Wednesday, July 8, 2009

iTs FunNy and YeT a Bad TraGic off day.. argh!!! i m dead on my bed..haha.. overslept.. sleep almost more than 12hours..haha.. yeap.. i sleep alot when no one disturb me.. hmm.. went to friend house... oh bitten by her cat.. that cat is like SO DAMN INNOCENT!! lol.. that cat aint innocent at all.. always out of nowhere then sudden attack..attack the dog all times..sign**

i was like patting the cat then out of no where i stop.. that cat stare at me** o.O innocent** then again jump on my hand with the sharp claws.. was like biting for 5sec.. its like the cat was holding my hand with claws and take the sweet time biting.. and me?? swinging my hand and start shouting.. LOL!! on the 2nd thought i dont wan to hurt the cat so i swing it soft end up i push the cat hard away from my hand..

*ARGH!!! hand bleeding.. went to wash my hand.. realize got 3 deep scratches and 2 holes(teeth) on my hand.. *ouch* then my friend apply some gel onto the wound so the blood would eventually cloth.. blood coming out bit by bit** yuck!!! got few parts my skin came off and reddish.. the obvious 1 is the bleeding one..hmm..might take some time to heal...*sob sob

the love mark that cat gave me..more like love BITE!! *hard one* ouch!!!

then went to Qbm to watch dance,subaru.. kt almost shed his tears!! LOL!! do i.. haha.. kinder touching and its a nice movie..haha.. remember to impress me!!! i was excited when i saw DBSK in the movie..haha!! damn** they r cute and handsome...AHHH!! haha...o yeah..the main character,Subaru was very pretty and beautiful..


DBSK performing in the movie...

Subaru with DBSK..yeah..she is gorgeous..

gotta choa.. work morning and its late now..damn***
again i will be late?? hahaha..
try my best to be early this time..
my wound still hurts..
hmm..maybe gonna see doctor tomorrow for injection
in case some infection..LOL!!!

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