Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back on june =)

hey hey, wow its been a while since i write something.. yeah.. i dont know where to start..life pretty good.. lets just hope 2011 will be a good year for me.. As usual there will be up and down all time this few months and lots of things happen..lets just run through few things..

my work, start to change as in surrounding, the environment and new partners coming in. Most of my senior left beginning of this year due to their further studies. My boss was transfer out to other outlet and yes most of the things change. I m still learning to adpat to the surrounding and build a good team i use to have. I dont like the part that new partners coming in and you need to teach them all over again! really tired repeating the same thing but to create a good working place for everyone, guess i need to be patient teaching them and never give up helping them out. Got my promotion as part time supervisor and got myself certified as store coffee master recently. something i m proud of XD lets see how long I will last in my working life in Starbucks=)

sudies.. finish my sem3 recently and thank God i pass all my subject.haha.. well.. its very hard to cope when u study while working. its like gonna be extra tired =( but somehow i survive.. well, holiday just end and nex sem just start =) looking forward on more challenge! XDD

plans plans plans.. looking forward to go sabah end of the year to take diving liesen! hahah nothing special for now..still enjoy life.. will update often! =)

The happy go-lucky-girl =)

GOD BLESS folks !