Thursday, July 30, 2009

fArEwELL jiUn Yee

as i promise a post will be up soon and i delay it due to my baby was in hospital.. yeah!!! I accidentally drop my hp then i need to get it repair for RM40!!! DAMN!!! now my baby is with me safe and steady..LOL!!! hmm..nothing much.. last Saturday, after my dance class then went for steamboat with ah ying,jiun yee and her was having lots of fun.. we ate till wanna explore d..jiun yee's bf was so surprise cos we ate more than him..he was like staring at us eating so much..hahaha.. not going further soon cos now in starbuck on9.. now i m suppose to be working but got lunch break 1hour came out to on9.. connection at work sucks cos using penang wifi..hahaha..

lol..this pic i took during 2nd round..haha

what we did when we get bored and too full... was a good meal..

group pic..the girl beside me is ah ying and the girl standing behind is jiun yee..we work at the same place thats how we know each other.. too bad jiun yee leaving soon..

anyway i m gonna keep it update with my activities..haha
wanna PRAISE LORD for the great day
and its gonna be awesome memory and holidays before i start my college life..
but i m still depress over something..
anyway will blog bout yesterday outing with seniors soon..
when i get pic from yy..
had a great day ahead..

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