Thursday, July 23, 2009

HaPpy bLesS 18th BirThdAy dArLing!!

at last i get my ass off and start blogging now!!! LOL!!.. ok this post was suppose to be few days back...well, was to busy and tired and working all times(play computer) so no time to blog..somehow, she is my best gf ever!!! so i need to be abit hardworking... my gf birthday was last Sunday which is on 19th but we(ting,sasa,ching and me...miss out yung) celebrate her birthday earlier..

Last Friday as usual was working morning shiff, then carinn came and find me in queensbay.. we were suppose to go ting house around 7pm due to the wrong movie ticket i bought for kt, i took the ticket to go and watch the movie with my gf.. hmm...kt u dont have to return me money..its ok!!

we watch til around 8pm(half of the movie) then we head of to ting's house..yeah, kinder wasting money but its ok... reunion dinner is important.. we went to ting house and had pizza..WOO HOO!! its been a while i had pizza.. its been a while i see all of us gather together..we miss out YUNG!! sob sob T.T yung yung, we MISS U!!!! faster come back ok?? then we can had this gather again..just the 6 of us!!! as usual...hehe.. hmm, not gonna further.. jus look at the picture...

pizza we had.. o yeah..they even make salad..was nice but kinder weird...hahah!!!

the surprise birthday cake..DAMN!! i dont even know the planning..ISH!!!

my gf making her wish...yeah! hope u find your "pak mah wong zhi" soon!!! LOL!.. ehh,18th years old d.. so whats the TO DO LIST on ur 18th years old?? MUAHAHA!!! XD

got 4types of cake..jus imagine 5 of us were fighting for the 4cakes!! eventually the cake not finish..was and ting fight for the chocolate..haha

here comes the story teller.. its been a while we gather and all of us got our own story to share.. the best part was sasa telling us she like someone.. sasa,ting and ching were telling us bout their f6 life in pfs.. haha..glad they had lots of fun and still close like last time..awww...

me and ching

me and sasa

me and ting ting

tak sempat nak ambil gambar..LOL! sasa kenot stand anymore..haha.. they do that all TIMES!!!! picture..except yung... dont worry, we will take another 1 with yung nex time!! hehe..

after the party,everyone went home.. i went to cer's house and had little chat with her.. i m so glad to had everyone gather and we still remain who we r!!! talkative like last time..haha.. i m gonna miss them thou...hehe.. was awesome birthday and friends gathering..once again..
HAPPY BLESS 18th BIRTHDAY!!!! love u LOTS!!!


after work, went to cer's house again.. she asked me to go her house to eat birthday cake which her family celebrate for her..haha.. we had cake then talked all night long AS USUAL..haha.. guess what?? this is the 1st time i cook for cer to eat.. we were very hungry around 1am!! YES 1AM!!! haha.. nothing much in her kitchen.. i just look around and i got this random ideas on cooking something for her.. i cook something which i normally cook for myself at home when there is no food.. i fried the maggie which sausage, vege, sambal,egg... hmm.. i think thats all.. haha.. she was standing beside me and giving me a weird..i was telling her that gonna taste very very awful!!! keep telling her while cooking..

when i get it done, it look weird and she did not expect something like that but still she was glad it still look nice..haha.. she said was very very good!!! the whole thing was nice and i was like LOL!...ok.. i just went speechless.. maybe she is trying to make me happy.. she was not satisfied cos was too little..hahaha.. expect me to give her more..then i will cook for u something better when u come my house next time..hahah!!! PROMISE THAT!!!

this is how it looks..she had eaten half of it..

hmm..thats all on her birthday.. i did not went to bon odori cos was busy working.. well, i can go just that no one seem to go with me so decided to work..hehe.. lots of my friends were there..yeah!! fb show everything..hahah!! thats all.. nex post gonna up soon...

now working..
feel lucky i enjoying life..
nex post is up...
stay tune..

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