Monday, July 6, 2009

tHe DaY


hmm..not mistaken is my friend jaja last day of work in vinstella.. well, i dont know much bout her.. she is working beside my shop.. usually when we work alone in our own shop we take turn to look after each other shop when one of wanted to go toilet..thats how i start to talk to her and know her..although i know her for a short period but still we make a good friend...

me and jaja

then after work head to up shze chen,michelle, stef and her friends from same school.. steff came back few days for holidays.. we had a great and crazy time.. we get along with her friends very well and stuff.. steff drove us to batu feringgi cos her friends jus LOVE PENANG!! get her phone cover..



me, michelle and chen..


after work then went off to fetch keat tatt.. went for dinner at pekaka.. we have plans but was too tired and lazy.. well,if you dont have heart to do i just dont wan to do.. its a tough choice on doing something end up.. he say.. if both r important to u and could not decide which one u should go then dont go at all..SLEEP!! LOL.. later on win shen come and join us for dinner.. we had a great time talking until 9..i think.. damn** we had lots of fun..haha.. most of the time they were teasing me and stuff.. *kena bully teruk**

then later on went to fetch crystal nearby then head to gurney.. lots of poeple on the cinema area.. we wanted to watch movie but dont know what to watch.. so we just line up for no reasons cos we saw lots of poeple lining up..its like** joining the crowd!! LOL!.. haha.. then we ask for ice age 3 and transformer but all full except reservation.. we waited beside the counter for 10mins then we faster rush in to buy the ticket.. watch transformer AGAIN!!! *3rd time watching..

went to arcade play game with win been a while he get his ass off to!!! SEE HIM!! he dance like raping people..** he gonna kill me if he sees this..hahah.. any way he caught everyone's attention.. saw my collegeous, jien yee..

went in cinema.. i started to ask 3 of them whether they watch the movie d anot.. they were like saying "yes,this is the 2nd time watching" i was wondering why we still sit here and watch again?? LOL!.. nvm...its a good seat so no worries.. finish movie around 3am.. *sign.. I GOT WORK TOMOROW!! argh!


MEEEE!!! boring during working..haha


nothing usual.. head to work and stuff.. then came back cook cintan mee.. i thought my mom would have cook something for saw what i cook and said i m dumb!! cos its not nice..HE DINT EAT THAT AND HE COMPLAIN!! ARGH!...


i m late for work today..went to find munir.. kacau him and's the pic.. me and him camwhoring...

me and munir

he is trying to act CUTE!!! =p

yeah..he is kinder cute but not as cute as me..=p hahahaha

lol..candid.. chu chu mouth..

last pic of the day!!! tata

hmm.. got few visitor today.. wayne visited me and officially invited me to his farewell party..*aww u r so sweet.. chat with him awhile... hmm.. hanniel came and return me something.. we had a big fight.. i cane him lots of times using ruler..*U DESERVE IT!!! =p then boey came to HUNT ME!! lol.. is the 1st time she came and visit me.. she accompany me til i close the shop..haha...

head off to bed now
gonna update if i got pic..
sorry for the late one..
coming up soon..
hope so..
joe i miss u!!

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