Sunday, May 16, 2010

cAtCH uP!

hey readers, i m free now! yeah free from exams and assignment.. really time passes so fast now i complete one term like jus OMG i finish study?? ahaha! well, been working very hard for 2 whole week d..last week was rushing my assignment.. did not sleep few nights.. assessment week time.. monday presentation! i talk to much but overall was fine i think^^.. tuesday no class..jus do my photography homework.. wed morning hand up n went for dim sum at bali hai wif sue.. saw joseph's parents... spoke with them.. his mom was like keep asking me why i did not visit them and should have gathering when joseph is back..haha..

then thursday one whole day download that damn adobe photoshop.. been few days i cant get it crack it into my computer so just download the trail and use.. start to design after i come back from work.. is like 1am..then come back design til 4am then hang.. completely gone! just redo in 2hours time then doze off.. thanks to Joseph for calling me up.. in time to go for printing and i got exam around 1.30pm.. after exam went out with darren and sue.. watch movie and had dinner in mizzi restaurant.. earlier plan cos darren owe me money..he wanna treat me back instead.. had a really nice dinner.. food was awesome but really FULL!.. some pic...

soup is awesome^^

my main course.. steak was nice^^ salmon too..its jus i dont enjoy eating garlic on top on the salmon but really nice strong smell..

darren's one.. somehow he love the salmon so much..

sue's pasta n chicken i forget wat she ordered d..

total bill.. mine is like RM33.. got steak,salmon,soup,drinks and desserts! very reasonable!!!

dozed off after back from dinner..woke up early morning n off to heritage event organize by kdu..had a great time with carinn.. its similar to amazing race.. so we run around the heritage place to complete our task.. yeah even thou we r the 2nd team to reach there but we did not win cause we get wrong answers! =( but was a good experience..really tired after running here n there..went for movie in the evening and head off to super tangker and had lok lok with ting ting and jasa =) check out the pictures!

stage..opening ceremony! dont even have much participants!

me and cer after the race!was really tiring! HAWT SUN!

performance by kdu mass com student..nice songs!

today work morning... late for work cause i got no key to open the door..slept over brother place.. really tired and i feel the pain on my LEG! T__T had family dinner with relatives.. celebrating late mother's day for our mother and grandma^^..check out!

Hai Nan Town! parents say the food was OK.. but i did not like it cause everything is sweet..

both of my coursins!

candid of ME! cousin say i wear too sexy! lolx!


notti boy!!

happy mother's day!!! grandma,aunty n mom!

mom,bro,grandma n me!

thats all for now.. now having my holidays! working working working.. i m really tired! hais.. I WAN NEW AIR COND!!!! =(

see if i got any updates la..haha! bye lov ya!

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