Saturday, May 29, 2010

tWo iS bEtTer THan oNe

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"

'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes
The way you taste
You make it hard for breathing

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

That maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one
Yeah, yeah

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"

maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone

And I'm thinking
I can't live without you
'Cause, baby, two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
But I'll figure it out
When all is said and done
Two is better than one
Two is better than one

hey sorry i m suppore to post on Starbucks coffee series organize by Borders starbucks but dont have much and good picture so just decided not to.. anyway its a good talk out there by Akmal(store manager).. looking forward for coffee series in my stores! i m enjoying taking photos.. meet few store managers.. at least wasnt that boring and there were q numbers of customers were there for the talk and good respond from them! had a great time there..

well, here is my current song that i would wanna share but i m sure lots of u guys have heard before..nothing special just been playing through my mind for q some time.. had been singing it during "cheong k".. my days nothing much.. just work..out with friends.. movies.. anyway Yung is back for few days! able to hang out with her yesterday. Went to 69 mansion(pub in batu ferringgi) nice place.. but very small and they dont have dance floor! have pool.. nice place for a toast with whole bunch of friends! sat huge sofa facing inside the bar which u can actually see inside the pub and people swimming in the pool.. had pizza and open a bucket of heineken! i realize i cant really drink heineken! prefer Tiger! can finish very fast.. hang out there til late night around 4am.. really tired! o yeah was wesak day! had my tripper pay on that day but work like really crazy! lots of people! hahah.

thats all i guess.. wow! dint know i just spend my holidays on working and hanging out with friends only..not much outdoor and fun activities but have a really good rest! anyway holiday ends here.. going back college nex monday! final term for my sem1.. hope to do my very best! praying that i stop skipping class..

anyway Joe is coming back nex friday. Isnt it fast? havent seen him for more than one and half year.. been trying to get a close relation with him and try to spend more time on him. Realize each time the step i took to get closer to him the more he feel annoying bout me.. well we havent been communicating with each other often or like everyday since last year?? makes us feel nothing to talk.. is like we have to start all over again on how to communicate.. gosh.. for like if i were to call him once a month we can be quite on phone for 5min.. its like nothing is interesting to share or maybe we missed out lots of part.. there were no longer sharing and communicating in our relationship.. all along joe know that by forcus on his work will forget me which means will less miss me and make his feeling numb instead of fade and hurt knowing we are not there for each other.. thats how we get along for years.. not communicating and just wait for each other. Believing hard work paid off in the end.. well been running through my mind for more than a year that realize this is not healthy or good at all.. i dont like it! if u notice recently i been posting up if one start to put effort on communicating and the other side dont its not going to work out.. i realize i m tired of trying my best.. i know that hanging out with my friends is like so much better than i trying communicate with him when i know i will get hurt.. i still wan to put in effort on building it up to be strong but i really cant do it cos i feel i been rejected.. each time conversation i feel myself no longer play important role in him.. he been telling me its hard to express out on how he feel towards me but he just dont wan to loose me.. darling i cant take it.. if u say u dont want loose me please do something on giving me hope and know that u r here for me.. even when u come back i might just tell u we move on.. or maybe after ur trip.. u know i love you more than anything.. tell me how u feel..all i know is i m hurt and u dont wan to care me anymore.. m i ur girlfriend? or this is how u want to treat ur girlfriend?

thats all..working tomorrow.. gtg to bed..nite =)

lov u!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CheOng K sBuX!

hey readers i m back wif something! abit late due to slow connection that i m not able to upload my pictures! proud to say i m starbucks partner provide good connection! lolx.. well at least faster la!..back to my topic..

last thursday got starbucks meeting and spring cleaning.. meeting really short.. some discussion then clean up our stores.. everyone stare at us! lolx.. cos most of us casual.. like cleaning own house! having lots of fun and best part the fastest cleaning of all..hahah..

head off to Neway for cheong K wif starbucks.. around 11pm..gave us q small room le! we saw VIP room but then they say booked d.. sad.. we need to squeeze in around 8 of us at 1st.. then after 12.30 gee gee,rachel n vivian came n join us after their work.. best part..they change our room! to VIP ROOM! hahah!! really big n nice.. got own private toilet but lock was spoil..most of us had a great time screaming all the way! i think i was the nosiest of all! best part i just realize i can shout n screw when singing.. was like whole NIGHT! hahah.. really fun!.. o yeah.. ate alot and drink alot..hahah.. food keep coming..once come in everyone rush to eat..dont even care who order those..lolx.. really felt a warm feeling of family being wif my starbucks! 1st time experience in my working life =) hehe..check out..

jus open!

heard full HD TV! woo hoo..

me,sweet nina and my lovely asst.manager,pria!

introducing my best manager ever! ERIC! lolx.. yeah.. take out money all time..

that is ANNAZ my supervisor.. lolx.. dramatic dude! haha..

choosing songs..!

Pria giving WARNING! lolx..

from left vivian, gee gee and rachel! join afterthat!

guys! damn!!!.. from right see khoo(so called my brother in starbucks), keng liang(damn bising one), Tana(used to scared him..NOW? DAMN HIM)

guys singing..

hahaha..annaz! LMAO!

the girls.. dont even ask me why i laugh til lidat..

vivian tahu makan nya! =p

sing sing eat eat.. lolx also finish!

different expression..lolx..weird..

group pic =) my starbucks, my FAMILY!

