Monday, July 13, 2009

GeT oVer IT duDe!! yOu dEserVe betTer^^

gonna blog something bout last friday.. hmm.. as usual i worked in the morning.. was online and play games whole day but sales were not bad afterall..haha... o yeah, i had lunch with allan.. he is my friend that i met in work back in the office..LOL! he is the only person that i m close with..haha..well, all were adults so do him but i dont know why i get along with him well.. we crap alot whenever we met each other..haha.. we went to kim gary.. was not that good!!! i think that would be the last i would step in there..haha..who knoes!!!

me and last we could take picture together..haha

went to wayne's farewell party.. *damn i went to wayne party but not yung..oh,great wat a bff m i!! LOL!* i got excuses on that so dont blame me!!hmm..basicly i went to wayne's party cos he came to find me at my work place one week before the party and officially invited me to his party.. he hold lots of party but i dont attend his party often.. i only went once during his birthday back in form3..yup* long time..LOL.. gonna intro abit bout wayne over here.. i been close with him since form3. We both were the same group(prefect) so we usually got for duty together and we share stories and stuff..thats where i get to be close with him.. the best part was he followed me to peek at joe!! haha.. he sure know lots of my expression that time.. he would just laugh at me and giving me over a weird look whenver i get excited!! LOL!!!

wayne u r a great patner and a friend.. we dont contact much after high school but still keep in touch as friends.. any way the party was great.. too bad i leave early if not i would have join the fun.. o yeah, he is a part time bartender at HOME!! damn** he make good cocktails..LOL! he made me 2drinks..haha.. just wish him goodluck in his studies and life..

me and shze chen...ready for a drink!!!

the bar!!

everything is ready!!!

everything is on the it!! LOL..not all** haha

wayne is on the move!!

not mistaken this is margarita..shze chen's drink...

ahh..babe,its just sex on the 1st cocktail wayne made for me!! lol..*taste good*

blue lagoon..ok ok la..haha.. ian help me with the half of it..LOL

me and waynnie!! lol...

after the party around 9pm, i went to pick up michelle.. we were heading to sunset bistro.. *damn!! rain rain..yeah.. did not turn on very well.. went to pick up crystal too in gurney.. we ordered drinks..all of us were rushing cos we saw lightning strike above the sea..on a secound thought, GOD's creation were beautiful..yeah..the lightning was nice but scary..

rushed to my car..everyone were wet..not completely wet..haha.. hmm.. we wanted to go gurney for a movie but too lazy and everyone was too tired.. so we head home.. i drop michelle then crystal and shze chen.. althought its short but we had a great time..any way shze chen, do cheer up and be happy all times.ok?? sometimes feeling of love overtake you..just be strong!!!

for the fun of it!! haha..its me!!emo**

arh!! late d..gtg..bed
i m sure i will be late for work again..haha..

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