Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yin YeE's fAreWeLL pArTy+.+

this farewell was last week but i just got the pictures from my teacher today...1st let me introduce Yin Yee!!! lol... she used to be head prefect of our school,our teacher of every dance competition, top player of scrabble in Penang,unit leader of ranger in our school and most of all we respect her...!!! she play an important role in our school as well.. since she is going to leave so we thought of doing a farewell party for her in Red Box.. well not much people turn up because of school activities and lots more.. the party will be merrier if more people turn up.. but in the end we enjoy a lot!!!! here are some photos...

here is Danny,Crystal and me..both of them are very close to me when we are in the class..

here is Crystal,me and Yin Yee..

WOOO!!!! the singer!! hahaha...

here is ME!!! trying to sing...Ahem*

here comes the cake and time to sing farewell song!! do they actually have a farewell song???

CAKES!!!! lol...

here are some gifts for Yin Yee.. saw the bouquet of dogs?? hahaha... is from me and danny for her...

everyone will sing when they get high!! hahaha....

taking picture!!! [S][M][I][L][E]

Me and Shze Chen!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

GrEaT VoiCe++ ♥


Sunday, February 10, 2008

OuTinG oN ChiNeSe nEw YeAr *.*

talking bout chinese new year..i dint went to visit my relatives instead i went out with Carinn.. lol.. 1st day i was at home whole day and i went out in the evening with Carinn and her brothers'.. we went to watch kung fu dunk..after watching,Carinn fall in love with a guy!! hahaha... well,is just a movie.. we have a great time till around 12am..

The 2nd day my mom bring me to her friend's house for buffet.. then around 9pm i went out with Carinn and her brother again.. we went to Gurney to watch CJ7!!! love the show!! the alien or whatever is that is soooo ccuuttteee!!! i wish i have must be confusing what m i talking.. go and watch then you know what m i talking!! hahaha... our movie starts around 12midnight.. well,we have plenty of time so I and Carinn went to starbuck to have some drink while her brother go and meet up his girl friend.. As usual.. we talk and talk bout boys!! hahahaha... before our movie, we went to play some games in arcade.. this time we went home around 2am!!..

The 3rd day..nothing much.. In the evening, i went to Carinn's house.. then we went to Queensbay to watch movie AGAIN!! damn it.. most of the movie are unavailable.. then we just watch kung fu dunk AGAIN!! lol... well,after the movie around 11.30pm.. we walk out and suddenly we come up with something!! BOOZE!!! we dont feel satisfy about our day cos same movie and same place!! everything is just the same!! so went to the cosmic house of leisure.. before we step in, we both looked and we saw 3CCTV!!! at the entrance!! well.. eventually we just go in..hahaha... then we order 2 botol of Heineken.. then everyone was like staring at us..somehow we just act dont know.. then we talk and we drink.. Carinn drink a cup and she feel very dizzy so i just finish her drink also... i m talking more than a botol!!! lol... well,is normal for me cos i drink alcohol when i was small.. no ofference right?? i m just use to it..hahaha.. here are some pictures!!

here is a cake and curry puff that we ate in Starbuck...

here is ice blended java chip!! our favorite!!

Aww..she always look very sweet and pretty!!

hmm...the cake is nice!!!

here is me!! look EMO?? just the make over that Carinn did to me!! ARR!!

my new SHOES!!!! love it soooo much!! i brought it the 1st day of chinese new year!! hahahahaha....

KFC?? lol... we took our dinner in KFC on the 3rd day!!!

WOO HOO!!!! Heineken!! lol....

ok..i dont have a good picture of this cosmic cos i was riding my motor..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

eAtinG LaKsA aT faLim

lol...well i promise to post more pictures when i go out with my best friend Carinn!! hahaha.. so here we are! right after school, I took Carinn to this one of the famous laksa in Falim.. We both reach there around 3pm.. late?? my school ends at 2.30!!! thats why we took our lunch late... when we reach there, we order our food and we spend our time talking bout school,class and friends.. lol.. here come our food!!!!

lol...we take a bite because we were too hungry!!

our food is served!! woo hooo.. lai lai makan..dont need to be shy...

here is the tam chiak girl!!! LAKSA GIRL!!! hahahaha....

here is me and Carinn in your school she is just scared of the camera.. haha...

p.s. there will be more post on our 'after school cari makan'!!! we love to go around the penang island and cari nice hawker food!! drop some comment...thz

Saturday, February 2, 2008

oUtinG whoLe DaY!!!

yesterday i went for jazz (dance) class in the first time i went for dance after that i went to Carinn's house (my best friend)..when i reached her house,she just woke up and she took few minutes to bath and get ready to go out!!!.. lol..after our lunch in her house,we went to Queensbay.. we went to popular and buy some books!!! i spend RM100 on books..i m not a book worm is the price expensive.. we went to the story book section and sit on the floor and started to take the book and read..hahaha.. she was attracted with ghost story!!.. then we went to Old Town to take our tea time.. we both do eat a lot at that time.. the service was very slow!! they always forget our drinks and bread.. at least the people are nice to us..hahah..after our tea time,we walk around to see some clothes or any shops that attracted our eyes!!.. woo hoo.. we thought of going to arcade and play (as usual) but the machine that we usually played broke down..hais.. then we are supposedly go to youth at 7!!! then i was kind of 'lazy' to go so we went to see if there is any movie we can watched..well all the movies are above 18 years old!!! GREAT!! i saw my friend, Nicholas and Rea Von on the cinema..i was surprised to see them.. we spend around 30min over there looking at the board wondering what movie we can fit in.. too bad non is available for us..well we walk out the Queensbay and the cloud shows that is going to rain heavily soon.. then we decide to go and move my bike to a better place.. we are stuck at the car park there and we cant get in to Queensbay or even go home cos it was raining heavily.. it was very windy and we both shivering over there..pity both of us!! then we decide to just run in.. ok!! we are totally wet!!! I saw my friend, Munir and he was laughing at both of us!! Lol.. then we faster went to the toilet and dried ourself.. i was lucky that i got extra pants with me.. then we went to the borders and have a sit in starbuck.. so we found a good spot to rest.. i brought 'ice blended java cip' and we both shared.. we have a great time talking and share problems.. this is what we do most of the time.. listen problems and talk non stop!! lol.. we can just talk the whole night but we dint.. we went home around 10pm.. home sweet home

i was standing at the platform which make me look is the picture we took after we run though the rain.. we both look very messy..hahaha.. there will be more pictures on our outing!!!