Friday, July 31, 2009

OnE oF My BeSt dAy

Wow i dint expect myself to blog again today but again i wan to blog cos i had awesome day with my girl friends.. As i said, I was suppose to have plans today which is going out with anne,kath and rachel since all of them is having sem break but too bad kath is working til late at night and anne got curfew. Moreover, we need to travel til tanjung bunga there cos Rachel stays there and she got no transport.. then i thought i can go out and had dinner with them and baskin robin!! ANNE STEPHANIE PETERSON U OWE ME AIS-CREAM!!! =p Seriously out of nowhere and this is the 1st time i want BR ais-cream so much..basicly, i jus wan to join the crowd!! hahaha..

anyway i was praying hard and call up few friends to have plans tonight as long i can eat my BR ais-cream. As usual i worked in the morning. I saw lots of people linning up just to buy BR ais-cream..sob sob T.T i dont get to eat ONE!!! i went to buy sundae cone which cost me RM1.05 hahahaha.. my collegeus laugh at me and pity me..well, at least i enjoy eating ais-cream then went to buy sweet potato from that shihlin( i think how it spell) shop..was nice but very little.. Today ting and cer come to find me then they invited me to go super tanker and eat tom yam and i was suggesting on BR ais-cream but they dont wan T.T

I finish my work early around 7.00pm. Then went to super tanker to meet up with sasa,ting and cer for dinner.. we had a great time talking and was damn damn NOISY!!! lol.. dont know why we get excited whenever we see each other..haha.. then after dinner, we went to sasa house. Sasa's mom cooked keropok lekor for me and cer!! DAMN NICE! seriously, ITS DAMN GOOD!! cos of the chilli(sasa's mom make by herself) was damn SPICY!! me and cer was like snatching for ais water..haha.. I LOVE IT!!!

Since all of us were out of topic after talking bout boys(girls talk) then sasa show me some slide show she made few years back.. we saw before but its nice to watch again.. she played in the TV. I actually felt so touched cos she show me the best and prefect slide show she ever made for me which is my sweet 16 surprise birthday party. She spend 6hours to do that slide show. Then she show me my girl guides slide show. yeah, i shed my tears even if i think back now my tears will just drip.. i felt so touch.. me,sasa and cer spending our time talking bout our life back in high school, bout guides, friendship and how we stay together.. sasa even play few songs that we use to dance together for some events and we referesh back our memory on our dance step.. surprisingly we manage to remember more than half of the dance.. We were laughing and making lots of jokes non stop... i had a GREAT GREAT TIME!! i even sacrifice not to eat BR ais-cream but spend my time with them its totally awesome! i Thank God for that. Yeah, you will always have a better plan.. WORTH ALOT!! i m going to upload the video(slide show) if possible over here.. would lov to share my love with you all..haha.. here some pictures..

saw this in the morning when i start work..from my previous post i think u guys know why we wrote this..LOL!

LOL!! hahaha.. i dont really understand thou..haha

me and jordan.. he drop by to visit me since he is free..haha.. jealous cos so close with him?? chill, we r just close friend cos we r classmate..he is a nice guy just people dont understand him..

the sweet potato i bought.. damn spicy and delicious.. but is a bit expensive la and little..T.T

the tom yam we had.. was nice..haha..yummy**

the keropok lekor!! damn damn nice...hahah shud try it..

dont even ask me why i take the weird.. that head so besar and the body so kecil..hahaha..

the last pic of the day..yeah! i look damn damn so hai and silly cos of the hair..what u expect!! i m going to get crazy soon cos so lonely and boring over my work place so try to do crazy things lo..dont say me!!! you would be worst than me if you r at my situation..but i enjoy being silly^^ hahaha...

going to keep things updated!!
got plans tomorrow..
not going to tell now..
but to surprise others..yeah!
its a surprise!!
dont worry! even no pic i still blog..
thats a PROMISE!!
cos i know tomorrow is going to be another awesome day!!
gonna rock them..
need sleep now..haha
love ya readers..

oUtInG WiTh SeNiOrS

As usual i promise to blog something or even keep my blog update. ok. Now i m gonna blog bout my day and outing last Wednesday. As usual i m working on Wednesday and i was suppose to work afternoon sift but due to my dance class i change shift with my colleague. I was online whole day during my work and i came across thaddeus profile so just drop by and say hi to him since i saw him in Queensbay the other day. Surprisingly he reply me very fast and he told me he is going off this coming Friday. He was asking if we could hang out or something before he go off. I was thinking if we can met up that night after my dance class.He said he will be going out with Ivan in the evening then at night meet us for dinner.

