Monday, June 29, 2009


OMG!!! HI!!!!!!!!
SO....MISSS ME?????
aww.. i know u all miss me and my words, my pretty pictures and stuff..
thats so sweet *thick face*

LOL!! its been a while since i blog.. hmm..almost half month?? yeah..maybe.. i promise u guys that i m going to post bout this cameron trip but i end up did not YET!!! somehow i m going to post it after i get the PICTURES!!! as i said without pic would be very boring..haha..

coming up post would be cameron trip, and dinner with yung and fuz in tao(japanese buffect).. hopefully i could post something up before its too late..haha.. anyway gonna tell u abit on what i did today... o yeah..before that, i m FREAKING SICK NOW!!! runing nose,sore throat and snezzing all times..HELP ME*****need a personal nurse..hehe

basicly i m sick maybe cos of my tide schedule everyday..after work got dance practise then...and more..haha.. rainning cats and dogs almost everyday..oh gosh** i m coughing non stop now.. i apologise for not attending my best friend,yung farewell party.. VERY SORRY YUNG WEI!!! but i acompany her for a while today..

woke up around 12++ then send yung to her bf house then went kdu to find ryan.. then off to gurney alone.. bought transformer ticket.. this is my 1st time in my life watching movie alone and its fun... i had a great time.. i been wondering and asking people around on accompany me to watch that movie too bad it end up not successful or it wont happen..yeah..see my shoutout in facebook..lots of comment**sign** end up find a perfect patner for my movie!! IT MYSELF.. watching by myself doesnt hurt so bad in fact i had fun.. certain people would just prefer staying at home and watch since alone and it would be sucks if alone.. that perception is wrong for me.. i lov movies.. even if i m alone i would just go for it.. i guess i will go alone if i could not find any compainion..hehe

after movie went to meet yung at hawker food..had dinner with her and her friends.. hmm.. head back home then** reach home around 10++ wow!!! early.. looking forward on tomorow mini gathering.. having small gathering at andrew's house since he is leaving to australia soon.. we plan go out watch movie but andrew's dad do not allow him to go in cinema..u know** might got health problem since he is leaving very soon..actually we will be watching movie at his house at night..around 7 of us..hopefully i will take more pic and post up..i got work tomorow** choa folk

i m sick of being sick..
runing nose..
sore throat
no voice..
i need DOCTOR CHAN!!!! ARGH***

current song = nobody by Wondergirls

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