Saturday, May 22, 2010

CheOng K sBuX!

hey readers i m back wif something! abit late due to slow connection that i m not able to upload my pictures! proud to say i m starbucks partner provide good connection! lolx.. well at least faster la!..back to my topic..

last thursday got starbucks meeting and spring cleaning.. meeting really short.. some discussion then clean up our stores.. everyone stare at us! lolx.. cos most of us casual.. like cleaning own house! having lots of fun and best part the fastest cleaning of all..hahah..

head off to Neway for cheong K wif starbucks.. around 11pm..gave us q small room le! we saw VIP room but then they say booked d.. sad.. we need to squeeze in around 8 of us at 1st.. then after 12.30 gee gee,rachel n vivian came n join us after their work.. best part..they change our room! to VIP ROOM! hahah!! really big n nice.. got own private toilet but lock was spoil..most of us had a great time screaming all the way! i think i was the nosiest of all! best part i just realize i can shout n screw when singing.. was like whole NIGHT! hahah.. really fun!.. o yeah.. ate alot and drink alot..hahah.. food keep coming..once come in everyone rush to eat..dont even care who order those..lolx.. really felt a warm feeling of family being wif my starbucks! 1st time experience in my working life =) hehe..check out..

jus open!

heard full HD TV! woo hoo..

me,sweet nina and my lovely asst.manager,pria!

introducing my best manager ever! ERIC! lolx.. yeah.. take out money all time..

that is ANNAZ my supervisor.. lolx.. dramatic dude! haha..

choosing songs..!

Pria giving WARNING! lolx..

from left vivian, gee gee and rachel! join afterthat!

guys! damn!!!.. from right see khoo(so called my brother in starbucks), keng liang(damn bising one), Tana(used to scared him..NOW? DAMN HIM)

guys singing..

hahaha..annaz! LMAO!

the girls.. dont even ask me why i laugh til lidat..

vivian tahu makan nya! =p

sing sing eat eat.. lolx also finish!

different expression..lolx..weird..

group pic =) my starbucks, my FAMILY!

Enjoying my working life in Starbucks.. would say this is the best company ever! hahah.. basicly cos u must be happy and enjoy what u like to do on your work.. seriously i never thought i had already work 5months! wow! time passes so fast when u happy and had a great time.. time passes slow when u r miserable when comes to work =(

i m still in starbucks on9 =) chatting wif my gf bout personal problems! aww.. miss her! excited my bf coming.. o yeah BLAME see khoo for bad quality picture..those good one FROM ME =p hahah

end my post wif a SMILE =)

BYE lov u..

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