Basicly i m the one who plan this outing, so i called up yin yee cos we went to dance class together then i message samuel, elsie and luke through facebook but seem like samuel is the only one can make it. I set the time and place so we meet up that night. Too bad Luke and elsie could not make it and i totally forget bout Amos(dude, sorry!! will call u up next time la.k). Well, you guys can see the facebook. All of us is commenting at each other wall..LOL!

hmm.. i kinder screw up my dance class cos i was not performing very well. Even i tried my best i still way behind. Seriously, i need to work much harder now and exam is around the coner. ARGH!!! any way i really had a great time with them. All of us got our own stories to share and things to talk. Yeah, we were the LOUDEST OF ALL!! what u expect.. hamid khanz...LOL!!! o yeah, Congrates on Thad! he is engaged.. sob sob T.T my baby boy grow up so we spend few hours talking at o-town. I went home around 12am.. was an awesome day and Thank God for everything. Praise LORD!!! pictures...

i had this curry chicken with toast.. was nice!! although i wan to drink white coffee so much but i scared cant sleep at night so did not order that..

me and thaddeus.. congrates him on his engagement.. wow!! u r the man! haha.. he is one of my polite senior back in high school.. even if i did something wrong during duty he will jus advice me instead of scolding hell out of me..LOL!

me and ivan.. we get close cos we both were in CF back in high school..

me and samuel.. LOL! i m not going to say anything bout him over here if not he is going to screw me up!! i already embarrassed him during our outing.. for the sake of asking favor form him i keep my mouth shut on saying him again..hahahahah.. seriously i dont have bad impression on u but its a good memory thou.. and again i got close with him cos of CF back in high school..

me and yin yee.. both of us were sweating after dance..i dont feel really comfortable cos was dirty..get what i mean right..LOL! but after a while i m fine with

i like this pic..both of them damn damn sweet..its ivan and thad..

group picture.. from left thaddeus,me, yin yee, samuel and ivan.. thanks for coming.. i had a great time with u guys and it was awesome!!!

guess what??today is 31st!!!!
means its BASKIN ROBIN!!!
but then sob sob** T.T
no one accompany me for ais-cream
i thought of planning to go out with my bible tuition friend too bad
kath is busy..damn**
plan was cancel now i dont have much plan
Believe God will always have a better plan for me!!
now my gf came to my work place and invited me for dinner..
yeah gonna be awesome!!
will be another reunion and dinner tonight with my gf!!
hopefully i got something to blog la...
will keep it update as long my connection is good and my hp is my by side..LOL!
stay tune for more^^ PROMISE..hehe
I LOVE JESUS!!! he is mine =p

Thursday, July 30, 2009

fArEwELL jiUn Yee

as i promise a post will be up soon and i delay it due to my baby was in hospital.. yeah!!! I accidentally drop my hp then i need to get it repair for RM40!!! DAMN!!! now my baby is with me safe and steady..LOL!!! hmm..nothing much.. last Saturday, after my dance class then went for steamboat with ah ying,jiun yee and her was having lots of fun.. we ate till wanna explore d..jiun yee's bf was so surprise cos we ate more than him..he was like staring at us eating so much..hahaha.. not going further soon cos now in starbuck on9.. now i m suppose to be working but got lunch break 1hour came out to on9.. connection at work sucks cos using penang wifi..hahaha..

lol..this pic i took during 2nd round..haha

what we did when we get bored and too full... was a good meal..

group pic..the girl beside me is ah ying and the girl standing behind is jiun yee..we work at the same place thats how we know each other.. too bad jiun yee leaving soon..

anyway i m gonna keep it update with my activities..haha
wanna PRAISE LORD for the great day
and its gonna be awesome memory and holidays before i start my college life..
but i m still depress over something..
anyway will blog bout yesterday outing with seniors soon..
when i get pic from yy..
had a great day ahead..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AndrEw's faReWeLL gaTheRinG...

its long time ago..hmm...not mistaken more than a month..yeah!! hmm.. just random briefing la.. not much people turn up but still we having lots of fun^^.. i went there after my work around 7pm.. was a bit early and i thought of helping him with some cooking or preparing.. all of them came around 8pm.. elsie,amos and carinn did not make it.. we only have andrew,luke,yin yee,esther and me on the table.. we had dinner together before we start our movie.. i still remember we were very noisy while eating.. andrew prepare something "generation secret recepi" so i m not sure what it call with bread.. although all of us were different age yet we still get along very huh?? haha..

we spend around 1 hour to eat..LOL! then watch transformer in the dinning room.. wondering why dint go cinema instead?? well, andrew is going off in few days and his dad dont allow him to go for cinema cos might get any health problem... me and andrew having hard time hunting for the DVD cos its new and we dont have a good one.. but still watchable..haha..LOL! andrew even prepared custard for deserts..was GOOD!!

