Monday, May 10, 2010

mY sTreSsFuL dAys!

Wow..its been a month since i update my blog.. well really lazy to update n i m not in the mood.. when i m the mood then i will forget or might get pissed over uploading pictures.. time passes so fast..even my birthday is over for more than a month as well as my besties pass away.. sometimes i do still think of him.. well guess memories r lots.. really fast flashback when i do something or go somewhere that i been through wif him before.. still miss him n really trying my best to get over n accept things that i dont wan to.. *heartache* T__T

yeah..anyway april q a busy month for me.. start project n this week is my assesment week which means hand up everything.. took 5subjects this term.. 2 exams, 1presentation n 2 jus hand up homework.. haha..easy? neh.. not really.. been struggling n doing assisgnment whole day n nights.. well i been working alot on april... basicly cos i did not ask for off or any request so boss jus give me work work n work.. guess when comes to hand up homework i m killing myself.. been few nights after work come back do homework then go class.. typical college student* yeah! agreed wif alvin! haha..

hmm.. almost forget bout my trip in kl. after my birthday went down kl to meet tony.. had his 21st birthday party.. was q busy that time n i jus decided to go n relax.. nice trip.. went there on 9 april which is on friday til sunday.. took my days off n settle everything down in 2 days..bought bus ticket just one day before.. if no bus ticket i wont be going anymore.. but still have..haha.. yeah remember i slept 3 hours pernight! for 1week i think.. seriously i loose weight n i m so weak.. cant walk properly n dizzy.. after back in kl direct to work.. lolx.. anyway will upload few pictures! sorry not telling u much.. lazy**


hmm.. as u all know i got presentation today! was ok work do not satisfie my lecturer but hopefully my talk is good enough to cover up everything! hahaha.. after presentation come back from college..*sleep* til 6pm..get ready for steamboat.. celebrating keat tatt's birthday! cheers n noise from me! i make everyone happy =p hmm..thats all la.. sorry i m not in the mood..

guess i upload pic nex time.. see how! i just need someone now.. feel so depress.. maybe i start to feel i cant get along wif my boyfriend anymore.. just somehow he got his life n i got mine.. that we hardly share or talk bout it..make things go like ur way n my way.. tired to put effort on trying to communicating when the other side dont.. guess i need to think more wide n let it go slowly.. see how it works.. hopefully things work out la..i jus dont know... i think having a long distance relationship is not a good idea afterall.. too long period kills my heart.. =(

bye God bless!
Blessed birthday Keat tatt n Jordan!


matthew said...

heyy... great to see you going to get back up again ;)

lolx.. trying to put lotsa words here but nothing much i would be able to say cuz everyone's have their own probs and solutions ==. maybe what i can give you is my regards and prayers so you'll be more happy in times to come.

well keep in touch ;)

sook koon said...

lolx.. i m jus too lazy to update.. i got time jus sometimes i m not in the mood! thanks alot matt.. i try to update more often la! well u must be my big fan reader =p haha.. hey kt that day birthday u wish him? anyway he got gf! lolx.. tell u bout it! hahahhaa..

stay in touch =)

matthew said...

haha.. take your time lar... well big fan reader~ ok ok la XD not a die-hard fan but cannot die easily also :D kt wan b'day i think i did but not sure Xp
the guy got gf de? wa faster than me ler... next time we all meet must interrogate him de haha!!