Enjoying my working life in Starbucks.. would say this is the best company ever! hahah.. basicly cos u must be happy and enjoy what u like to do on your work.. seriously i never thought i had already work 5months! wow! time passes so fast when u happy and had a great time.. time passes slow when u r miserable when comes to work =(

i m still in starbucks on9 =) chatting wif my gf bout personal problems! aww.. miss her! excited my bf coming.. o yeah BLAME see khoo for bad quality picture..those good one FROM ME =p hahah

end my post wif a SMILE =)

BYE lov u..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

cAtCH uP!

hey readers, i m free now! yeah free from exams and assignment.. really time passes so fast now i complete one term like jus OMG i finish study?? ahaha! well, been working very hard for 2 whole week d..last week was rushing my assignment.. did not sleep few nights.. assessment week time.. monday presentation! i talk to much but overall was fine i think^^.. tuesday no class..jus do my photography homework.. wed morning hand up n went for dim sum at bali hai wif sue.. saw joseph's parents... spoke with them.. his mom was like keep asking me why i did not visit them and should have gathering when joseph is back..haha..

then thursday one whole day download that damn adobe photoshop.. been few days i cant get it crack it into my computer so just download the trail and use.. start to design after i come back from work.. is like 1am..then come back design til 4am then hang.. completely gone! just redo in 2hours time then doze off.. thanks to Joseph for calling me up.. in time to go for printing and i got exam around 1.30pm.. after exam went out with darren and sue.. watch movie and had dinner in mizzi restaurant.. earlier plan cos darren owe me money..he wanna treat me back instead.. had a really nice dinner.. food was awesome but really FULL!.. some pic...

soup is awesome^^

my main course.. steak was nice^^ salmon too..its jus i dont enjoy eating garlic on top on the salmon but really nice strong smell..

darren's one.. somehow he love the salmon so much..

sue's pasta n chicken i forget wat she ordered d..

total bill.. mine is like RM33.. got steak,salmon,soup,drinks and desserts! very reasonable!!!

dozed off after back from dinner..woke up early morning n off to heritage event organize by kdu..had a great time with carinn.. its similar to amazing race.. so we run around the heritage place to complete our task.. yeah even thou we r the 2nd team to reach there but we did not win cause we get wrong answers! =( but was a good experience..really tired after running here n there..went for movie in the evening and head off to super tangker and had lok lok with ting ting and jasa =) check out the pictures!

stage..opening ceremony! dont even have much participants!

me and cer after the race!was really tiring! HAWT SUN!

performance by kdu mass com student..nice songs!

today work morning... late for work cause i got no key to open the door..slept over brother place.. really tired and i feel the pain on my LEG! T__T had family dinner with relatives.. celebrating late mother's day for our mother and grandma^^..check out!

Hai Nan Town! parents say the food was OK.. but i did not like it cause everything is sweet..

both of my coursins!

candid of ME! cousin say i wear too sexy! lolx!


notti boy!!

happy mother's day!!! grandma,aunty n mom!

mom,bro,grandma n me!

thats all for now.. now having my holidays! working working working.. i m really tired! hais.. I WAN NEW AIR COND!!!! =(

see if i got any updates la..haha! bye lov ya!

Monday, May 10, 2010

mY sTreSsFuL dAys!

Wow..its been a month since i update my blog.. well really lazy to update n i m not in the mood.. when i m the mood then i will forget or might get pissed over uploading pictures.. time passes so fast..even my birthday is over for more than a month as well as my besties pass away.. sometimes i do still think of him.. well guess memories r lots.. really fast flashback when i do something or go somewhere that i been through wif him before.. still miss him n really trying my best to get over n accept things that i dont wan to.. *heartache* T__T

yeah..anyway april q a busy month for me.. start project n this week is my assesment week which means hand up everything.. took 5subjects this term.. 2 exams, 1presentation n 2 jus hand up homework.. haha..easy? neh.. not really.. been struggling n doing assisgnment whole day n nights.. well i been working alot on april... basicly cos i did not ask for off or any request so boss jus give me work work n work.. guess when comes to hand up homework i m killing myself.. been few nights after work come back do homework then go class.. typical college student* yeah! agreed wif alvin! haha..

hmm.. almost forget bout my trip in kl. after my birthday went down kl to meet tony.. had his 21st birthday party.. was q busy that time n i jus decided to go n relax.. nice trip.. went there on 9 april which is on friday til sunday.. took my days off n settle everything down in 2 days..bought bus ticket just one day before.. if no bus ticket i wont be going anymore.. but still have..haha.. yeah remember i slept 3 hours pernight! for 1week i think.. seriously i loose weight n i m so weak.. cant walk properly n dizzy.. after back in kl direct to work.. lolx.. anyway will upload few pictures! sorry not telling u much.. lazy**


hmm.. as u all know i got presentation today! was ok work do not satisfie my lecturer but hopefully my talk is good enough to cover up everything! hahaha.. after presentation come back from college..*sleep* til 6pm..get ready for steamboat.. celebrating keat tatt's birthday! cheers n noise from me! i make everyone happy =p hmm..thats all la.. sorry i m not in the mood..

guess i upload pic nex time.. see how! i just need someone now.. feel so depress.. maybe i start to feel i cant get along wif my boyfriend anymore.. just somehow he got his life n i got mine.. that we hardly share or talk bout it..make things go like ur way n my way.. tired to put effort on trying to communicating when the other side dont.. guess i need to think more wide n let it go slowly.. see how it works.. hopefully things work out la..i jus dont know... i think having a long distance relationship is not a good idea afterall.. too long period kills my heart.. =(

bye God bless!
Blessed birthday Keat tatt n Jordan!