why i blog now?? cos i jus got the picture form yin yee..hahah!!! have a look..

lining up for food..yeahh..thats what andrew cook for us..and its really very delicious..TRUST ME!!! look weird but nice..

andrew serving us...

that's the custard that andrew prepared.. kinder sweet.. most of us lov the sweetness of is luke with his sexy style of sitting..LOL!!! well,he got long legs and he is flexible..HAHAHA!!!

here is andrew and luke..the only 2guys..

me and luke..yeah i know..this picture damn damn weird..

lol..luke looks excited..he cant wait till the movie start..

me and yin yee.. why my face so white...

the girls..i look like if i was force to smile..

luke and the GIRLS!! haha

andrew and the girls..damn**

group picture..

our target is LUKE!!! muahahaha XD

will blog tonight or something la.k.
i will blog often this days..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 DaYs iN SaInt AnNE...

you heard me!! i went to saint anne for 2 days!! lol.. hmm.. actually, kt is the one who ask me to go since they the whole week is st.anne's feast.. i was there on wed and thursday.. on the 1st day we lost our way there.. BOTH of them WERE LATE!!!! (kt and li ji).. i was suppose to be the driver end up kt said he will drive his bro's car.. guess what?? he took the key then he went down and saw his bro car and he change his mind on not driving the car cos he was too scared and got screw up by his bro..haha!!! we thought of riding motor there instead but was too far and abit scary at night.. so he called up li ji and invited him..oh GREAT!!!

we were suppose to be on the penang bridge around 5pm.. they came to pick me up around 6.30!! i was like yelling kt on the phone and my dad look at me..LOL!! well,THANK GOD! the penang bridge was not traffic jam at all and we reached there just in time.. damn!! all of us were very hungry.. we were suppose to eat when reach there but due to the 2BOYS!!! we need to stave till the service end.. GREAT!! =p

the church was huge and awesome.. before reached there, i already felt i grew closer to God.. YEAH!! haha.. we went to the church where people do the candle lighting.. then on our way to the big hall, the bell rang.. kt was like " wow, i feel like wanna get married now in church! " me and li ji was like laughing non stop..hahahaha!! o yeah.. we met up 2 girls(the sisters..kt's friends) over there..they guide us around and tell us abit bout the church.. haha..

we went in the big hall when the priest was preaching.. the whole service is abit different.. all of us were like looking at each other what to do next.. haha.. o yeah.. we sat at the FRONT ROW!!! right in front where the priest stand..haha!! AMAZING!! i actually felt i m in the house of GOD! althought i m not catholic but its great to experince different people's way of praying.. somehow no matter what christian you r, we still believe in one GOD.. AMEN!!! my tuition teacher told me before back in f3.. miss those days..LOL!

we even hike up where they had this few place which you can actually pray using candle.. yeah, candle lighting thing.. lol.. sorry, i dont know much bout it.. well, i think you guys can imagine that yourself... then we head off to somewhere for dinner..normal hawker food then we went home around 11pm...

then 2nd time we went there was kinder late.. this time the penang bridge is jam luckily its not a standstill..DAMN!!!! lol..o yeah this time crystal is with us.. we went there and show crystal around and take some picture..hehe.. take more pictures compare to yesterday.. we even saw our teacher and their family.. i even met mr.vincent(my primary math teacher)!!! he cant regonize me much but we still knew each other thou....

was too crowded over the stalls.. we decided to go back penang island to eat hawker food.. hmm.. i went back home to change car.. this time i took my car to go for dinner.. we went to faces steak to had our dinner..wanted to go for western food at mount erskin(i think how it spell) but was closed.. hehe.. we spend most of our time talking in the restaurant..went home around 12am.. i even left my hp at crystal's bag.. after i reached home, i ride motor to her house and take my hp..haha..thats like the 2nd time i left my hp with her.. and on that night i already drive my family car to BM then my car to dinner and motor to crystal's house..LOL!!! cool.. hmm..thats all for now.. tomorow celebrating farewell for jiun yee.. stay tune...

its in the event book..LOL!!!

the scenery..

inside the church....

all the statue..

its me!!!!

looks like castle right?? hehe..

li ji,me and kt!!!! thanks for accompany me!!

Having our dinner in the restaurant...

o yeah.. i saw this in the morning!!!! was stick on the wall..hopefully we dint get caught by the supervisor friend wrote it..LOL!!


here is a comic which crystal share with me...

anyway, i m too lazy to describe the pictures..haha!!! anyway thats all..
stay tune...
my life!!! yeahh.....
fell bless by God...