Thursday, May 28, 2009

oUt wItH JL..

lol..promise him few weeks ago that i will go out with him..and i keep postpone our outing cos was too buzy and i could not stay out late at night..we were suppose to go out around 12pm *after i woke up* but as usual.. i was a bit sleepy head* sleep over time.. he called me and told me he was on the way to my house!! i was like OMG! i just woke up...hahahaha.. then he laugh all the way and said YES I KNOW! get ready now and dont sleep.. honestly, i dozed of for 10mins!! opps* he gonna kill me..hahaha..

hmm..he reached my house when i was bathing.. he waited me for half and hour to get ready.. *sigh =.= i m sure he wont wanna go out with me anymore..HAHAHA!! hmm.. on the way to gurney and i suddenly tell him i need to go prangin to collect my phone and pay bill..and he started to STARE AT ME** innocent me+ well, he did not complain instead he use his HP to search for the nearest direction to prangin.. *damn* JEALOUS!!! =p

lol..reached there..faster pay bill and get my baby back..*sayang my baby* then head to gurney to watch movie..hmm.. went to DOME to have our lunch..GOOD thou^^ thanks for the treat.. hmm.. watch night the museum.. err..funny but the story not that interesting and its kinder LAME i meant the stupid lo.. maybe its for the comedy and laugh part la..haha.. well overall its still a good movie and funny^^..

night at the museum^^ hehe

after movie, i was thinking of getting ais-cream..went to hagen daz in pulau tikus then think think.. iaya.. dont wan la..he send me home and get my clothes cos going for dance pratice at night.. hm..went to queensbay.. actually i went to see the menu in hagen daz then i cant find anyone introducing us..i actually wissel.. JL start to walk away and act as if he dont even know me.. i was like.. laughing all the way.. he said i m rude to do that..well he is laughing too!!! haha.. then went to TGI friday.. saw NAVIN!!! talk with him then went in..

lol..i like this picture but quality kinder weird..but still i like it..thanks JL...hehe

ok..i have a very weird FACE!! with navin..

hmm..environment was nice and they were like shouting for some1's birthday..haha celebrating.. was a really friendly thou.. overall was SUPER GOOD AS WELL THE BILL!!! hahaha.. you can say that.. MUCH BETTER THAN T-BOWL! haha.. we had steak and ais-cream pie* i think thats all it was called* after we had our steak..the dessert came..

JL : i m sure you cannot finish those..
SK : i will show u that i will finish those!!! =p
*after 20min*
SK : *sobbing* help me pls...
JL : LMOA!!!! TOLD YA!!!
SK : fine.. U WIN! =p was suppose to be 2 person portion!!!
JL : lets have a look at the menu...
SK : ok..U WIN AGAIN! argh!!!

around 9.30..went off to yin yee's house for dance pratise..then went home around day!! cool..aint gonna cool TOMOROW!!! hais...WORK WORK WORK..

i m tired of working
i mean i dont have much freedom
and i dont think i m having a healthy lifestyle now..
WANT LAU KONG!!! haha.. *joe, i miss u!!!


Danes Ooi said...

i juz watch the nite of the museum 2 yesterday... overall ok niah.. i expected more then tat.. haiz... quite disappointed la... overall.. haha.. how r u nowdays???

sook koon said...

lol..yeah yeah yeah!!! the story was not that good and kinder lousy lo.. but still its funny la..well its comedy..haha. hmm.. i m great!!!