WTH!fine* anyway.. hopefully new post will be up soon.. cos my besties birthday is this sunday and he is coming back from NS this week..LOL!! miss him.. not telling til i put up new post..haha.. *choau...

my spammer miss me!!!
only get to on9 after 11
cos i work til 9.30 for this week
and nex week is 10.30!!!

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