Friday, July 31, 2009

OnE oF My BeSt dAy

Wow i dint expect myself to blog again today but again i wan to blog cos i had awesome day with my girl friends.. As i said, I was suppose to have plans today which is going out with anne,kath and rachel since all of them is having sem break but too bad kath is working til late at night and anne got curfew. Moreover, we need to travel til tanjung bunga there cos Rachel stays there and she got no transport.. then i thought i can go out and had dinner with them and baskin robin!! ANNE STEPHANIE PETERSON U OWE ME AIS-CREAM!!! =p Seriously out of nowhere and this is the 1st time i want BR ais-cream so much..basicly, i jus wan to join the crowd!! hahaha..

anyway i was praying hard and call up few friends to have plans tonight as long i can eat my BR ais-cream. As usual i worked in the morning. I saw lots of people linning up just to buy BR ais-cream..sob sob T.T i dont get to eat ONE!!! i went to buy sundae cone which cost me RM1.05 hahahaha.. my collegeus laugh at me and pity me..well, at least i enjoy eating ais-cream then went to buy sweet potato from that shihlin( i think how it spell) shop..was nice but very little.. Today ting and cer come to find me then they invited me to go super tanker and eat tom yam and i was suggesting on BR ais-cream but they dont wan T.T

I finish my work early around 7.00pm. Then went to super tanker to meet up with sasa,ting and cer for dinner.. we had a great time talking and was damn damn NOISY!!! lol.. dont know why we get excited whenever we see each other..haha.. then after dinner, we went to sasa house. Sasa's mom cooked keropok lekor for me and cer!! DAMN NICE! seriously, ITS DAMN GOOD!! cos of the chilli(sasa's mom make by herself) was damn SPICY!! me and cer was like snatching for ais water..haha.. I LOVE IT!!!

Since all of us were out of topic after talking bout boys(girls talk) then sasa show me some slide show she made few years back.. we saw before but its nice to watch again.. she played in the TV. I actually felt so touched cos she show me the best and prefect slide show she ever made for me which is my sweet 16 surprise birthday party. She spend 6hours to do that slide show. Then she show me my girl guides slide show. yeah, i shed my tears even if i think back now my tears will just drip.. i felt so touch.. me,sasa and cer spending our time talking bout our life back in high school, bout guides, friendship and how we stay together.. sasa even play few songs that we use to dance together for some events and we referesh back our memory on our dance step.. surprisingly we manage to remember more than half of the dance.. We were laughing and making lots of jokes non stop... i had a GREAT GREAT TIME!! i even sacrifice not to eat BR ais-cream but spend my time with them its totally awesome! i Thank God for that. Yeah, you will always have a better plan.. WORTH ALOT!! i m going to upload the video(slide show) if possible over here.. would lov to share my love with you all..haha.. here some pictures..

saw this in the morning when i start work..from my previous post i think u guys know why we wrote this..LOL!

LOL!! hahaha.. i dont really understand thou..haha

me and jordan.. he drop by to visit me since he is free..haha.. jealous cos so close with him?? chill, we r just close friend cos we r classmate..he is a nice guy just people dont understand him..

the sweet potato i bought.. damn spicy and delicious.. but is a bit expensive la and little..T.T

the tom yam we had.. was nice..haha..yummy**

the keropok lekor!! damn damn nice...hahah shud try it..

dont even ask me why i take the weird.. that head so besar and the body so kecil..hahaha..

the last pic of the day..yeah! i look damn damn so hai and silly cos of the hair..what u expect!! i m going to get crazy soon cos so lonely and boring over my work place so try to do crazy things lo..dont say me!!! you would be worst than me if you r at my situation..but i enjoy being silly^^ hahaha...

going to keep things updated!!
got plans tomorrow..
not going to tell now..
but to surprise others..yeah!
its a surprise!!
dont worry! even no pic i still blog..
thats a PROMISE!!
cos i know tomorrow is going to be another awesome day!!
gonna rock them..
need sleep now..haha
love ya readers..

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