Sunday, July 26, 2009

AndrEw's faReWeLL gaTheRinG...

its long time ago..hmm...not mistaken more than a month..yeah!! hmm.. just random briefing la.. not much people turn up but still we having lots of fun^^.. i went there after my work around 7pm.. was a bit early and i thought of helping him with some cooking or preparing.. all of them came around 8pm.. elsie,amos and carinn did not make it.. we only have andrew,luke,yin yee,esther and me on the table.. we had dinner together before we start our movie.. i still remember we were very noisy while eating.. andrew prepare something "generation secret recepi" so i m not sure what it call with bread.. although all of us were different age yet we still get along very huh?? haha..

we spend around 1 hour to eat..LOL! then watch transformer in the dinning room.. wondering why dint go cinema instead?? well, andrew is going off in few days and his dad dont allow him to go for cinema cos might get any health problem... me and andrew having hard time hunting for the DVD cos its new and we dont have a good one.. but still watchable..haha..LOL! andrew even prepared custard for deserts..was GOOD!!

why i blog now?? cos i jus got the picture form yin yee..hahah!!! have a look..

lining up for food..yeahh..thats what andrew cook for us..and its really very delicious..TRUST ME!!! look weird but nice..

andrew serving us...

that's the custard that andrew prepared.. kinder sweet.. most of us lov the sweetness of is luke with his sexy style of sitting..LOL!!! well,he got long legs and he is flexible..HAHAHA!!!

here is andrew and luke..the only 2guys..

me and luke..yeah i know..this picture damn damn weird..

lol..luke looks excited..he cant wait till the movie start..

me and yin yee.. why my face so white...

the girls..i look like if i was force to smile..

luke and the GIRLS!! haha

andrew and the girls..damn**

group picture..

our target is LUKE!!! muahahaha XD

will blog tonight or something la.k.
i will blog often this days..

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