Sunday, June 7, 2009

oFf tO DaMai LauT

hmm.. my family's usual vacation place.. went there every year.. i did not post bout this trip last year and i dont remember why..haha.. ok.. back to the post..
Saturday morning = 6am
mom came in..
mom : we will be going to perak later 7am..
me : huh?? WTH!!!! saturday is the 1st time i got double PAID!! damn* i need to skip??
mom : yeah!! dad ask to..
me : NO WAY!! not going *put blankets on*ignore her..

oh, i did not sleep well cos i m totally awake!! THANKS TO COFFEE that i drank before i off to bed.. hmm..around 7am, heard noise downstairs.. wait awhile* hoping they went off without me then i can go down and get something to eat since i m totally AWAKE!! no noise from downstairs..hmm.. i think they went off.. went down* GREAT!!! mom suddenly appear..
mom : oh.great! u r awake.. get ready and pack everything in 10min..
me : *crying* NUUUUU.. fine.. i GO! *get ready and pick 2 clothes and took my teddy.. went into the car..NOW!! dad cant stop laughing at me!!
dad : OMG! how old r u?? still bring along teddy bear.. HAHAHA!!!
me : DOZED OFF!!!!

arrived around lunch time.. hmm 3hours ride.. did not eat much along the journey.. reach hotel.. *finding for my own room.. my family got 1 room and my uncle was at another room.. by 2pm most of the man set off to the beach.. i went to bed^^ around evening, everyone went to the beach and i m still sleeping.. woke up *look around* oh,no one tv**

swiss garden.. i m staying in the bangalow not apartment

LOOK AT THE BED!! SWEET MAMA!! teddy..haha of the best part too^^

after half an hour..everyone came home with wet clothes.. my aunty was like scolding me.."eh, you come here to sleep and watch tv ar??" LOL!!! =p i like it..haha i did not regret it in fact i enjoy my SLEEP!! at night went to next door for steamboat(dinner).. everyone was like cursing over the mosquito.. i was wearing short pants and i dint even feel any mosquito..hahaha!!! got lots of FOOD!! then head off to my bangalow and eat which watching tv..sleep around 1am


woke up at 7am for breakfast.. went to beach.. ooo** fishing competition.. o yeah, not mistaken i think i saw hamid khan canteen uncle..LOL! i think.. malays along the beach.. went to another side of the beach..gosh** few of us only.. saw my dad *korek siput* and my mom collecting it..haha.. yup,thats the pupose of the trip.. KOREK SIPUT!!! well, its fun.. hang around not even 1hour then went back to the bangalow that i stay to sleep..*damn* realize i m a PIG!! haha.. sleep til 12pm (time to check out)..haha..

place to makan

err..view from place to makan..i think..

here is the competition.. yup..lots of malays..

another side of the beach..LOL!! no people..haha

mom..collecting siput..i mean choosing...

thats how we KOREK..err.. i dont even know them but we came with them..

my parents' effort..lots of it!! and its DAMN HEAVY!

haha.. i like this pic..its me and the crab that my dad caught..LOL! anyway i m not scared of crab but i dont like to eat..

best part was we went to another side of the beach..other area not in swiss garden.. went to catch something which is VERY WEIRD..haha.. just cos of the tinny legs of the thing i call it as sea insects..haha but i know its not.. caught lots of it then went to see turtle..its so CUTE!! i mean the small 1 and the HUGE 1 is so COOL!! haha.. *kinder enjoy la..

tinny 1..they are total BLACK!!

err..teenager.. i suppose..

haha..big 1..

last but not least..HUGE 1..haha

turtle bone display..

WOW!! sounds like 1 of the oldest creature in the world.. COOL!!

safe our turtle..!!

hmm..holidays was boring and tired.. not that fun..*dont like*

P.S i stop working i m staying at home sleep and EAT!! haha.. off to bed now.. tata

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